2018 Year End Mexico Real Estate Snapshot By Max Katz

Hi, I am Max Katz
from the Baja Real Estate Group! As we do every year, we recap the year as we make
plans to better serve our clients in the New Year. 2018 brough us some real TV excitement to the Baja
Real Estate Group as House Hunters International… …featured us in yet another episode, we were able to help another couple find
their dream home here in northern Baja. If you have not had a chance to see it,
look for the link in the description below. I think you will find they did an amazing job
showcasing the Baja area. The end of 2018 has seen lots of
political changes in the area. Mexico elected a new President; the
border situation has been head-line news… causing an uncertainty on border wait times
which in turn has caused a slowdown in… …tourism towards the end of the year. The projections for 2019 however, remain strong.
All this has not slowed down home sales and we’ve continued to set
new records for our market. People have been returning for
the holidays and its business as usual. Meanwhile, we continue to lead in our market and
have even set some new record highs in the area. Mexico is still a number one ‘drive-to’
destinations for many Californians and the Valle the Guadalupe, or the ‘Wine Region’,
as it’s called, still is a strong attraction for people from all over the U.S
and Mexico as well. Home prices have held steadily, with a new wave
of what we believe will be the last of Bank Owned Units to hit the market. Inventory is at a slower growth stage.
There is lots of talks of new developments, However, we believe if you see it and like it.
Now would be the time to buy. Remember to rely on a trusted Realtor
to help you with your buying decisions. As in the years past we’ve seen friends leave and we
welcomed a new set of Baja Home Owners to the area. We want to thank each and every one
of you for making 2018 a memorable year, and look forward to sharing 2019 with you all. I’m Max Katz, look forward to
seeing you in the new year.

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