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  1. Here's my "crystal ball" view of the future: Hydrogen can be released from plain old water by a process called electrolysis. A long time ago, my 8th grade science teacher demonstrated this to us with a battery, two electrodes, two test tubes, and a beaker of tap water. Bubbles of H+ gas formed on one of the electrodes. At the end of class he held a match near the H+ tube and we heard a "POP". That was the H+ gas produced during our class time igniting.
    So, here's my vision of the future: Every home is equipped with either solar panels or a small windmill that generates electricity at virtually no cost. That electricity powers a small home "hydrogen generator" that separates tap water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. The hydrogen gas is then collected and concentrated in a home hydrogen concentrator, producing a pressurized tank of hydrogen.
    Voila! A cheap, plentiful, non-polluting, energy ecosystem! No "greenhouse gases", no "carbon footprint".
    Yes, much more research and technology advances need to be made to make this safe and commercially viable, but that's all very possible.

  2. Like how they show the Mirai owners walking and driving to amazing places…oh wait, its just marketing to make it seem as if buying this car will grant you amazing places to visit and a beautiful sunset with no compositing. You can get the same experience in a Corvette.

  3. More like Toyota Mirage, this stop gap toy can't do cross country road trips or charge at home after all this time.

    Everybody else is getting a Tesla Model 3 , and ignoring this non-car. Everybody else are actually doing cross country road trips using the Tesla Supercharger Network and are able to refuel at home or nearby Chademo using plugshare.

    Toyota should get with the times and go battery electric and maybe they'll sell more than 700 Mirages world wide after all this time.

  4. Some facts: Hydrogen is the most abundant element in universe. Source of hydrogen fuel is mainly from refineries by processing natural gas. This process generates CO2 as well, it is however 90% less compared to CO2 emitted when burning gasoline. Fuel cell vehicles will improve, the range will reach over 600 miles over the years, the new fuel cell cars will be smaller, hydrogen will get cheaper over time. It might stay as a niche product, it all depend on public money to support hydrogen infrastructure.

  5. 3:17 he claims he's been working in energy for 42 years but he says 'fusion energy' bruh did he time travel backwards

  6. This, hand in hand with more plants that use CO2 and put out O2, could turn things around, if done on a large enough scale.
    How much does the Mirai cost? Enlighten me, please. And can anyone forecast when Florida might be in line for hydrogen cars?

  7. So you pretty much can't one on if you live in a state that doesn't have hydrogen fuel stations… That's really the only downside I notice.

  8. Awesome video! Many thanks!😀 We also did testimonials videos! Could you give me some feedback? Thank you! 😀

    Waiting for you answer!!


  9. This car can only be driven where there are hydrogen fueling stations. A Tesla Modle 3 can be driven from coast to coast.

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