3 Reasons HoneyBook is for All Business Owners & Freelancers

14 Replies to “3 Reasons HoneyBook is for All Business Owners & Freelancers

  1. I feel like I hit a goldmine. I use quickbooks and I've been getting screwed over not doing proper contract agreements. I really like that it works well with quickbooks. Thanks for your review. Very helpful!

  2. Does honeybook do progressive invoicing? Meaning the customer can pay off their total in installments while seeing their balance as they pay? I use DocuSign now and request payments through PayPal but would love to streamline all of this while integrating with QuickBooks

  3. How does it compare to Square appointments? Are you familiar with it? It sounds so similar. Trying to decide if I should switch.

  4. I'm interested in paying my sales team there commissions once the client pays the invoice. Can Honeybook provide this feature?

  5. Hey John, love the channel, and I want to thank you for introducing me to HoneyBook. I have a question though, I live in Canada and currently, HoneyBook cannot process payments outside the US. Do you know any work around? is it still worth it without the payment processing capabilities?

    Thank you!

  6. Is the contract signing part of honeybook similar to “DocuSign”? Basically, should I ditch DocuSign once I get honeybook?

  7. Hi John. What do you think about Honeybook for DJs? I feel like there is a lot of competition on there. How do you think I will get noticed enough to get DJ gigs?

  8. Hey John, love the clip on Honeybook. Would you be interested to send me a sample of a brochure of what the client would get after an inquiry? I have a DJ business and think this might work as my CRM

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