10 Money-Saving LIFE HACKS To Try At Home

– [Voiceover] Life hacking
is the art of solving common problems in an efficient manner. An today we’ve put together
10 quick and simple life hacks for you to MacGyver your way
out of any stick situation. If you want the convenience
of a dishwasher tablets without the inconvenience
of an empty wallet, it’s time to make your own. If you combine one cup of washer soda, one cup of baking soda,
half a cup of salt, and half a cup of lemon
juice, you’re well on your way to dish washing freedom. Mix it all in a bowl and
compact the mixture deep into some ice cube trays with your thumb. Stick it in the freezer
for a quick turn around. Empty out the container and store it in a jar for easy access. They work great, and end
up costing you a lot less than prepackaged versions. Super fresh. We all hate carpet spills
especially the greasy ones. Grab some corn starch from
the pantry and sprinkle it all over the grease spot. Let it sit and do it’s
job for 15 to 20 minutes. The corn starch will
absorb the liquids like nobody’s business. And for clean up, just
vacuum up the remaining mess and call it a day. Admit it we all have a
drawer like this right. Right. Cone on empty toilet paper
rolls can be quite useful when dealing with cables that
have been in time itself. First radio recycling
for some empty TP tubes. Gather and fold up your cables in a semi respectable fashion. slide the bundle of similar cables right into the tube to hold it together and then label it with a marker. With just a few minutes of work you’ll save yourself a ton of time in the future when you need to locate that special connect,
thanks to the paper rolls. Did you know that according
to the original patent filed in 1891, the correct way to hang toilet paper is over the front. Which way do you roll? Now this one might be a bit of a stretch, so bounce with me here. If you have a leaky shower
head or faucet, it’s possible your connections just aren’t sealed well. Now not a lot of people have
plumber’s tape laying around. But you might have some rubber
gloves used for cleaning. Snip off a small portion of glove, and wrap it around the threading, where your leak is a current. Now just screw all the
parts back together. And fired up for a nicely sealed solution to your pesky problem. How about getting rid of
that plain old cardboard tissue box and making
something more unique. Grab a mason jar and take it outside for a little rattle can action. Put a decent coat of
spray paint on the jar and the lid. Then let it all dry for
about 15 to 20 minutes. Grab your box of tissues and remove about one third of the box while keeping them all folded up as they were. Squeezed them directly
into the jar carefully prop out one to serve as a start. Just place the lid back on and the tissue holder is complete. Adding a little style to
your boring tissue situation. If you want to get rid of insects in a quick and natural way, it’s simple. Mix two tablespoons of sugar,
two tablespoons of syrup, in two tablespoons of honey. Stir it heavily in a
bowl and then microwave it for 45 seconds. Once you pop it out, give it a little bit more of a stir and let it cool. Cut out several strips of
paper from a grocery bag, And slowly and carefully
run the strip right through the mixture. Once you’re done go ahead
and take a paper clip and pop it through the
back to use as a hook. Hang it up to dry for just a bit, to get rid of all that excess mixture. And then take it outside
and set your trap. You’ll probably catch all
kinds of things with this. Just be sure to place it far enough from where anyone will be sitting. If you have a lot of
oddly shaped glassware you most likely know the struggle of trying to get them nice and clean. If soaking won’t fix the problem, try some effervescent
tablets like Alka-seltzer. After a quick fizzing in a few minutes of saturation all the weird
stain should start lifting from the glassware. After a quick rinse it should
be left sparkly and fresh. While stainless steel
won’t rust or discolor, it sure can collect grease like a champ. If you want to restore that shine, and get rid of the gunk, simply place your pot or pan on the stove and
cover the bottom of the pan with some vinegar. Set the stove top to high and bring it to a heavy boil. Boiling until you notice the
gunk starting to break off. Take it off the stove. Let it cool. And then add some baking
soda and give it a light scrubbing with a brush. This will get rid of any
stragglers left behind. That’s it, no steel wool needed here. I love making scrambled eggs,
but I hate all the dishes that come with it. Reduce your dish footprint
by using a cocktail shaker for your scrumptious scrambles. Just crack the eggs
directly into the holder. Add a little milk, salt and pepper. And party on in egg delicious
ecstasy with no forks or bowls needed. Fry your eggs right into the pan and enjoy yourself a healthy breakfast. Whether it’s your fridge
or your garbage can, you gotta funky smell in your house and you can’t seem to shake it. After you’ve brewed a
delicious cup of joe, gather up the grounds and
pour them into a dryer sheet for a little extra olfactory power. Tie off the top and toss your sashe, right into the belly of the best. In a few short hours, that swampy smell will subside. Thank you everyone so much for watching. If you’re not subscribed already, click this big old button
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