★ Loyal Dog Runs Through Traffic To Find Help For Injured Owner

Loyal Dog Runs Through Traffic To Find Help
For Injured Owner “She never abandoned him.” Hey. Subscribe to the channel, click on the bell
and listen carefully. Last weekend, Araya and her husband had stopped
their car near the vet hospital where Araya works in Guapiles, Costa Rica, when they spotted
a little blonde dog. She was scampering back and forth across the
road, narrowly dodging cars. “When I saw that the dog was running from
one side to the other very nervously, I knew she was trying to tell us something,” Araya
told The Dodo. “So my husband and I parked the car to see
what was wrong with the poor dog.” The dog led them to a man lying on the ground
with a cane next to him. It looked like he was very hurt. “My husband and I immediately ran up to
the man, and the dog ran with us to where the man was and she started licking him nonstop,”
Araya said. “My husband called the ambulance.” By this time, it had started to rain, but
the dog stayed by her owner’s side. “She never abandoned him,” Araya said. When the ambulance arrived, medical officers
lifted the man onto a stretcher and loaded him into the vehicle. The dog jumped in too. “She immediately went right to where her
owner was in the ambulance and she rested her chest on him like you see in the photos,”
Araya said. “The paramedic let the dog say bye to her
owner, but later we had to bring her down because she was not allowed to stay in the
ambulance.” Afterwards, Araya posted a few photos of the
incident on Facebook — and the post went viral, which caught her by surprise. Then, a few days later, Araya went back to
the same neighborhood to check on the man, who’d been released from the hospital. “A man took me to where the man and the
dog lived,” Araya said. “They were living in a box in a van. They’re very poor.” Araya introduced herself to the man, whose
name was Don Jorge. His dog was Chiquita, which means “little
girl” in Spanish. “I was very happy to see they were OK,”
Araya said. “But at the same time, I was sad to see
them living in such horrible poverty. The man has a problem with his leg, which
keeps him from being able to walk to buy his medicine. He has a neighbor with a big heart that gives
him food and washes his clothes.” Jorge didn’t just have his neighbor to rely
on — he also had Chiquita. If Jorge ever gets into trouble again, Araya
is sure that Chiquita will do everything she can to rescue her owner. Since Araya is a vet, she decided to do one
more thing to help — she’s going to take Chiquita into her clinic to be spayed, vaccinated
and dewormed, and to have her blood tested. “I think it is very important that people
know these kind of stories so that people become aware of caring for animals,” Araya
said. “Animals are defenseless, good-hearted beings
who need us to take care of them. And they shouldn’t be mistreated.” Put a like under this video, subscribe to
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