10 Houseboats and Floating Home Designs that will Inspire You

People seeking unique designer type homes
don’t have to limit themselves to finding that perfect plot of land in which to build. There’s a lot more water than solid ground
around the world, and that could be the ideal place for would-be seafarers to place a floating
home. Here are ten smartly designed houseboats,
or floating homes, ready for the water lover to move in. I’m Glen and let’s have a look Number ten. Amsterdam Hollands +31 Architects have created
a stunning houseboat which features a hybrid electric drive with solar panels and a spectacular
modern design. A German adventurer and entrepreneur commissioned
this dreamboat. Considered halfway between a ship and a houseboat,
it has large windows on three sides that provide outward views of the ocean and plenty of sunlight
for its living areas. The house also features direct access to the
water as residents can jump in from almost every room. After a swim, residents can then absorb some
sun, either on the roof or on the front deck. A similar sailing model is being designed
to live on the water all year in an eco-friendly way. The builder’s floor plans range from 16 yards
to about 26 yards in length with storage under the deck. Number nine. A Czech company better known for designing
and building small, efficient prefab cabin homes is stepping out with a flexible design
houseboat. They were asked to use their skills on a cabin
for the water, and this is the result. Their prefab houseboat is called Freedomky
No. 59 and it features an adjustable interior design so it can be a vacation cabin or a
small work office. It sits on the river near the center of Prague. The houseboat was made by combining two modules
and then were attached to a steel pontoon. Freedomky prides itself on building smartly
designed portable cabins with low energy usage. Number eight. Here’s a whale of a houseboat. This floating “Villa,” as it’s called, weighs
in at 165 tons and features six bedrooms with 1900 square feet of living space. Located on the water in the town of Kalmar
on Sweden’s east coast, the boat has a large top deck garden, a 322 sq. Ft terrace, a high-tech kitchen, and a dock
for visitor boats. The owner wanted something that was low maintenance,
low energy, and at-one with nature on the water. Villa Näckros was nominated for the Swedish
Building Industries “building of the year” in 2003. Number seven. Described as highly adaptable lodging solutions,
the box-like Punta De Mars is available either plugged-in or unplugged. They offer the cabins as waterfront tourist
accommodations and as individual small water vessels. The Spanish startup company says it’s a way
to connect you to the surrounding ecosystem for a memorable experience on the water – an
ocean getaway! The project was created as a collaboration
between Spanish architecture firm Mano de Santo and KMZero Open Innovation Hub. The boat is 796 square feet with rooms on
two levels, with a design using distinct vertical lines. The top of the boat offers a large chill-out
deck with unobstructed ocean views. Number six. This houseboat sits nearly in the city center
of Haarlem, in the Netherlands along the Spaarne River. The Haarlem Shuffle FLOATING VILLA ONE is
a spacious 263 square-yard home with two floors. The outside is covered with horizontal wood
cladding bordered by aluminum roof trim, which gives it a clean, modern look. It has nearly full-length high windows facing
the street, bringing in plenty of sunlight to its rooms. The newer energy neutral home collects solar
energy using PV-panels on the roof, combined with a heat pump in the concrete hull that
gathers energy from the difference in water/indoor temperature. Number five. Built in the USA, the Arkup Floating home
by Arkup Livable Yachts is a unique take on a floating home. This luxury 4300 square foot houseboat is
the world’s only customized self-lifting barge. It can cruise along, or be anchored in a marina,
AND be hydraulically lifted to stand on its pilings above the water. The vessel is a 75-foot yacht that is eco-friendly,
