صاحب لعبة مريم هددني!!؟ ( مع الأيميل والأدلة ) نور ستارز

Hi everyone, how are you?
I hope you all are ok. If you are new, I’m Noor. Yeah, I’m Noor. Also, subscribe to the channel
and click on the bell. It is important to see the upcoming videos.
Subscribe to see the upcoming videos. Now, let’s talk about today’s video. The last video on my channel
was about the Mariam game. I played the Mariam game with
you and I filmed a video for you. You loved it. I told you if the
video reached 150,000 likes, I’ll play the rest of the
paid parts with you. If you didn’t see that video yet,
It is the last video on my channel, Please, go and watch it to understand. The first thing I want to talk
about is my business email that I leave on my channel
and all the social media. I have access to it, but mostly a certain
person opens it and replies to the business messages, deletes unimportant
messages and asks me about some emails do I want to answer them or not? If I
don’t want to reply, he deletes them. I receive a lot of emails but I … But I don’t see most of it myself, honestly.
I don’t see most of it myself. Today, the person who is
managing my email spoke with me. He told me: there is an email. As usual,
when he shows me some of my emails. This time he told me there is an ambiguous
email from the Mariam’s game owner. The last video on my channel
was about that game. I want you to see it and
tell me what should we do. When he told me this, I opened
my email and saw the message. The email was really strange,
suspicious and mysterious. I’ll share it with you and
you’ll get what I mean. Firstly, at the top of the email. Let’s
read it all and then I’ll comment on it. At the top of the email, he wrote: I’m the
owner of the game Salman El-Harby. He wrote the same sentence
in the body of the email. I’m the owner of the game Salman El-Harby.
Peace be upon you, dear Noor. I watched the video “the Mariam game video”.
It was one of the best videos I watched. Thank you, Mr. Salman El-Harby.
Pay attention to this part. I hope that the game won’t be fully
shown. You can display the 1st season. showing the full game will cause
unnecessary big problems. Pay attention to that:
unnecessary big problems. The following sentence is As you know, If the game is fully
revealed, no one will buy it. You can reveal until the end of season 1. After that, he wrote: I’m Salman El-Harby.
This is my email address and my Twitter. He left a Twitter username. You can
contact me on this Email or on my mobile. He left a phone no. Warm
greetings to you dear Noor. At the bottom, this is a
confidential message. All of these are possibilities, not
facts, but the mail is fishy. Now, let’s talk about the email. Firstly, I’m not sure that this
email is from the game’s owner. I’ll tell you the reason. I’ll talk
a lot in this video, so watch all of it. Why am I not sure that this is from
the owner of the Mariam game? Because the owner of the Mariam game is
someone who owns a game, so for sure he owns a company that owns this game. So for sure, he has some
professional email addresses. Why he emailed me using
a personal email address. The email he sent me contains a Twitter
account and a phone number. It could be the phone number of
Salman El-Harby the owner of the game. This is suspicious, but why he sent me
a message from an unofficial email. We know that anyone who works at
YouTube or in this field has experience in dealing with official emails that
we receive from companies. This makes me suspect that this
email isn’t from the owner of the game. Now, you’re going to tell me: Why do you
say that it’s from the owner of the game. Those are possibilities, but not facts. Maybe it’s from the game’s owner because the
email is written in a professional style. Why? because this way of writing
emails is used by companies. I saw a lot of formal company
emails exactly like this one. Firstly, they start with nice words,
then they give you the poison. It’s an expression. After that, they end it
with nice words such as greetings. If you can notice,
it’s a business email. Also, the written no. even if
anybody could have written it. I have to tell you these probabilities. I explained to you that he could be
the owner of the game or not. At the end of the video, I’ll tell
you something about this thing. Wait until the end of the video. Now, I’ll talk about the email itself. Regarding the part “I watched the Mariam
game video. It was one of the best videos I watched. ” Thank you so much! If it was one of the best videos, then
you will like us to make other videos about the game. “But I hope that the game won’t be fully
shown. You can show the 1st season.” What’s in the 2nd season
that I shouldn’t show? “showing the full game will cause
unnecessary big problems.” This thing or this line is very
scary. I’ll tell you the reason. What are the big problems
that may be resulted from showing a video while I’m playing an
ordinary game on the App Store? Seriously, What is the thing in the 2nd
season that I shouldn’t show in my videos. What? What is the thing that will
cause unnecessary big problems? I don’t understand. Telling me the big problems are that no
one will play the game. This isn’t correct. This way, no one will buy a Mercedes,
any car or any kind of products. When a person sees a
product he likes, he buys it. I know that companies send products
and games for people to show and play it on their videos in order to get other
people excited to play it themselves. This is a fact. You mentioned a problem.
