ALIENS Land in our BACKYARD !!!

(playful tones) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy. – [Lucy] This video is
sponsored by Distroller. (upbeat music) – Can you see any planets tonight, Maya? – Yeah, I can just see Venus. Here, you take a look. – You’re right, that’s definitely it. (eerie music) Whoa, what’s that purple light in the sky? – Holy moly, I have no idea. (gasps) – And it just dropped
like, in our backyard! – Was it a shooting star? – When’s the last time we
seen a purple shooting star? – You don’t suppose– – That it was a UFO? – What else could it have been? – We better go tell mom. Mom, mom, you won’t
believe what we just saw. – Oh, really, what is it? – We just saw a UFO and it
crash landed in our yard. – Now, girls, that’s just silly. There’s got to be a logical
explanation for what you saw. – That’s why we have to investigate. We have to get flashlights, head outside, and see exactly what happened. – That’s right, there
could be a mysterious being from another planet in our backyard. (chuckles) – You two have the best imaginations, but you know what, it is nine o’clock, which means you guys should be in bed. You can play outside tomorrow. – Okay.
– Okay. (chuckles) – What wild imaginations. – Do you really think we’ll
find something in our backyard, like a spaceship or a new life form? – I’m not sure, but there’s a good chance. The light seemed to land
right in our backyard. – Well, there’s only one way to find out, let’s go investigate. (bouncy music) – Um, what happened to our backyard? – It’s a corn maze. This wasn’t here
yesterday, what’s going on? – I don’t know, but I
think we’ll find the answer somewhere in the middle of this thing. Let’s go. (upbeat music) This is just so bizarre. – I know, so strange. – Do you think we’ll
find something inside? – I don’t see why not. Which way do we go now? – How about that way? (gasps) – Do you see something? – Yes, what is that? Whoa! They’re adorable creatures
from another planet. – It says right here, these
babies are not of this Earth. – Mikro Nerlitos, why are they here? And how do we care for them? – Wow, there’s lots of
information on the back on how to care for them. Check it out, Addy. – But they’re from outside of this world, I think we need a doctor’s help. After all, we wanna make sure
we take care of them properly. – I know, let’s take
them to the toy doctor. – Great idea, Maya. (upbeat music) (toy buzzing) – Okay, Itsy Bitsy, it’s just about time to release you from the micro incubator. Here you come. Oh, wow. Aren’t you just precious? You’re my sweet little
art-loving Mikro Nerlito. Get you all cleaned off. – Toy doc, toy doc, we need your help! – Wait a minute, you
have Mikro Nerlitos, too? – Well, hello girls. Yes, these Neonate Babies were just found in a local corn maze. Which is stunning because they’re from the southern meridian,
just north of Nanotopia. – Um, I’m not sure what any of that means. – Can you help us care for them? – Why, absolutely. I was just able to release Itsy Bitsy here from her micro incubator. – She’s adorable. – Simply precious. – And I have Tiny and Nano here, who are just about ready to come out of their incubator, too. – How fun, can we take ours out, too? – Oh, no, no, no, you mustn’t do that. – Why not? – You can’t take them out
of their micro incubators until their hearts are fully grown. – Oh, that makes sense, I suppose. – Yeah, it even says so right here. – Tell you what, I’ll
help you get started, let’s get them out of the packaging first. You rest right here Itsy Bitsy. (upbeat music) – Oh, these girls sure do know how to make a mess of their rooms. Okay. Now the floors are picked up, it’s time to vacuum. (vacuum whirring) Hmm, I think I need some
more light in here first. What in the world? Is that a corn maze in our backyard? (upbeat music) – Addy, this is Teeny, and
I’ll have you care for her. – Aw. – And Maya, this cutie patootie is Mini, I’ll put you in charge of her well being. – Love her. – So are you girls up for the challenge? – Absolutely!
