Am I Too Young To Invest In Real Estate?

How young is too young when it comes to
actually investing in real estate and buying property? You know I get this
question probably more than any other question that I got online and entire
channel. This people always want to know, “When can I start investing?” I mean a lot
of you know that I actually starred in the game of real estate when I was super
young. As in like… I was 23 when I bought my first house. I started working for and
saving one is 22. And I got a group of guys here from YouTube that are all
asking the question. And so we put them together so that we can actually answer
“When can you actually start investing in real estate?” Come on in. Yes! What’s up? My real estate homies. Listen, thank you guys
about the way for coming into the office. Thank you for being here. Appreciate your
time. Purpose of this videos we really talking about real estate and age. Because
there’s a lot of people out there like, “I’m too young. I’m, too young. I’m too young.” then we got other end of the spectrum that’s like, “I’m too old, I’m too old, I’m too old.” That’s just like, “Geez! You have got excuse for everything.” But the younger
thing is such a popular excuse that really… Because
people will often watch me and they’re like, “Well, dude. Kris, you’re an anomaly.” Right?
“You’re 23 years old. You did something weird. You build your wealth when you’re in
college.” You know, “When everyone else was focusing over education.” Listen. I’ve got
my degree, I got married, I got my honey and I got my MBA. My massive bank account.
AKA real estate. So, reality is age doesn’t matter that much. I think
maturity is all together something important that should be considered. But
I called you here because you represent young 20s to the 30s started the game
real estate. And I want them to know that there are
people out there that are actually doing this impression in real estate. First of all, how you guys buy your real estate? Cole, let’s start with you. You’re
our youngest one. How old are you? -I’m 22 years old. -Your freaking younger than me when I bought
my first house. You kidding me? How cool is that? It’s like one of
my goals. 22 and how did you get that first home? -It was through my brother-in-law
sister. Bring him on here partnering with you. And on getting my first personal deal
here in the next week. -Guys. I have a ton of young people that basically say, “I’m
too young.” And I basically said “Fine. Then I’ll partner with you when you don’t
need money on credit.” So, you’re going to hear that a little bit here. They’re… All
their stories are different, unique. You know, but for Cole here, he basically said,
“Hey, I got no money on me. But you know what I have? I have relationship power. So we introduce some people chose to partner with me in my nationwide investing program here in America. People follow the rule. They’re doing that. Because your family got involved they’ve now have how many homes? -Four. -They’ve bought freaking 4 homes. And you’re a part of on all them? -All four of them. -You’re equal owners with them? -Yes sir. -How do you feel about that? -I feel great. -So you’re pumped? Now, here’s the cool part. Because Cole has now bought these 4 homes, confidence, is it up or down? -Way up. -it’s way up and you’ve now been saving for the last 9 months. And you have money to actually put money down in your own deal. -Yeah. -Dude, you’re pumped up! Dude, the kid started with nothing. Exited the construction industry. I was there when he burned his hat basically said, “I’m changing my flag. I change my colors.
We’re going to…” He’s got $30,000 those bank account. 22 getting ready to
buy a property for him. Now, dude. That is awesome. So by the way, if you’re young and you’re 22, let me ask you. If you have my mentorship two years ago,
you think you could do this? -Absolutely. -Okay. So, by the way, he is 22 saying, “You could do
this even younger.” Guys, in truth we have teenagers. Teenagers that are out there in
the real estate. Let’s kind of work it out. So, Jim. Tell us a little about your story.
-Yeah. I’m 24 years old. Mine is a little different than Cole because I am social media to find my
first partners. And I was able to do my first deal at 23. No credit, no money. And
actually before my own personal residence that I am at the beginning this next
year. And you know, I didn’t have to do
anything except for make the right connection between people who did have
money that wasn’t working for them and individual that has years of experience.
-Now pause. Look at how freaking backward this is.
Neither of them have bought homes for themselves. They’re too busy freaking
investing and building and getting ahead. That is super awesome. That’s incredible. So, by
the way, are you continuing to now let people on social media know what you’re up to so you can find more partners? -Absolutely. Everyday I make a point to get out there and share
this incredible wealth-building tool that I learned to be real estate. -So,
you pretty goal oriented. I’m just curious. Do you have a goal for your future like,
“when I was thirty years old I want to own X number of houses.” -Yeah. -What’s your goal? -So,
whether it’s through all single-family homes or through doing multi-family
as well. I need 167( basically) properties cashing 500 bucks per month to
make a million per year. That’s my goal. -Alright. Dude, focus; knows those numbers; knows what he’s after. And dude is on his way. Congratulations. Dude, Carson. So, Carson
is actually a really important member of our team. We’re shooting this video i’m like,
“Dude, everyone here is freaking younger than
me.” So Carson is executive director dude. You started out and film and then
you’re like, “Let’s go out here and then bought real estate.” Tell me about it. -So yeah. We’re following your path by
primary residence. So, you’ll have to put 5% down. And then you’re renting out the basement. And having someone else subsidize your mortgage like the enough that we’re able to save to jump in to our next home is just incredible. -Awesome.