What are the unnecessary big problems? Secondly, I want to speak about something. I have the right to express my opinion,
not just as a YouTuber but as a human. I’m a customer. I pay to play this game. I won’t lie to you. I know
that the App Store … This is what I know. I don’t
know if this is right or not. What I know is that when you search for
a game, it shows its price $2, $3 or $5 or it is free. Even if it was free
and it has another paid parts, The game you downloaded
for free remains free. They ask you in the game if you want
to upgrade or buy the other parts But the game itself remains free. Regarding the Mariam game, you play 2 parts
and then you have to pay $3 to play the 3rd. Is this inline with the App
Store policy? I don’t know. I’m asking you. If you have experience in
the App Store policy, explain it to me. They stop the game in the middle. You have
to pay or you won’t be able to continue it. The game was free
when I downloaded it. One more thing, I was thinking about
it and my friends pointed it out. I want to ask you if it is inline
with the App Store policy or … I don’t know. In my opinion,
It should be free or paid. You stated explicitly that the game is
suitable for ages more than 9 years old. In my opinion, the game is very scary. Sure I’m above 9 and even above 14,
but I got scared by the game. Turn off the lights, turn up the volume and
the sound is full of crying. It’s scary. What is the thing that I shouldn’t show
in the remaining parts of the game? It’s strange. Right? What are the unnecessary problems
that I shouldn’t be playing the game for? What are the problems? I’m a YouTuber.
I’ll play a game and share it with my fans. I have a lot of followers.
Millions of people will watch it. On the contrary, this won’t
hurt you. It’ll benefit you. Unless, there is something
harmful, hurtful or dangerous. I don’t know what’s the right description.
That you don’t want people to see in a certain video or you don’t want
me to see it and comment on it. I don’t understand. If this isn’t the
reason, then what is the reason? Seriously, I want to understand the reason. This is a hypothesis. I don’t
know if is right or wrong. If this isn’t the reason, then what’s the
reason. There are a lot of possibilities. Write to me the other possibilities.
What is your opinion? What are the reasons or
the unnecessary problems that will result from me playing
the 2nd part of the game in a video? Your email is very strange,
suspicious and mysterious. You are asking me not to show
the other parts of the game. There is one more thing that I don’t
understand. When my friends and family saw this video, they told me this could be
an implicit threat to stop playing the game. If your game doesn’t have a scary thing,
then why do you send me this email? I won’t call it a threat. What do you think? Is this a threat email or he just doesn’t
want me to show anything of the game? I don’t know! The weirdest part of this message is
“This is a confidential message”. Why is this message confidential?
I don’t understand. I made a video playing someone’s game.
Then, he messages me giving me some info. If you sent this email without the sentence
“This is a confidential message” This sentence made the email weirder.
Why don’t you want me to share this email? I don’t understand. My brain
can’t understand why someone who is the owner of a game, would send a message
to someone who made a video of his game. With millions of views and tell him: please, don’t play
and don’t share these certain parts because it will cause us
unnecessary big problems This request is really weird.
Why is this message confidential? Also, you know that I’ll continue
playing other parts of the game because you watched my previous video. My followers loved the video and it reached
+250,000 likes instead of 150,000 likes. You know that I have to
continue playing the game. What should I tell my followers? No, you telling me not to play the game
and that this message is confidential. I can’t even give a reason
why I won’t play the game. This is also suspicious. Pay attention! For me, I replied. Follow me on Snapchat and on Instagram
in order to keep updated with the situation. How did I reply? I wrote to him “Hi brother,
if you’re really the owner of the game, Can you communicate with
me using an official email? I also have a question: can you appear
with me on a voice interview or skype on my channel. I want to ask you
some questions about the game I promised my followers to
play other parts of the game. That’s why I want to know some details
about things and rumors of the Mariam game. I’m waiting for your reply.
Thank you, dear brother.” Now, I’ll give you the
summary of what I said. I want an explanation of this email. If this email was really from the owner
of the Mariam game as he claims, please send me a message
from an official email. An official email, not a Gmail account
in order to trust what you’re saying. Tell me that this is really from you and
explain to me the unnecessary big problems. Look! I’m making this video
because this email is weird. I’ll tell you something. We didn’t know
that the blue whale game is dangerous until there were many victims. Right or not? I’m really worried! That’s
why I’m speaking right now. If you’re the owner of the Mariam game,
explain to me the big problems that will result from me playing
the 2nd season of the game. If this email wasn’t from the
owners of the Mariam game, a message to the real owners
of the Mariam game. please send us an email explaining
that you didn’t send this email. For that reason, share this video
and post a hashtag on Twitter #The_Mariam_ Game_Noor
or just #The_Mariam_Game Share it a lot. I want an explanation
that they didn’t send this email. If you didn’t send this email, then there
is someone who impersonates you. Please, share this video with the owners
of the Mariam game. This isn’t a joke. What are these problems? Why
shouldn’t I share it with my followers? A lot of people are going to watch
the video. I don’t understand. There has to be something that
millions of people shouldn’t watch. In case I made the video and
discovered something in the game. Only God knows! That’s why I
want an explanation before I … Because all of that is possibilities,
not facts. It’s my personal opinion. Use hastags: #The_Mariam_ Game_Noor
or just #The_Mariam_Game Let’s know what is the truth
behind the Mariam game. Like the video and subscribe to
the channel, if you’re new. I’m Noor. I love you.
God bless you. I’m sorry that this was a very serious
video because the subject is serious. This mail is really werid. There is a video that I filmed a while ago.
Maybe I’ll post it tomorrow. InshAllah! Stay tuned for it.
Where and when I’ll see you? In the next video. InshAllah!

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