2014 Street Triple 675 Owners Review, Female Motorcycle Vlogger, Triumph Girl

Hey so, it’s fall apparently! (VROOOOOOOOOOooommmmm) I’ve had it for a month and a half and I feel like we’re really growing together I feel like it’s a bike that I’ll keep for a very long time. (adjusting camera sound) This is the bike so far, I got the three body parts in (fairings) (vmmMMMMMM) the seat cover, the tail part and the belly pan and fly screen So she’s complete! I’d like to get a fender eliminator next
year, a little tail tidy It will get rid of that fender once and for all! One of the most debatable things that people are like “just get it” and yea… i should just get it 🙂 So I did a bunch of riding today, it was my day off work So I went to a road called Old Banff Coach Road (swirling accellarating sound) (zoooom) I really like, riding her, I can’t wait to get out on my day It was a learning curve to ride this bike compared to my 250 ninja It was really good power range, in every gear Awwwe, it fell on the floor! oops (engine idle sound) I find that, you do want to go faster with this bike obviously it can um, it pulls you, it wants to go so it takes a lot of self restraint to be a responsible rider, and not break the speed limit all the time I really like these tires The stock tires are Diablo Corsa’s We just had a huge snowstorm last week Very strange, it was snowing for three days and all the trees with leaves still were getting very damaged, so, throughout the city, million of trees required a lot of trimming and clean up, so, that was a big disaster It’s like summer again, so, we get to ride! So i’d like to take advantage of this weather we’ve got and do a couple more videos while I can because when winter hits there’s not going to be much to show you 😀 (gearing down and decelerating sound) (vmmmmmmmm)

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  1. Don't you love the sound of that triple engine as if revs up ? I sure like it on my Triumph Tiger  .BTW the saleslady at the dealership rides a Street Triple also .

  2. Love your bike .. why you ask ? Probably because i have one too 😉 Welcome to the Triumph family 🙂 Your back pack is hilarious. 

  3. Thought the music was a little too loud. Couldn't hear your beautiful voice. Other than that great Vid – thanks for sharing!

  4. DO NOT get a fender eliminator kit. It will ruin the bike's aesthetic properties. That fender, as with most sport bikes, was designed by someone who knew what he was doing to counterbalance the upswing of the seat. Eliminating the fender will make your bike look like a skunk with its ass raised ready to spray. Just my opinion.

  5. Hey! Just disc ur channel. I really liked this, it's very interesting. I'm s'cribing, and I'll be able to remember your name, it's so great to see women riders and share what you're doing. That Triumph sounds awesome. John, age 60(!) Honda black bird rider.

  6. Great video!!
    One thing I noticed- you like riding with your shield up (don't we all?)
    Get some eye protection!!!
    Since you have a tinted shield, try getting some clear or amber/yellow tinted riding glasses. Get ones made for riding with foam around the lenses. You have beautiful eyes- keep 'em that way 😉

  7. I have the same jacket as you. I think it's much better than the alpinestars celer leather jacket, the dainese has a zippered pocket for the back protector and the Astar has Velcro. The dainese has buttons to close up the neck and Astar has Velcro that rubs your neck, Dainese also has much thicker elbow padding than Astar, good choice on jacket and bike!

  8. Love the bike!  It's also very nice to watch a motovlogger that doesn't swear every other word.  Although, I know it makes those guys sound tough and/or funny, and it helps them string those tricky sentences together…riiiiiiiight…..

  9. Sorry if this question has been asked already.  I'm 5'3", not that much taller than you and arm lengths reach probably similar to you.  My question is: Is the rider position reach/lean farther than your Ninja 250 or Ninja 300?  I currently have a CBR500R, haven't had the chance to sit on a STriple yet.  Thanks.

  10. I bought the Street triple R last week, getting it in a couple days. Was unable to ride it has I don't have my full license but sitting on it felt much better than any other bike i sat on.  Having said that, I noticed in another video of yours the throttle is sensitive… i rode a CBR600rr and that thing was violent when I would crack the throttle, I'm hoping this is close to the same (the feeling is the best).. is it, being an inline 3 and not a 4?
    Safe riding! 🙂

  11. Wasn't a fan of white motorbikes earlier but ended up buying a Pearl White Honda CBR650F. Your Street Triple looks great with the fly screen, belly pan and rear seat cowl. Pity the Canadian winters are so cold because you can't ride for a while. Thankfully the weather in Sydney is OK for riding throughout the year and I'm lucky to have some nice twisty roads with great scenery close to my house. Good luck and stay safe!

  12. Great review! Good info, in a well structured form, and good production quality. As a fellow Canadian who's aiming to get a Street Triple (R in my case), very appreciated.

  13. For a sec I thought its a Pokemon on your back. Lol.
    I'm confused whether to buy this or ducati monster 695 or Kawasaki z800 😞

  14. Finally got my 2013 Street Triple R, matte graphite, lowered 2". But, will have to buy and install a shorter kickstand due to the lowering. Next purchase will be a belly pan.

