Aerial Property Photography – Using Drones & UAV For Architectural Photography & Real Estate

Hello, my name is Ben Lovegrove and in this
video I’m going to be talking about Aerial Property Photography and how drones can be
used to showcase houses. When it comes to selling houses it must surely
be a complete no-brainer if you have the option of using drone videography and imagery. Aerial
property photography now replaces those few snaps taken in the driveway and the back garden.
You can now showcase a property with an aerial video that takes you on a guided tour both
inside and out. Location, Location, Location Aerial videos and images of properties are
a boon to buyers who need to know what is adjacent to and close by the property as well
as what lies within its boundaries. Little is left hidden when you have a view from 350ft.
You can spot a nearby scrap yard or pig farm that the estate agent conveniently forgot
to mention. Drones used for property photography really
come into their own when there are larger areas to cover, particularly if it’s not
a garden but open land. It may be impractical to cover the area on foot and yet the buyer
would like to inspect what’s over the hedge or across the stream. Aerial photos provide clarity. The photo can
be edited to show the boundaries of the property so that it matches the plot plan. This creates
an at-a-glance image that removes any doubt and creates some reassurance for the buyer. Showing property at its best Everything takes on a different look when
seen from the air. The aerial view can enhance an otherwise nondescript property and reveal
it to be an overlooked gem. Properties that seem all too familiar from the ground are
suddenly seen afresh. Drones can also be used to create smooth flowing
tours around the interior of a property. The footage can be combined with any taken using
hand held gimbal equipped cameras to produce short films which are a pleasure to watch
in themselves. Season and Weather As with all filming but even more so with
property photography, weather, season, time of day, and position of the sun are going
to be a factor. If you want to make a point of showing the viewer a certain part of the
property (because it’s the main feature or a great selling point) then will all those
preceding factors be optimal for the shot? Will the sun be in the drone camera lens just
as you pan around to that side of the building? Golden Hours The golden hours (an hour after sunrise, an
hour before sunset) can be used to great effect for property photography. The loss of daylight
in the winter months mean there are fewer opportunities for filming but there are some
advantages. Think of those frosty mornings when the air
is still and the sky is clear. Capture your property when the shadows are still long and
as you fly your drone over it pull back over the top to reveal it in all its glory. The
contrast of the still frosty ground in the shade against the sunlit areas that are frost
free can produce a dramatic effect. Aerial Property Photography – with VR? It can only be a matter of time before a prospective
buyer will be able to inspect the inside of the property using a virtual reality tour.
You’ll be able to sit at home or in the office and walk from virtual room to virtual
room. You can then enjoy an aerial video that shows the exterior and the location in equal
detail. DIY Aerial Property Photography Perhaps you’re a home owner who just wants
to create an aerial video of the property for the family archive. All you’ll need
is one of the latest camera equipped UAVs like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro though of course
plenty of other makes and models are available. With careful and gradual practice you’ll
be able to achieve the desired result and impress your family and friends with your
footage. Just be sure to abide by the rules and regulations
for drone use in the UK or your home country. Thanks for watching. Please give this video
a like, post a comment, ask a question, or give some feedback. Please share this video
with anyone you think would be interested.

2 Replies to “Aerial Property Photography – Using Drones & UAV For Architectural Photography & Real Estate

  1. Top 3 Drones you recommend for quality Real Estate/Aerial photography. Any ones less expensive than the P4P and Inspire 2?

    Thanks, Greg

  2. Great video but just like every other video I've seen.. there is no mention of rules, regulations other than to follow them.. and how or if ATC notification was needed given for flying in populated areas.. and what about the other houses captured in the images.. was consent given to film they're property as well? How do you get past all the red tape?

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