1. What a lifestyle and investment. Why would they ever harvest the other crop that starts with the letter "C"? Again and always thank you for your insights and views of Colombia.

  2. La posición geográfica de Colombia al ubicarse bajo la linea ecuatorial,hace que las plantas crezcan de una forma especialmente favorable.Sin hablar de su topografía.Este es el mayor valor estratégico de Colombia.El cacao tambien es otra especie potencial,el aguacate ..etc..

  3. Thanks Sam, again. Great project. I'm sure, you already have a guesthouse in Salgar!!! Me encantan ese tipo de proyectos y ojala, que mucho mas cafeteros se dan cuenta de eso – una gran opportunidad por el futuro!!!

  4. Great video Sam! Very impressed with this video !!! Love Colombian coffee for me the best in the world 🌎. I am learning and also enjoying the Colombia culture. Wishing you all the best. Take care

  5. Looks good, but it is frightening is that he just said that tehy want “to produce more and more” but NO mention of anything regarding to the “ colombian people. Involved in the company” .If all is just about to earn money with NO social advantages to the comunity …. NO good News for the future. specially becuase it used to be a biz for small farmers , but you want to purchase more and more land taking this local coffe growets out of the original land.

  6. Buenas Sam… What a great opportunity for investors in this project to see first-hand the progress taking place in Salgar. Thank you for this !

  7. really nice proyect, i would like to do something like this, we have land with almost the same weather and my family just to grow coffee back them, and we are really close to buenaventura port.

  8. Hey, I've been following your channel for a while! I think it's great and it's inspired my business friend and I to look into the idea of investing in a hostel in Colombia.

    I'm of Colombian background, lived in England 20 years and Australia for 4 years where I currently live.

    Being a backpacker in Australia really made me want to promote Colombia as a tourist destination for other backpackers.

    We were thinking of 1 of 3 cities to invest in, Cartagena, Barranquilla or Santa Marta.

    Do you have any experience or advice you could share?

    We'll hopefully be paying a visit next year round May to do some further research.

  9. Hi Sam, Great video. I contacted your website for a place but they don't have anything and I'm coming soon. Hoping you can help.

  10. Any plans to bring prospective investors to visit your farms, or, at least organize visits for tourists in Medellín as some other farms do ?

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