8 Work At Home Jobs With No Start-Up Fees

You want to work at home? You don’t want
to have to pay any money for your jobs. Like no commute, no nothing.
You want some options of different home jobs you can do and for free? Well, you’ve
come to the right video because we’re gonna be going over a lot of cool places.
You could get home jobs working for Apple, Google. And a bunch of other
companies. Now, I’m going to go over for jobs that you’re gonna have to apply for. You
know, it doesn’t cost any money but you’re going to have to apply for them. I’m
going to go over for work and home jobs that you don’t have to apply for and you
can get started immediately. Okay. So, the first 2 jobs are actually really cool.
Apple and Google both have quite a few work at home jobs. They have a lot of
home support positions. They also have a lot of home like programming and whatnot
positions. But what you just want to search for is Apple work at home. Google
work at home. A lot of people don’t know these are options but they’re out there.
So, check them out people and you might find something. We’re going to discuss the
next 2 companies which are top told, cyber coders. Which are both companies
you can work at home but you have to apply for us. So, let’s check these out
and we’ll move on to number 5. And the ones you don’t have to apply for. So, top
tool is a place where you can be a freelancer. That’s what it’s called.
Usually a freelance programmer. So as you see, there’s a couple different
categories of jobs they have available for you here. They have developers and
designers. So, developers is programming. And again, what’s great about programming
if you haven’t gone on it. I mean if you want to work at home, just learn programming
and don’t you know, get your ego out of it. Don’t tell me you’re too stupid
to learn programming or something. If you know, English you can know programming.
Programming makes a lot more sense than English. And just go to w3schools.com, by
the way. Right here, okay? And you can learn programming in a matter of weeks.
Everything. I’m talking everything. So, take some time out of your day. Go
through w3schools .It’s free education just go through the different sections.
Just go through them. Go through them all and you will be paid way more than you
have ever imagined. You will never be broke again if you you know don’t spend
your money like a fool. So, it’s very easy to learn programming and you can get
very good jobs. I’m not going to go on about that because people complain about how
much money they’re making. Frankly, it’s retarded. Learn programming, you’ll make
more money, okay? So, designers. There’s designers here if you want to do web
design. If you know finance, you can get jobs for that. If you’re a project
manager, there are jobs for that and you can work for great companies such as
Airbnb, NetApp and Zendesk. A lot of big tech companies actually don’t have all
their programmers in-house. A lot of big tech companies contract… A lot of their
programming work out to development agencies like cyber coders
or top tool. Now, as I said, cyber coders is very similar to hop tool although
once again, it’s focused even more on programming. But that being said, just
learn it. If you want to make money, if you complain about money, you have no
reason just spend some time or some of your free time that you use on social
media on programming. It’s much better. Okay, let’s move onwards. So, here the work
at home jobs. For those of you skipped over here that you don’t have to apply
for. Now, if you want to be a design or if you know a little bit about design, you
can work as a freelancer for a company called 99designs.com. They have a lot
of positions available, a lot of people use them. I use 99designs.
So, a lot of entrepreneurs use 99designs to get designs. The next one is Amazon.
this is called Amazon Mechanical Turk, okay? And you want to search it. You can see in
the toolbar right here. It’s Mturk.com. And I should have some of these links in the
description or just google it. Type it in. But this is going to pay you literally
the least amount of money. You won’t be able to make a lot of money from this.
But if you have zero skills whatsoever and you’re like brand new and you’re
just kind of like I want to make some money really easily. You can sign up to
be worker and do very simple surveys or
tasks. You can sign up for Amazon Mechanical Turk to do what’s called H-I-T’s which are human intelligence tasks. And the reason they’re called human
intelligence tasks is they’re literally just at the threshold where a computer
can’t do them accurately enough. It’s literally like… Computers just can’t do
this yet so it’s it’ll be like identifying images. Like what is.. You know,
identify where there are cats in this image? Or you know, can you tell if this
person is you know white or black? You know… Or different things like that. So,
here’s one market research survey, okay? And it pays a penny. So, once again, as I
said you’re not going to make a lot of money doing this but it is free to do.
You get paid real money and anybody can do it, okay? So, this pace… Let’s see this.
So for 20 minutes survey attempts, the average time spent is 13 minutes and pay
is 26 cents. So, you can make about 75 cents an hour just answering questions.
So, let’s see what the questions are. Start survey. “What is your gender?” Okay? I
got a penny, confirm. “What is your birth date?” And I could just keep going on and
I get more pennies. But the point is you’re not going to become rich doing this
but it is very easy to do. The second work at home job you can do which doesn’t cost
any fees is being a udemy teacher, okay? Now, there’s always a demand for people
to teach subjects. And teaching is moving online. Yo you can sign up on udemy.com
to be a teacher. And if you are on udemy right here which it’s this site. And you
can just type it in to Google or something whatever your favorite search
engine is. And you scroll down to the very bottom and you will see teach on
udemy, okay? Teach what you love. Udemy gives you
the tools to create an online course. Udemy will get the traffic for you. Udemy
will supply the customers. You just have to create online courses and film
yourself teaching different subjects. So, if you want to be a teacher, sign up
there. Last but not least. We got A. Now what is A stand for? Now, if you’ve
been following this channel, let me give you a tip. The next word is M. Okay? And
and that work at home job is… Can you guess it?
It’s affiliate marketing, folks. Its affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing
is one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now. Companies are
tired of spending their money on advertising and marketing agencies that
went to Harvard that don’t understand anything about how to market products.
And they’d rather work with marketers who can guarantee your results. Now, I’ve
built my business off of giving cost companies. I say… They would pay me fixed
amount of money let’s say $50 per customer and I just give them customers.
I’d get people buying their products. They didn’t know how I advertise, they
didn’t know where I posted the links but all they knew is that people who clicked
on my links and they got customers. And that was alright with them. and you can
make a lot of money as an affiliate marketing. Especially if companies are
paying you to get them customers. And you’re posting links on the internet for
free. So, you’re not paying any money and you get money for free and you can learn
all of these tactics on my channel by just going to my uploads and check out
all of my content around affiliate marketing. Make sure you subscribe and
hit the notifications bell because I’m going over new tactics of affiliate
marketing every single week. Now, if you want to go deeper and have me as your
mentor, make sure to hit that money club sign because it’s about $50 a month. If
you to access to talk to me 2 times a week. I’m affiliate multi-millionaire. You
can talk to me two times a week live streams YouTube and also you get a lot
of extra video content. And all that. Well, let’s get it. So, tell me what did you
enjoy the most? In the comments, write down if you enjoyed the app will work at
home Google work at home. Top Tolan cyber kotor. 99design. Which one was the
most interesting? A Mechanical Turk, etc. Teaching affiliate marketing. Let me know.
I’d love to hear what was the most interesting to you. I’ll talk to you soon.
Keep getting that money. Remember, take back control of your life. You
use social media. Don’t let social media use you. Build your brand. Create your own
income. quit your job. Drop out of school. And let’s make some freaking money people.
Look forward to seeing you on my channel and in the comments below.
Talk to you soon.

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