AirBnB Property Manager Sues Real Estate Industry

My name is Sally Ladd, I’m a property
manager. The name of my company is Pocono
Mountain Vacation Properties, and I facilitate the rental of vacation
rental properties for homeowners. By listing properties online, by collecting rents, taking bookings, as well as coordinating
cleaning and maintenance services. I’m not a real estate broker, and the reason why I’m not a real estate broker is because I never had an interest in
buying or selling houses. My interest was always in managing
vacation rental properties. The officer I spoke with explained to me that I was violating real estate commission laws and I hung up from that call, and almost couldn’t breathe. I really didn’t understand how it could be that, little old me, managing five properties, had incurred the wrath of the state. I find it absurd that, in order to keep
running my own business the state of Pennsylvania is requiring me to open my own office in Pennsylvania, pass two exams, and spend three years working for an established broker. I was really hoping to carry this business
forward into my golden years, and supplement my other income with the rental revenue that I was able to bring in. I really am best working as my own boss. This work makes me happy, and I think by extension it makes my clients and my renters happy.

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  1. Welcome to doing business with the state of Pennsylvania. We moved here 17 years ago and have seen firsthand in a couple of different industries how ridiculous and cumbersome the laws are. Funny thing is, you can't go to a convenience store and buy a 6 pack of beer. You can get it at a restaurant in 6 packs at incredibly high prices. If you want to "test drive" a new beer on the market and it's not at a restaurant but it is at the licensed beer store (yep, license to sell beer is like gold around here because if you have one, they will watch your ass and not give a license to the new eatery next door)……sorry, forgot where I was- trying a new beer, you can get it at the beer store by the CASE. Don't like it and can't find a buyer for the other 23- pour it down the sink. The government has their fingers in everything. If they think they could get a dime from you they'd probably show up at your funeral to stake their claim. Good luck. My advice would be go to another state.

  2. What can the State of Pennsylvania do to her for unlicensed activity that isn't buying and selling real estate? She's remotely managing a hotel not "real estate".

  3. like it or not, she is acting as a Realtor. welcome to the real world. Renting, showing properties is practicing real estate.

  4. I'm a RE agent and I cannot speak for PA b/c I'm not there, however where I live to do what she does, a Property Mgt license is required. The test is not as intense nor as long as getting a RE license, nor are you required to work alongside a broker for a number of years. There are many brokers who will not hire agents in the PM field due to liability (& of course competition), but I've come across some who don't mind.

  5. I think the USA gov going to go broke shutting down legit businesses and getting sued…oh wait the gov is already broke.

  6. Could you do this, not with a license,  but as you as the manager,  if you managed under 4 properties? Or what about you leasing the properties with an option to purchase?  Another way maybe your owners would let you lease the properties with sublet rights? With the State's approval of course.   I have read about these ways of doing  business like this. Blessings

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  8. What is the problem with property managers having government oversight? That prevents slum lords, scam artists renting property they do not own, and a lot of scams that cheat the public. Requiring a license to manage real Estate is common in most states. She is mad that she has to take a course to insure she works within the law? Try living where there is no law. LOL Scams and ripoffs abound. And yes, it is always very sad when you GET CAUGHT breaking the law.

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