Adventure Time is Coming Back with Distant Lands

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  1. Don’t know how to feel about this…

    But I almost cried when you mentioned queer representation. It just feels so good to hear other people talk about things you think about a lot.

    So I hope this won’t fudge up my view of AT. Because, as you said, the ending was satisfying. And I came to terms with the series ending and all.
    It’s almost like ripping up a wound. Idk.

  2. I mean I have hope if it’s hbo, hbo is literally the top spending tv network plus they will have way more liberties on really expressing there art style

  3. Be happy and remember how better our world is with this cartoon.. I trust HBO to ensure the show's artistic integrity far more than with those chicken hawks at CN. Don't be concerned with the team..remember the last episode they aired for minecraft. They were done but they weren't going to miss the opportunity to make one more show. Mr. Ward made the door and was able to trust so much to others to be a part of what was within .. truly precious.

  4. I don't know if I'm just jaded or what but im hesitant about this. In an era where shows and movies are being constantly rebooted/continued by a third party platform, it just doesn't sit well with me.

  5. Hey man, you said your depression has been in force recently, you got people you can talk to? Otherwise, you're more than welcome to talk to me if you'd like, I may not know exactly how you're feeling, but I may get it. Up to you, but just reply if you want

  6. hello! I watched videos of yours from years ago (of adventure time) about a year ago and it’s nice hearing your voice actually being the same (weird I know) and you talking about adventure time in present haha

  7. Feel the same, i never expected to go back to oo, to see a doorway there so soon is weird, i hope they dont mess it up

  8. What if since Finn knows so much about ooo the humans make him like a de facto king and that why he separated from jake cause he was to busy running the new human kingdom

  9. Okay, it's odd, but I'm not really considering this "adventure time." Adventure time is the show, and the stuff that came around it (comics, books?, Distant Lands) are another thing that comves hand-in-hand with it. To me, the ending of the show was the ending. This is a cut-away panel, and I'm intrigued by it. But it doesn't hold power over the show itself. If that makes any sense.

  10. yes for sure, i agree kids need to see gay relationships in a cartoon. the lgbtq community has proven themselves to be among some of the most intelligent human beings in existence LOL

  11. Its so cool how you talk openly about your mental health. I cant wait for the day when someone mentioning their mental health feels as natural as someone mentioning their cold. God bless you!

  12. I'm not super looking forward to more adventure time. I've tried some of the post ending comics, and they're a little hammy. I'll a tlwast be a little optimistic though.

  13. One of my concerns is that they’ll kinda mess up the original animation style which I personally found was one of my favorite parts of the show. :/

  14. Should've waited for 3 more years to bring it back with distant lands so that way people will be more nostalgic thanbeing left confused with mixed feelings

  15. It's weird finding some kind of closure and then just having them back in your life and close to you again
    It's confusing
    (hahaha am I talking about Adventure Time or my relationship :P)

  16. The news are still a bit surreal for me so I can't be truly excited yet but I know that deep inside I am ☺️
    Thank you so much for your work 💙 I've only seen Adventure Time & Bojack Horseman of all the shows you make videos about but I still love & very much appreciate what I've seen of your content. Hope you get better- I know it's freaking hard but I also know that things can get better so I'm throwing some love & support at you 😄 I'm just making my way out of a huge down so to better times 🙌🏻

  17. I think most of us are saying … "Do not mock us with this." It is scary and at the same time exciting to hear the news.

  18. 100% agree with you about the need to represent queer relationships. Hope you start feeling better soon dude 🌈❤️🎃

  19. Please take your time making these, we love them but love the maker behind them more, if you need a mental health break then there’s no right way any of us can judge you! If ya struggling mentally take some time for yourself, there’s nothing we as your community would love more than to see you happy and progressing! Great video btw <3

  20. If his arm is replaced by a metal one, it probably has like a sleeve type thing covering most his nub. If you could see his nub, what's holding his arm on? The works for the grass sword, that's part of Finn and is attached inside

  21. I've found the mini-series of Adventure time to be the weakest in terms of Story-telling. Elements being the best one.
    I'm not enthusiastic, but I have my fingers crossed?
    I hope we get one more Fionna and cake episode. With Marshall lee.

  22. I think that floating character might be that weird bunny character that took on the Fiona persona and met Ice King and what not.


  24. Has Pendleton Ward been confirmed for this? Adam Muto is cool, but Pendleton seems like he's probably the heart of AT.

  25. I just wish that adventure time was on Netflix again with 9 or 10 Seasons and I wanted to come back soon next year for the 10th anniversary in April 5th and the movie should be 2 hours long with finn and jake and finn is going to have a newest voice for the movie by a brand new kid actor but he might have to be 17 born in 2002 and something amazing is going to happened.

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