What’s it been like feeling like you really doing something to get ahead. And
my second question is, do you feel like you’re being smarter than a
lot of your age? -Yes. Absolutely. I have of course have a really great job. In fact, I’ve got enough job where like probably I’ll probably rely on it to build wealth over the years. I’ve got this like this ace in my back pocket where we’re planning I’m doing this again. And as soon as we find our next house we’re looking right
now, it will have 3 rental properties. Because we’ll do it again. I’ll have a
living room at the top rent out the basement. One of 3 doors. And actually
you know covering all of our mortgage. Then the expense is just gone. -Now, how old are you when you bought your first house? -I was
thirty. -Do you feel late to the game? early to the game? -I feel late to the game
in terms that I know a lot of people that have bought houses. I feel ahead of the
game because actually all my friends look at what I’m doing. And they’re like “Oh, man. My mortgage is 2 grand a month. I wish I was doing what you were doing.” I’m like, “Well, you can do it.” And they’re like, “No.” -Dude. So, here’s kind of a cool thing here is I think it’s so important for
people to walk away and know you’re never too late to the party. You know the
reality is we all get at some point in our life some type of financial waking
that says, “I need to actually have a strategy, the system or a philosophy.” Because society they’ve given me a default one. And at some point you wake up and say, “Smells like manure. This things smells. This stinks. Why am i doing this?” Right?
And so, that’s awesome. It’s very clear that you have a very solid game plan.
Awesome brother. Okay. So, Chris. Tell us a little bit about your situation. -So, I’m 35 now. And I am on year 9 of my real estate journey. -Year nine? You’ve been…
-So, I’ve been doing this for 9 years. And I belong to the old school.
Me and my wife got married, we knew that I have decent jobs, she has a decent job. We
knew we had income coming in. Wasn’t a ton of time not it goes against me. But we knew we
needed to build something for our future. Because I don’t about the rest of you guys. But I don’t have faith in the system’s society or the government or whatever has created. -Is that what you wearing black,brother? Is that what that resembles? It’s like…. I’m going to do it my self! -I Trust my self more than Uncle Sam. -I think that’s really smart. I think you
might have… Like I love that confidence. And you’ve been under path for
9 years. So, what’s that look like? -Oh, it’s been beautiful. So, when me and my wife first got married. Before started having kids, we made a decision as a couple
the real estate investing was going to be our way of guaranteeing in the future.
So, I was working full-time. I was paying the bills. But she was also working
part-time. We decided to save every penny she made towards the downpayment on our first investment property. And took us… We did deals old fashion way. You guys taking shortcuts. But looking back, like literally
yesterday, I filled out the closing docs of property in Florida that I’m selling
that I had for five and a half years now. We’re going to walk it with a pretty
penny towards reinvesting. So, I’ve seen kind of the midway point of the journey where… They’re rolling over and my cash-cows are having baby cows. We’re going to do raising a whole herd. -I know something a little bit about this. Because I remember You told me something. You bought several properties. But on this one in Florida, how much money did you put up? -Zero. -So, you have put no money. See, you are partnering like them. There’s different versions of
partnering for this whole system like, if you’re not a subscriber, you should fix
that right now. Because this isn’t just about educating you on real estate. This
is showing you shortcuts that you can’t find anywhere else. You guys, it was… You
didn’t have that money in play. Sure, Chris you start the way I did. You saved up your money just like you did, Carson to actually get somewhere. But what you’ve done is
you create some hybrid action there and you brought some other people. And after you
show them your track record, they’re not putting up money. You’re doing deals. What does it feel like when you get that check and you know that you didn’t put money in but you helped make it happen. How’s that going to feel when you get that check? -Honestly, if feels amazing. Because you’re… You know that… Everything that I personally can. Because I believe that moving myself forward. And what… by making deals by finding people who wants solutions I can provide. And making a win-win for both of us. For me, getting a… Probably going to be a 5-digit paycheck to having put a single dollar down. -That’s called infinitive ROI. -You could see he was able to divert some of his assets that were earning jack and an IRA. -What jack? What’s that mean? -Jack. It’s a… -But he was able to position that into a
place where is earning more than 4 times than he was getting to all investments. With
painting my portion. So these come out ahead. I’m coming out in ahead. His wife is the happiest person there because she’s seen
