10 Unusual but Awesome Tiny Homes & Vacation Cabins

The minimalist lifestyle is on the rise. From the United States to Denmark, here are
some tiny abodes you’ll want to see! I’m Glen, and I’ll be your tour guide as we
explore 10 unusual but amazing small homes and cabins! Number ten. A distinct sloped roof design makes the FlexSe
standout, as well as the fact that it’s constructed out of 100% recyclable materials. Created by S.A. Lab, a firm in Russia, this
328 sq-ft building is bragged to work on various foundations, making it suitable even on water! It’s a design that can be used as a sauna,
office space, small shop, or small home. You enter through glass sliding doors, and
a furnace inside keeps it cozy in the winter months. The floors are stained dark, which contrasts
well with the light walls, and the submarine styled window gives the space some new character. This modular unit is quite flexible to its
customers’ needs, being able to adjust exterior and interior finishing’s. Who doesn’t like a space where you can add
more of your own flare! Number nine. Its design inspired from Welsh legends, the
Dragons Eye Cabin in Wales is made for 2, and caters to those myth lovers wanting to
expand their imagination! The exterior steel shingles are made to resemble
a dragon’s scales, while floor to ceiling window panels is the shape of a dragon’s eye. With the round, rotating bed inside you get
to enjoy and position yourself to the untamed Welsh landscape adequately. A wood-burning stove keeps you warm while
the mini kitchen area provides dishes and a sink. A small cozy shower room with a basin and
compost toilet are in the corner of the cabin for when you need to scrub off the grime of
the wild. To make the Dragons Eye more appropriate,
it’s lights are powered by the firepower of solar energy! Specific packages experience a hospitable
welcome pack with local goodies, or a Welsh breakfast served each morning! A part of the “Epic Retreats” in Wales, you
might discover some other specialty cabins worth a gander. Number eight. This contemporary 200 sq-ft studio has an
exclusive a-frame with a burnt wood exterior using the “shou-sugi-ban” method and a
bright wood interior. The steel window system hosts sliding doors
and a generous amount of natural lighting. Damon Wake and Hunter Floyd are the creators
who were inspired to make something more appropriate for desert ecologies. The CinderBox has a covered front porch area
which straddles the northeast side so that you’re not boiling in direct sunlight during
the day. Inside is a spacious living room or office
area, and on the wall are cut out niches with cove lights that change color so you can display
your art proudly! A set of steel shelves also morph into stairs
leading up to the loft space. The entire units wired with LED lights and
cable, so don’t worry about skimping your favorite shows. This prefabricated studio is made to be easily
transportable, so stick it at your dream location and be a model for tiny house lovers everywhere! Number seven. Avava Systems has a line of tiny houses referred
to as, “Britespaces,” and can install in a short 4-6 weeks! This particular model is a 264 sq-ft representation
of efficient modern living. High ceilings throughout make this a unique
little abode. The kitchen, dining, and bedroom all mesh
together in an open floor plan with LED lights throughout and real oak flooring! The bathroom is around 20 sq-ft with a shower
head resting next to the door and sink. You have the option to add solar panels and
a rainwater collection and purifying system, giving you the chance to be eco-friendlier! The opportunity to add a deck makes it all
the more charming, and two other sizes are available, one being 352 sq-ft and the other
480 sq-ft. A unique dome-like structure created by Japanese
architect Takeshi Hosaka, the Love 2 House is a 204 sq-ft elongated space with all the
essentials. A sliding glass door leads into the area where
each room is sectioned off by a concrete wall. Its high ceilings with 2 skylights make it
spacious while the outdoor shower and bathtub add elemental luxury! Number six. These unique cabins and saunas are handcrafted
and use naturally developed materials. An ancient Nordic form of construction is
used to create the exterior with its spruce tree wood chips and aspen interior. The curved shape of the Iglu saunas is complementary
to how fast the steam fills the space. There is a single, double, and triple size
being able to accommodate a total of 6 people, while some come with a changing and washing
room. The Igluhuts offer 5 different sizes with
a dining space that transforms into a sleeping space, a kitchen, and the option of a bathroom. You have your modern luxuries like an electrical
hookup and beautifully stylish crescent windows! Created in Estonia near Finland, it may take
some effort to land one of these beauties. Number five. Now here’s a unique angular abode created
by architect Bjarke Ingel’s and designer Soren Rose. The A 45 is 180 sq-ft designed to function
off-grid by solar energy and is roomy enough for a kitchen, wood-burning stove, living