  15. Really awesome bike! I see that you tiptoe a bit… How tall are you? If you don't mind me asking 🙂
    Reason I'm asking is I'm 5'1" (155cm) tall and am looking into getting a sports bike in the near future.

    Keep up the awesome videos 😀

  16. Hey there.. Nice review . I was wondering if you any sort of issue with your bike ? Reliability issues.

  17. Gorgeous women! Gorgeous Triple! I really like Alberta, beautiful part of our country. New sub from your neighbor here in Vancouver BC. I  look forward to more vids. Ride safe.

  18. I had a 2014 Street Triple as well, I LOVED that bike.  Unfortunately I had to trade to a Triumph Speedmaster so I could stretch out.  Having bad knees from being in the Army they would really start throbbing while all bent up on the Triple.  I miss her though

  19. I am thinking about buying a street triple, so it's good to see with all these posts that you getting really well with one, thanks. It's good to see a good looking woman riding a cool bike.

  20. Was looking at the FZ07 but I saw this bike recently and I think I'm going this route. I used to race motocross but this will be the first street bike I've owned. I think I may outgrow the FZ07 too quickly and this one looks and sounds better imo. Moving to Oregon next month so that'll be my first purchase when I get there 🙂

  21. Great video and awesome bike. This bike grew on me after checking it out for a few years and finally pulled the trigger last weekend. It's so easy to ride in and out of the city going slow, fast, faster etc ;).

    Have a safe and awesome season!

  22. Great vids keep them up can you make a comparison of a super sport and your bike I have a R6 now that I see your bike I think it looks very cool I never rode a bike like yours

  23. Did you have a bunch of bikes in mind before buying this bike? If so, what were you looking at prior to purchasing the Triumph?

  24. Awesome backpack, love my Triumph, not as sweet as yours though. You gotta love women that ride, and ride well, and fast.

  25. I use to love this bike, then the dude I know who owns it became such an abusive asshole I can't stand it.

  26. Hey,I just wanted to ask u what's your height for riding this bike. I'm 1,73 btw and little bit afraid that I'm not so tall for this bike. Thank u!

  27. beautiful girl check
    Rides motorcycle check
    That motorcycle is a triumph double check
    Awesome bowser like bag triple check

  28. nice bike and your wearing gear is great but if you don't zip up your jacket and you go down it will come right off or you will still get road rash in very crazy places , but by it being unzipped it makes it a lot more intresting for us guys to watch your vids lol ..   good vid keep making more and stay safe and have fun !!!!

  29. like your style, clear presentation – thankfully it doesn't make me want one of those, my bike is 26 yrs old now but i still like it, it's more old school.

  30. After my stolen 2012 ST I looked all over for a new bike and decided why mess with perfection? I now have a 2014 ST, also in white, also with the Arrow. The only difference between yours and mine is the colour of the flyscreen and belly pan. I do have a tail tidy though and it improves the look no end.

    Fantastic bike 🙂

  31. Nice video! Nice editing, multiple camera angles, cuts. It kept it fluid engaging and interesting. I like your videos.

  32. How tall are you Cherrie? I only ask because I'm a short rider myself (5'4") and i'm debating on what motorcycle I want

  33. Very nice bike. It looks like a lovely day for a ride there, the Autumn colours of the leaves are so pretty. You seem very calm and humble, I enjoyed your video 🙂

  34. Hi there! I hope no one is stealing your audios and mixing it into their videos any more (yeah, I still remember THAT weirdo with the CBR600) …

    As the Street Triple 675 is going to be replaced by the new 765, some dealers in Sydney are doing run-out deals on the older bike. what are your thoughts after owning this bike for over 2 years – how is the long-term experience, does it work as a daily commuter, is it a good idea to pick up the 675 instead of waiting for the new one? Thanks in advance!

  35. Where do I have to go to meet cute women who ride? Not just cute but down to Earth as well. Not where I live that's for sure.

  36. millions of trees in Calgary ? there are only 23, 467 trees, I counted them. work for the city as a tree counter-guy !

  37. Question … If money was not an issue and you could purchase any motorcycle of your choosing … Would you keep or upgrade to another Triumph Street Triple or choose another brand, model/and/or type of motorcycle ? curious I am

  38. Tomorrow I test ride a 2014 Striple R and after that a 2014 Standard Striple. I have already sat on both and with a 28" inseam I could tell easily the Standard model fit me better. So….do I buy the "R" and lower it an inch with Links or do I buy a Standard version that I "think" has ABS. If that is doable…then the only thing I lose is the better suspension. And the Standard model is less expensive. Thanks.

  39. How to get the most out of riding a Triumph Street Triple 🙂
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/kTNDYiONld8" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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