Abandoned, Single Mom Dog Raises Her Puppies Alone..Then Her Owner Showed Up?(Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Local resident : There were two dogs, but only that dog was left behind Home alone Noorung steals food To feed her puppies Local resident : If you go along this coastal road, you’ll find *** restaurant (The owner) Lives there Going to meet you now PD : There’s a deserted house up here.. Home owner : Ah you mean our old house.. Why? PD : An abandoned dog lives there. Are you aware? Yes.. The dog that she raises Is him ‘Gomdol’ Home owner : They became inseparable If we leave the house, they’d stay there together.. Back in the day Stray dog Noorung Started to live with Gomdol.. Home owner : (Before the move) I tried to take her with me, but I couldn’t catch her..! When everyone else left the house Due to extreme wariness She couldn’t come with Catches up w/ Noorung Home owner : Look at dat belly hehe Same as Gomdol. Agreed? Gomdol’s clone hehe Home owner : They look healthy PD : The mom fed dem well There’s nothing to eat here… Home owner : Better than hoomans.. There’s nothing to eat, but she raised them healthily For Noorung Can’t just let them be To rescue the puppies first! The rescue plan “Wa gotcha~” Is to have no plan lol (No tension at all lol) Home owner : Thought this fella fell through! (How rude..) Till the last puppy~ Tetris (dog ver.)☆ The problem is the wary Mama Noorung..! But then! *Puppies’ sound* *Stop* It’s Noorung! In a flustered situation Mama Noorung Walks towards the puppies Go..tcha!! Noorung, it’s okay now… (You look healthy..) Vet : Their condition is good overall The puppies are more well-nourished than the mom “Mom did well

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  1. Follow the link for part 1 :))
    Part 1 : https://youtu.be/Jvnw1coaLAg

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  2. This Dog is a great loving mother. I wish my mother is the dog

    im trying to hit 1k or 5k so pls help and ty for the likes

  3. また韓国の動画だな、毎回泣かされるよ、犬を食べる文化があると聞いているがそろそろ止めるころじゃないかな!日本でも70年くらい前は食べていたらしいが‼️

  4. So sad but yet sweet. Mama loves her babies and has done a good job. It's a shame she can't go back to her love the daddy.

  5. God bless you🐕🌷💕🥀 Thanks Guys for saving cute family and Guys your work is really important and beautiful💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍💗💗💗🌹🌹🌹🌷🌷🌷💕💕💕

  6. I hope one day you guy's stop chaining dogs… 😔
    Thank you for giving her a home with her babies. Very smart girl. 😍😘💔💝😔

  7. Nooo stop abbandoned stop abused innocent inhuman indifes stop a maltrattament poor dogs😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤❤i love dog beautiful 💋💋💋

  8. I understand previous owner tried her best but why did she abandon Noorung when she could ask people for help catch her in the first place? And she would have gotten someone to feed her until she seek help catch her? I believe she only show sympathy/good side only after she got caught in person…

  9. Keep viewing this channel and it will produce more horror stories to sell advertising .
    This channel thrives on animal cruelty .

  10. What an amazing mommy she is, and they adore her. I think the little house is to small. Were they going for tiny house, big living??!!! Ha,ha😊🤣😂

  11. What an awesome mom. Adorable puppies. So glad the owner came back for them and took them in till they get adopted. Good job guys.

  12. Kritter klub please do an update on Noorung. She looked so frightened when captured and still scared when being checked. Also did the doctor say Noorung wasn't healthy as the pups? Will she be adoptable after all she's been through? Please do a follow-up

  13. Es una gran guerrera y merece una vida mejor con alguien que la cuide y proteja siempre 👍🍀🌹🌍 mil gracias por rescatar a esta familia de perritos saludos desde Aguascalientes México María. Melendez Rodríguez bendiciones

  14. Halo kritter klub i am always see your upload videos, maybe one request from me, the kritter klub vlog at Indonesia specially about animal Defenders Indonesia(search youtube), maybe the kritter klub interesting about it. Thanks

  15. Que tristeza q los adopten y los ceparen ds madre xq sin ayuda ella los crió y no les faltaba comida m parte él corazón al saber q los ceparen xq ellos son muy felices mejor los hubieran cuidado dnd estanban ellos primero q tenian espacio libertad sobre todo eran muy felices ahí solo les llevaban l comida suficiente todos los dias 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

  16. Stupid owner just leaving the dog to fend for herself, with puppies….MEAN!!!!!!
    Is the stupid owner even ASHAMED of herself one bit?! What's wrong with these idiots that want a dog, or cat, but they act like they can take care of themselves without them around…it's SOOOO disgusting to me!!!

  17. I think that they could organized better shelter – dog house fot these dog family.This is small and too much open for cruel Japaneese freeze !

  18. I hope the owner would make Noorung's house a little bigger. They hardly fit inside. Take care Noorung! You're a good mom.

  19. The whole time whenever it showed the puppies I said and thought OMG their so damn CUTE I want one and I was shaking my hands because of how damn cute they are

  20. Beautiful and dainty mom and the pups are too darn cute….. daddy dog good looking too‼️‼️ A handsome family and so glad they’re all being cared for‼️💯🐾🐾🐾💕💕💕😇😇😇

  21. "Tetris (Dog Version)"

    yes XD
    But more like Puppy version!
    What Noorung did for her puppies – putting their health before her own, is extremely nice and saddening. 😭

  22. Cette vidéo n est pas convaincante d une vie meilleure pour cette chienne et de ses chiots. A la fin on voit une petite niche au milieu de nulle part censé abriter 5 chiots ( qui grandissent très vite) et une misérable assiette devant. 😩😥😰

  23. Je ne suis pas contente car la dame a dit : je m'occuperai d'eux (les chiots) jusqu'à qu'ils soient adoptés ! Pourquoi les faire adopter et séparer les familles ! C'est pas juste ! L'être humain aime séparer les progénitures des animaux ! Ces animaux ont droit de vivre avec leur familles !

    SubhannaAllah 💚

  24. I'm not happy because the lady said: I will take care of them (the puppies) until they are adopted! Why have them adopted and separate families! It's not fair ! Human beings love to separate the offspring from animals! These animals have the right to live with their families!

    SubhannaAllah 💚

  25. Hoooooi, que gran madre❗ Para que digan que los animales no tienen sentimientos ufff se me han caído las lagrimas que emoción yo me los fuera quedado [email protected] la mama y los bebes, que pena separarlos no?? eso es una gran familia💙💙💙
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    Enlace directo a descarga 💙💙💙



  26. What a great mommy she was 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️, she is much better than a lot of human moms who left their kids behind 😡😡😡!

  27. Uau ce tare m-am speriat pe cuvântul meu când iam văzut prinși în cușcă și puși în țarc am crezut că le veți face rău acestor căței

  28. i am Vietnamese
    I watch 2 clips that do not understand? Do not know what time did you get her children? Who understands please tell me to know! Thank you very much!

  29. Acredito em gente que faz o bem aos anjos peludos, pessoas como vocês tornam o mundo um lugar melhor.💯💯💯💯👍👍👍👍😘😘

  30. Pero ahora vivirá amarrada? No es justo deben de entrenará a que se quede ahí y además sufrirá cuando le quiten a sus hijos. Triste

  31. Great Mother Love. She is a strong dog even she was left by her owner, she stay strong & able to raise her puppies well. But, One Thing that I always NEVER agreed is why look for adoption, unless one could adopt the whole family. I never like to see those lovable dogs separated with their dad, mom or siblings. How the mother dog feel when one by one of her puppies are taken away. I feel SAD!

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