there and as they actually do something. So, everybody is happy. -Dude, that’s fantastic. So, in a moment I want to come to see real quick if you have 10 seconds, what’s your last bit of
advice you give to the young people? I want you to know this. If you’re watching
this because you’re just doubting whether you’re old enough to actually do
this. At some point, you have to grow up and choose what kind of woman, what kind of man that you want to become. You you have to decide what destiny you want manifest. Society, they’ve got a crappy destiny lined up for you. Most careers have a
really sucky destiny at the end of the room. They’re going to give you a really
nice watch and say, “Thank you for giving me all of your best working years and I’m
sorry leaving you with not enough. I wish you have been smarter.” The purpose of this video is to say, “Be smart now.” If you’re wondering whether you’re too young,
you’re probably in the perfect age to actually get ahead of the game. And it’s not a
function of how much money you have or how many credit is. It’s about how
resourceful you are. More resourceful you are, you can rise up and make things happen.
If you don’t know what that means, all of you guys have been to the events
that we put on here on a quarterly basis here on our event center. We show people how
do you source one of find ways what it looks like they’re really are learning. So,
for anyone watching this that’s wondering, “Am I too young?”
What advice would you give them? Who want’s to go first?
-I love to. I would say you’re never too young to get started with a mentor.
The wheel has been invented. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Go with someone who’s
already done it and get started on your track to success today. -Awesome. Thank you.
-In all honesty just decide that you’re going to do something. Because it’s
something you teach us all the time. The how it’s going to come to you if you just
decide that you’re going to be something. And you’re going to make it happen. -I love this by
the way. He says that if you know, if you make the decision that I’m starting, I’m
doing it, I’m in. The only then will that how manifest. Most people like, “I’ll do it only when if it makes sense. And I know everything under the sun.
I have no answered questions online.” You’ll be dead. You’ll be dead 10 times over. So, fantastic advice.
Carson? -The page is not the element that really matters. Proximity is. It’s
who you’re surrounded with. That’s how you get resourceful. Like you said, it’s a
relationship capital not your age that was going to make a difference. When I did
my deal I auto a compile with Bennet. Our
acquisitions team. Brenda Grange was my realtor. On our acquisitions team. Dustin
Rings help me get the loan. He was just down the hall from us in our office. And
then you as my employer helped me make it all happen. I mean everybody was right there.
It was literal proximity to make that deal happen. And honestly, it’s like best thing ever happened. -So, you’re
basically saying make sure you’re really careful who you associated with. And they
get super intentional about associating with people that can’t elevate you.
-Real estate is not about home. It’s about people. -Love it. Perfect. Chris. What kind of a final advice? -I
could react to that with entire diffrent spin. Real estate is people. 10% of it’s
going to be about mechanical. What does the company with look like. What’s the
criteria. That’s like 10%. 90% is all you. Are you ready to take that step? Are
you ready? Are you disciplined? Do you have a strategy for you in place? I will tell you, I worked with hundreds of investors over the last 9 years. Those who
succeeded have mastered the game of
themselves first. And that lead to master the basics. -So, guys. Check it out. You’ve heard it from these amazing
individuals. I’m not the only one. And by the way, there’s countless that you also
out there. Comment below. And if you’d like this video and if you’re making the
decision that “You know what? Regardless of age, I’m committed. I’m getting start at this
time.” I want you to smash that like button. It tells the YouTube algorithm
that this is worthy for them to show with other people. I have a goal of hitting 10
million subscribers and helping what I hope will it be hundreds of millions of
people find financial confidence to start controlling and managing their own
financial destiny. I want to thank you guys would be here today. And for you watching
this, final bit of advice: At the bottom of this video, I’ve actually linked
another video that if you like this, you’re going to love this next one. I
actually share the 4 things that I did by the age of 26 to buy 25 homes.
That led to my personal financial freedom. I’m telling you right now, if
you’re looking for that in your life, you’re going to find it on that next video.
So, click that in the description below popping up right over here.
And we’ll look forward empowering you with the exact how to to start making
that wealth happen right now.

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