area, bathroom, and loft space. One of the beautiful things about A-frames
is that it makes for natural rain and snow runoff! Inside the walls, cork-lined for sufficient
insulation, floors are douglas fir, and the large triangular window gives a pleasant and
safe way to interact with nature. The bathroom is lined in cedar so you might
get some natural fragrance while in a steamy shower. 100 % of the materials advertised are recycled,
and most customizable as the designer believes in the freedom of choice! Elevated by concrete piers for secure support,
you can build the A 45 almost anywhere. It’s an excellent fit for the millennial or
a person who likes architectural evolvement while remaining connected to one’s natural
surroundings! Number four. If you’re looking for a tiny home that’ll
keep you hibernating in comfort in colder climates, then the energy efficient 410 sq-ft
Dom.ai is your superstar! The wall insulation is 6x higher than the
average home, and the windows help conserve 14x more energy than double-paned windows. You can fully power with solar energy even
on cloudy days! It has a modern appeal with its angular design
and many windows creating the feeling of an open floor plan. The clean, usable energy systems with the
Dom.ai are incredible. You don’t even have to hook up to the city’s
water. You can generate your water from air humidity! It comes equipped with furniture, a stocked
kitchen, Sonos speaker system, nest camera and thermostat, Apple T.V., and a fingerprint
door lock! With such an intelligent smart system, the
Dom.ai can even track the air quality of your home, has antibacterial/antivirus protection,
and reverse osmosis water quality control. Impressive, right! Number three. A charming blend of modern and rustic, the
RoadHaus exterior is made from reclaimed Wyoming snow fencing and is easily transportable. The high ceilings and steel roof system with
the trapezoidal windows give this 400 sq-ft space a roomy feel. Founder Jamie Mackay and his designers give
the Wedge a unique vibe with the windows circling up top. Two other modular sizes offered are 160, or
240 sq-ft. Out front is a covered deck area protecting
you from excessive rain or shine. In the 400 sq-ft models, appliances include
a 2-burner cooktop, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator/freezer. The bathroom looks modernly chic with its
shimmering tiles and glass shower. All you have to do is get your utilities hooked
up to the grid. Then, you or your Airbnb client are golden! Number two. Students in Germany, from Bauhaus University,
designed this compact unit. Perfect for a retreat or adventure in nature,
the Soul Box was created to give its occupant a secluded space for reflection and self-exploration. The exterior is configured with fiberglass
reinforced plastic panels while the interior is unfinished wood. Opening like a castle drawbridge, the front
wall folds down where you have about 3 levels. On the ground floor is a kitchen space with
several cubby holes, shelving, and a camping stove that slides out of a drawer. Midway up is the bed and the top floor hosts
a study and chill area, which has a top hatch that you can open to engage with the starry
night sky! It’s an easy assemble and disassemble for
when you want to scooch to a new inspiring location. Are you looking to stay in a futuristic yet
very much naturalistically engaged hut on your next getaway? This hexagonal Igloo with its fashionable
grass roof, on Denmark’s Faroe Islands, looks like its
worth a try. In its 107 sq-ft interiors are a wood stove,
kitchen area, double bed, and loft with enough windows to continue admiring the sea and mountain
range. Number one. The Mobile Home, created by designer Ruzanna
Andressa Oganesya, is a pre assembled home on a moving platform that ships directly to
you! This unique shaped, pre-insulated steel home
comes almost wholly ready and gives one the option to select your furniture. On the first floor is the living, dining,
and kitchen area with many surrounding glass panels ensuring plentiful natural light! Atop an open staircase leading to the second
floor is the mezzanine bedroom. A skylight also gives this home plenty of
light, which is perfect for drifting off to scenic views of the heavens. For the person who loves compact living, the
Mobile Home’s 100-150 sq. Ft space is ideal. You get a cozy patio deck area too. So, you can still grill in comfort or be the
neighborhood watch. The only downside to this tiny home is that
it’s still in its developmental stages, but we think it’s a design worthy of reality! If this or any other home strikes your eye,
check the descriptions box for additional details! I’d say it’s evident that the Tiny Home lifestyle
is flexible and efficient! You can have something inspired by Welsh myths
or something with modern, clean lines. Tiny living might be small on the eyes, but
its big on the imagination! What tiny home or cabin would fit your lifestyle? You can find pricing and more details in the
descriptions box below! Thanks for watching, liking, and subscribing. Also, please share with someone who you know
loves tiny living!