– Absolutely! – Perfect. Now first thing’s first, we need to start your
baby’s heart development with the micro aquatic
personality activator. – That sounds so scientific. – Well, it is. Basically, these are your baby’s hearts, inside of their heart
incubation bracelets. – Wow, their hearts are so teeny tiny. – Now, you’ll each use one of these micro aquatic personality
activators to fill the chamber and get your baby’s heart growing. – Okay, let’s give it a try. – [Doctor] Fill it up right there. – Wow, it’s filling. – [Maya] Just about done. – And now that the chamber’s full, insert the galactic star plug. – [Addy] Mine’s full, too, now. – Now, you’ll each have to wear your heart incubation
bracelet for three days so that the heart can fully develop and adjust to the Earth’s atmosphere. – Three days, okay, we can do that. – In the meantime, that
personality activator’s going to be working double time. – What do you mean by that? – As its heart grows, you have to be thinking
about the personality traits you want your Mikro Nerlitos to have. – Aw, I want Mini to
like music just like me. – And I hope Teeny is adventurous and outdoorsy, just like me. – And I think the two of them
will be BFFs, just like us. – I bet you’re right. Now, I’ll have you leave Teeny and Mini in my office
for the next few days so I can closely monitor them. – Okay, we’ll miss them, though. – Well, in three days when their hearts are fully grown, like Tony and Nano’s almost are, come right back here and I’ll help you get your
Mikro Nerlitos hearts beating. – Can’t wait!
– Can’t Wait! See you later, Mikro Nerlitos. – Okay, Tiny and Nano, it’s your turn. (mysterious music) – This just doesn’t make any sense. How can a giant corn maze pop up in my backyard out of nowhere? Where do I go? Could the girls really have seen a UFO outside their bedroom window last night? Maybe some out of this
world creature created this. That’s just ridiculous. Absolute nonsense. Right? (lighthearted music) – I love this rainbow, Addy. Can you make me a sword, too? – Oh, easy peasy. Let me just blow this up and I’ll have it in no time. – Then maybe you can make a puppy. – Sure thing, Maya. Here’s your sword. – Awesome! Oh, wow, check out my
heart incubation bracelet. The heart has grown so much bigger. – You’re right! And so has mine. I don’t think they could
possibly grow any larger. – It’s been three days. Should we head back to Toy Doctor? – Yes, so we can finally
meet our Neonate Babies! – But let’s tell mom
we’re heading out first. – Hey, speaking of mom, I haven’t really seen
her lately, have you? – Come to think of it, no. (mysterious music) – How do I get out of here? Oh, I don’t think I’ve tried this way yet. (groans) Another dead end? How long have I been in here? I think I’m starting to get delirious. (upbeat music) – Yep, I’d say those
hearts are fully grown. Good work, girls. – Yay!
– Yay! – That means it’s time to get your Mikro Nerlito’s heart beating. And to do that, you’ll
have to remove the chamber from the heart incubation bracelet. – No problem.
– No problem. – Almost got it. – Oh look, we can still use
these as bracelets, Maya. – Yeah, my bracelet has
a picture of Mini on it. – And notice, there’s an
important promise on your bracelet that you two must take. – Oh, yeah, I promise to
take care of my Mikro Nerlito for ever and ever. – And as long as you girls are
up for keeping that promise, we’ll go ahead and take your hearts and place them into the micro chambers. – Ooh, I’ll go first. Here’s your heart, Teeny. – Carefully place it right
inside the base, Addy. – Okay. (toy buzzing) Wow, what are all those sounds? – They’re totally normal, it means your baby’s
heart has started beating. – Incredible. – Now, in just a minute, we’ll carefully remove her
from the micro incubator and she’ll be ready to
receive lots of love from you. – Is it time? – It sure is. – Oh, sweet baby girl, I love you already. – Here, let me help you clean her. Here you go, Addy. She’s just precious. – [Addy] And check out her hair and her adorable eyes. – Aw, I want to meet Mini now, I just can’t wait any longer. – Okay, Maya, put her heart
in the micro incubator. – Okay, here it goes. So cute! (toy buzzing) – Listen, Mini’s heart is beating, too. – Sure is, and this heartbeat is definitely out of this world. – You can say that again. – She’s ready to come out. – Okay, be very careful and gentle, Maya. These Mikro Nerlitos are born early and they’re so teeny tiny. – Sure thing. – Whoa, she’s really slimy. – Here, Maya, we’ll use this
blanket to help clean her off. – Aw, welcome to our family Mini. – She’s simply adorable. – Thank you. – And I’d like you to meet Nano and Tiny. – Aw.
– Aw. – They were born just yesterday. – We have a whole family of Neonate Babies to love and care for now. – We sure do. – Hey, speaking of family, we better get home and
figure out where mom is. (mysterious music) – Water. I need water, oh, and food, too. Can I eat this corn? Oh, how delicious a big slice
of pepperoni pizza sounds. Or tacos, tacos sound so good. Oh, what I’d give for tacos right now. What’s that strange purple light up there. Are you bringing me tacos? (whirring) This video was sponsored by Distroller. (whirring) (chimes ringing)

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