fully self-sustaining, and hurricane resistant -withstanding winds up to 1 hundred 55 miles
per hour. Luxury touches are throughout the boat with
five terraces and balconies, and a large swim platform. Number four. Taking the tiny house concept to sea, four
different models of this high styled home are available from an Estonian architecture
firm. They’re called the “Koda Light Float,” and
are described as having minimalist luxury in a sustainable house. The original Koda sat on solid ground, but
now it’s on pontoons. These stylish prefab structures are relatively
small but live large on design with solar-power, modern kitchens and bathrooms, comfortable
bedrooms, and shaded terraces. The Koda’s are delivered turnkey and installation
takes one day. Options include a rooftop garden and a second
unit above the roof. The Koda’s are sold around Europe and in Canada. I’m Allie, and it’s Mind’s Eye Trivia time. By looking at just these images, do you know
what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess
in the comment section below. Number three. Floatwing, a smartly designed floating home,
is pegged as a romantic getaway for two. Alternatively, a mobile house in the middle
of a lake for a family or a group of friends. The Portuguese based Friday company makes
water leisure vehicles and homes and will build this house to your liking and ship it
to you wherever you are. Floatwing is self-sustainable for up to a
week so that it can float on the remotest waterways. This electric-powered houseboat is 6.5 yards
wide and 11 to nearly 20 yards long and generates up to 80% of all the energy it needs and reduces
by 90% the organic load of its wastewater. It also has a barbecue and a wine cellar. It can move in the water using two small outboard
motors and moves at a speed of five knots. Number two. The SeaLoft floating house is 90% recyclable
and seeks energy autonomy with solar panels, a wind turbine, and batteries. This houseboat was the result of a project
for floating supported housing with the Sailwood Shipyard. It features almost 48 square yards of living
space. The builder is exploring several options regarding
its sales, some for second homes, or rental property as an investment. The original boat is currently renting, similar
to a hotel suite, and soon for weekly rentals. The builder says several French ports have
shown interest in the Channel coasts, as well as river operators. Also, a larger Sealoft, called the XL is in
the works. Number one. Moving utterly opposite to a box theme, the
Anthenea Floating Habitat is a luxurious floating round domed pod with a glass bottom. Designed by a French architect, it features
a rooftop bar, five solar panels, plus a generator that lets the boat stay off-grid. There is no shortage of room on the Anthénea
as it has three living areas, which comprise a lounge room, a bedroom with a circular bed,
and a relaxation area for up to 12 persons on the roof. It has 538 square feet of living space. The pod is inspired by the “Atlantis” in the
1977 James Bond classic film “The Spy Who Loved Me.” This unique hotel suite is floating around
the south coast of France. That wraps up this mouth-watering taste of
floating homes. Which one did you like the best? Would you order it for your favorite waterway
getaway? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching. Hi everyone, if you enjoyed this video, leave
a comment about what you found to be the most interesting and why. Also, to get notified when a new video is
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  1. Thanks for watching everyone! 😍 Question of the day. Would you live on a houseboat? Yes or No?
    For your convenience websites and available prices are located in the video description 👆.
    If you enjoyed this video we have several other houseboat videos along with a large playlist of tiny homes, prefabs and eco-friendly home designs.
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  2. Have to go by $$$ as usual & the Sealoft one looks best. It's already in manufacturing/ delivery stages & is priced competively with today's housing market.