60 Replies to “10 Unusual but Awesome Tiny Homes & Vacation Cabins

  1. Homes the size of an appartment or travel trailer or cabin class boat. I'm down with it next to a 6,000 sqft shop. Like the small clever designs.

  2. i dont think they are figuring there sq footage correctly they last one is 150 sq feet. that would be approx 12 feet by 12 feet. unless im missing something

  3. Вы сума сошли с таким расценками за 4 стены, 3 окна и дверь!!! Не уже ли существуют лохи, которые это покупают.

  4. All of them have their own appeal, and gets me to thinking about putting to work my design skills for a small space.

    We have called 256 sq.ft. home for the last 20 years… I keep looking for a large 5th wheel frame to build a small home on.

  5. it's not a home if it doesn't have a bathroom and kitchen. they don't need to be big, just a shower and toilet and a fridge and microwave and sink.

  6. most of this houses can be build for allot of less money ……. who da fuq buys an expensiee mini hut/house or whatever

  7. Why would you buy a tiny house which at quite expensive when you can buy a normal house which can be sold, rented and has significantly more space?

    Tiny houses look great but all them manufacturers just rip you off with exceptionally high prices and premium.

  8. these all seem to be good utilitarian design with exception of the multifaceted German (Bauhaus) design, which is rather strange coming from Germany…We seem to be headed for a personal Thoreau's cabin of some sort. Germany has a nascent 'right of a home' due to Germany's right's of persons to have respect and fulfillment…thanks for sharing

  9. I can understand the revolt against McMansions, but the trend toward tiny is slowly leading to closet-sized "safe spaces" as "homes." This is getting ridiculous. How about massive numbers of jail cells, re-dubbed as "tiny homes" as well?

  10. Fantástico 👍, sigan haciendo videos de ésta calidad, se aprecia que incluyan información de cada uno de los diseños, y esperemos que pronto tenga subtitulado en español, gracias

  11. The Mrs. says: Indeed, wished I had a huge craft room and a couple thousand feet storage barn for all my stuff and another barn for all my husbands stuff and a little house in between and there would be such a huge sense of relief of no more arguing. His bathroom, my bathroom, his bedroom, my bedroom, a den for eating and a kitchen. I wouldn't have to listen to his crap and he would not have to listen to my informative and interesting information, well he can't believe he could learn something from me. People would stay together a lot longer with this living arrangement .

  12. Virtually all of the presented structures are better suited as personal spaces to retreat to; however too many of them are 'treasure chests' for burglars & thieves (given the big windows), so not suitable as alternative homes in an urban setting.

    That being said, most all of them are visually pleasing and well laid out.

  13. I don't care how nice it is, a home must have a bathroom and a kitchen. I suppose an outhouse would be alright, but most of these things are not houses.

  14. An idea of what you could do a video about are those capsules that make up those Japan capsule hotels, it goes with your themes of small space living, modern innovation, unique concepts, and subjects of interest, maybe viewers can get an idea of how to build one, things I would want to know is; are there any in the USA?, thier interior designs look? do they sell those individually? what amenities do they have? just a thought.

  15. Let me ask a stupid question… WTF is, the need for vaulted ceilings???!!! I care about turning "wasted space" like high ceilings into, storage, work and other types of living space… That's the problem I have with most of these tiny houses their, not that practical for MY needs…

  16. The A45 – designed by BIG – I'm a big, (pun intended), fan of Bjarke Bundgaard Ingels, and the designs his company BIG makes, but the A45, which is a collaboration with Søren Rose Studios, it's just a bit to small, (for my taste, although it can be off-grid, and is very beautiful…
    No wonder it won the AIA Small Project Awards….

    Haven't it been proven that Air Hummidity Water Collection is highly inefficient?
    And such a system isn't worth much in places with low air humidity!
    But otherwise, the Dom . ai looks very nice and more spacious than the A45

    And it's hard not to love the Seelenkiste by the Bauhaus students – it could be fun as a form of annex to a building more suitable for living, (that haves a toilet and bath)…

    The Kvivik Igloos, if build slightly larger, has the perfect look for the Danish west coast as well – in color scheme and with grass on the roof, it looks a lot like some of the smaller vacation houses I remember from my childhood….

  17. I luv numbers 6 & 4 but also have question about # 3 (the Soul Box) it is very everything wonderful about Tiny House living but where is the space for a bathroom, or even just a toilet?

  18. #5 the A45 by BIG out of upper state NY. I'm a certified NUT about A-frames, floor to ceiling windows, woods, rain, and snow. And hygge! That is The One for Me ❣

  19. I can do a lot on my bbq grill, but….(u knew it was coming) gotta have oven, stove, and full tub/shower combo. Gotta say the German college kids one was amazing, and the other that stood out for me was the contemporary one which was gorgeous, and I can’t stand contemporary! Strangely, the dessert one done here in Phoenix was cool all that glass, but…unless hidden in cabinets, kitchen or bathroom not there so..I get it, some are just ‘rooms’ all good moving right along …❤️

  20. Is it possible to contact these designer to see if they can help the Dominican islands that were hit by the force 5 hurricane the one with water creation method and solar power would be good! I know most of these companies are tiny but it could be a big selling point for them to and if you or they can offer alternatives like those homes on stilts (hint,hint) that can make a circle contact them as well people on the East coast of the US will be in need as well! The top 10 solar energy panels can aid hospitals, old age homes, shelters, and the list goes on and on please do you see how important a linch pin you can be! It might take some thinking outside the box, but you can be the key too helping millions of people!

  21. The Soul Box could easily be reworked into a stellar observatory. What a thought. But you can't get just a price on it.

  22. 4 & 7 seem to be the most practical of all of these. 1 isn't too far off. Otherwise the rest kinda suck… Anything that doesn't have a bathroom and usable kitchen cannot be called a home.

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