Angry Pizza Owner Prank Call – OwnagePranks

*Ringing* Can I help you? Yes, hello. Um, is my pizza ready by any chance? What you say? Is my pizza ready? I ordered the, uh, extra cheese…and, uh, pineapple… Yeah, it’s ready. Look, sir, I’m not able to come in and get those today, I’m sorry. You are great motherfucker, you know that. Son of bitch. Okay? Ex- You bring your sister, I fuck your sister with hah, you know, the donkeys? Yeah, you know, the donkey things? You push me, you motherfucker? *adjusting phone* You are one motherfucker, okay? Listen- You are big motherfucker, okay? You are the, hah…you know that… You’re not in your mommy’s 5, 6 people every night pudding, okay? lolwut You…motherfucker… Ha…listen… *ringing* What happen, motherfucker? What happened, you… – WHY YOU LYING, SON OF BITCH?!
– I-I’m, I’m coming… OKAY YOU COME HERE, I FUCK YOU, OKAY. COME HERE. I WANT TO YOU COME HERE. I WANT TO YOU COME HERE, SON OF BITCH. I’m gonna pay for it, I’m p- *laughing* Listen, motherfucker… Yeah? Okay, he’s get your number…okay? He did? Otherwise you- No no no, please my friend…my friend, please don’t. I’m so sorry, please don’t. Alright actually, he’s already… Tag your phone, receive call. Otherwise, you call again… – I’ll fuck you and he’ll fuck you, okay?
– L-L-Look, I, listen… – Listen, listen…
– WHY YOU KEEP CALLING MOTHERFUCKER WITH A… I’m sorry. WHY AM SORRY? FUCK YOUR MOTHER. FUCK YOUR SISTER, FUCK YOUR…YOUR, UH, WHOLE FAMILY, OKAY? Listen… Bring in the…bring in the…do it okay? Do eet! Do eet, okay? Do eet! Listen, I am sorry. Listen, I am going to call everyday, order pizza, Maria. Don’t talk to me like that, or- Okay, WRITE THIS, MOTHERFUCKER. What do- SON BITCH, OKAY? Listen dood, dooooon’t… OKAY, YOU ARE A BIG MOTHERFUCKER CALLING EVERY DAY HERE, OKAY? SON OF BITCH? Listen, you are- You are big ugly. You know that? You- Yes, OKAY. SORRY, YOU ARE THE BIG MOTHERFUCKER, OKAY? You are a big Maria. And don’t talk to me like that. I will order pizza everyday, don’t talk to me like that, mother bitch. You put fly in my food, that’s why I call everyday.

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