  3. The vessel in your video trivia question is the Skandi Acergy. The vessel is a deep sea construction vessel. What do I win? If I have a choice of prize, I would choose the Anthenea Floating Habitat, I can give you my delivery address! 🙂


  5. Wow all of the designs with a rectangle design love them all living on the water is awsome💯💯👍🏽👍🏽

  6. On the funny side of things , you all found the first UFO, the pod… I like the Florida one with Highdralic's yet there windows are rated for wind not water pressure so I'd have to go with the pod it's the only one that consiste's of polermor plastics to with stand heavy seas or samomes or tidal waves. Just saying
    Keep it solid steady 1000
    Minds eye .

  7. Only number 1 has a seawearthy design but even that needs improvements to make it a sturdy structure that can handle stormy seas because not one was shown how they will be able to handle a turbulent storm.

  8. I'll dive right in with Swen's Villa Nacrost; amenities for everyday life + an unusual Vacay rental experience! #6 Haarlem Netherlands; Solar Energy and More! #4 Koda Light Float; rooftop garden? Guess what American neighbor jumped at this opportunity? Canada's got foresight on land & sea! #1 Athenea Floating Habitat; round shape makes it the most sexy boat ever- with every possible need addressed. Perfect location to find it in the So of France!

  9. In a heart beat. Nothing better then living on the water. The view of course but just watching the water is unforgetable. I love them all.

  10. Great presentations of great designs. However, like the vast majority of products covered by this channel, they are products for rich people. The wealthy, the privileged. That's great for them, and it is nice that we can derive a little vicarious pleasure from it. What is left out is how things might be different if products were designed for persons of only average income. Surely the combination of continuously improving technology and increasing innovation could produce amazing things for everyone. Take civilian aviation. There isn't much of it outside the USA and a few of its allies. We might all be driving flying cars by now, except that civilian aviation has at least since WWII catered to the rich, with the Lear jet as its flagship. There are no slow-flying aircraft for those of modest means. Maybe that's just how it is with aircraft. But with boats, it could be different. Large living spaces on the water at low cost are possible, provided that every square inch is not furnished in Manhattan or London style.

  11. I’ve had more than a few houseboats now. Floating homes usually means semi permanent or non moving. That kind in the states are getting harder to find locations that except them and if found the costs are exorbitant when compared to the land. Most floating homes are top heavy, box like and not seaworthy. Houseboats on the other hand, are mobile and come in many shapes and size, from boat like to box over pontoons. Surprisingly most manufacturers in the states have gone out of business as well as the weekend rental business. The 08’ recession, licensing, litigious liability and regulation can be blamed for this. Another issue with houseboats is maneuverability in light winds, which can be difficult.
    This tends to cause people to be afraid to sail them. My dream some day is to design and build houseboats that are easy to use, functional, efficient and economical. Every thing all other houseboats are not. I’ve got the plans, just got to win the lottery.

  12. What junk if tons of houseboats in North America that are actually usable not just to look at it so stupid when they take their project like this and then just make it artsy fartsy been utterly using most of these hospitals that were shown or just ugly my goodness turning at a real houseboat it's actually functional as beautiful inside and out

  13. O for the love of a cube. With the exception of the Anthenea, every body else fell off the cube processor, Borg ugly, digital square design school. The designs were as repressive as modern art. I don't want a Lego house. My morning round of 3D printing has more inspiration than those designs.

  14. Did you made the photo of the suplier… I belief you shot them in the harbour of Beverwijk in the Netherlands. I love to buy such a boat, but first I should find a fortune with magnet fishing untill I can pay for such a ship cq boat… don't know if you have so much patience? Or are you give it for free away?

  15. # 1 is my favorite with see through floor. Hopefully they'll make larger for family size meaning more than one bedroom. I know holds 12 but as a family getaway, I'm sure couch could be one more bed, but….

  16. The most interesting is the saucer shaped house boat with its sea view under water windows, awesome would be great on Loch lomond Scotland. 😁

  17. Last one looked the most stable in its design, not one is tolerable of any real sea movement or wind , I wouldn't imagine

  18. gotta go with the spuds, the only way to go, plus at night the legs are security against intruders. Would love to live on that.

  19. Oh to be rich. I always thought you could get a couple of shipping containers, a bunch of 50 gallon drums and a good welder and come up with something inexpensive and indestructible. You could use the drums in a catamaran configuration and use them to house electric engines, ballast, clean water, waste treatment, batteries, capacitors, heat pumps, and those hydraulic support posts looked like a great idea. You are only limited by imagination and bank account. With solar, wind, tidal, heat pump and piezoelectric options to mix and mingle, energy will never be an issue. Add strategic plexiglass or transparent metal glass and it should last forever.

  20. Muy buenos diseños, está muy bien que esté disponible en español entre otros idiomas, aunque no todos expresan las medidas en metros 2. Sigan publicando cosas así 👍

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