Annabelle Comes Home CONJURING UNIVERSE Timeline Explained

The creepy porcelain doll Annabelle is unleashed
again with a fresh set of spine-chilling demons in Annabelle Comes Home. It’s the third Annabelle movie and is actually
both a sequel and a prequel, and with Annabelle having appeared in six out seven of the Conjuring
Universe’s movies so far, things are getting pretty complicated for the demonic doll’s
timeline. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in
this video I’m explaining the full chronological timeline for Annabelle in the Conjuring movie
franchise. Plus I’ll be discussing how the new movie
reveals a surprising connection to the Conjuring’s other big bad, the demon nun Valak. Spoilers ahead for Annabelle’s appearances
in the Conjuring Universe movies. The timeline for Annabelle begins with Annabelle:
Creation which establishes the origins of the demonic doll within the Conjuring universe. The movie begins in 1946 with doll maker Samuel
Mullins finishing his work on an exclusive set of a hundred porcelain dolls. One day as the family returns from church,
their car breaks down and, while Samuel is fixing it, the Mullins’ daughter Annabelle,
also known as “Bee”, is tragically killed by a speeding car. You’re going to want to remember Bee, because
she reappears many years later in Annabelle Comes Home. “Can I play with Annabelle? I think you have the wrong house, there’s
no Annabelle here. Yes she is.” After their daughter’s death, the Mullins
are so devastated that they pray for a way to see Bee again. They’re contacted by a malevolent demon masquerading
as the spirit of their dead daughter who asks for permission to move into one of Samuel’s
porcelain dolls. A manifestation of Bee returns to the Mullins
household. However, when Esther realises it’s not really
her daughter, the demon attacks her in an attempt to take possession of her soul. The church steps in and manages to contain
the evil spirit in the doll. The doll is then sealed in Bee’s closet which
is lined with pages from the holy Bible and blessed by a priest for safety. This keeps the demon locked away until 1958
when the Mullins take Sister Charlotte and a group of orphans in to their home. One of the orphans, Janice, is mysteriously
lured into Bee’s old bedroom where she finds a key that opens Bee’s closet. This releases the spirit of the Annabelle
demon which terrorises Janice and the other girls over the following nights. By the way, similar events occur many years
later in Annabelle Comes Home when another girl breaks the house rules, at the Warrens’
this time, when she finds a key and accidentally releases the demon doll from the box which
is keeping her contained. Once Annabelle is unleashed in Annabelle:
Creation, we start to see her true demonic form as the demon attempts to take Janice’s
soul. “Will you help me? What do you need? Your soul!” Janice escapes this encounter, but is disabled
further. And days later when she’s taken outside, Annabelle
seems to summon another evil spirit of a nun this time who pushes Janice into a barn so
that the demon in the form of Bee can attack the young girl. Bee vomits into Janice’s mouth, now possessing
her. The entity that helped Annabelle could very
well be the Conjuring’s famous nun, Valak, who starred in her own spin-off The Nun. Annabelle’s ability to call on other evil
spirits is revealed by Lorraine Warren in Annabelle Comes Home. “It’s the doll Ed, it’s a beacon for other
spirits.” The Annabelle demon, who’s now inside Janice,
begins a murderous rampage starting by killing Samuel Mullins. And when Janice’s friend realises what’s going
on, she’s tries to destroy the doll by throwing it down the well. This fails, with the doll reappearing moments
later inside the farmhouse and it’s the first chronological example in the Conjuring Universe
of how it seems to be almost impossible to destroy the doll once it’s controlled by the
demon. In later films, Annabelle is dumped numerous
times in the trash, only to reappear later back inside the building. In both The Conjuring and Annabelle Comes
Home, the Warrens explain that trying to destroy the Annabelle doll “only makes things worse”
and that “the genie is better kept in the bottle”. The only way to stop the Annabelle demon is
to contain it again. In Annabelle: Creation, this only happens
when Sister Charlotte manages to shove Janice and the Annabelle doll into Bee’s old closet,
jamming it shut. It’s only a temporary measure though and when
the police come to investigate, they discover that Janice has dug her way out through a
closet wall and escaped, leaving behind only the porcelain doll which is taken away by
the police. Janice ends up at another orphanage, and when
the Higgins family arrive to adopt her, she reveals she now goes by the name of the demon
that’s secretly hiding inside her. “I want to introduce you to Mr and Mrs Higgins. “And you must be…” “Annabelle.” “Annabelle. What a lovely name.” Over the next 12 years, Annabelle Higgins,
aka Janice, grows up and joins a cult called the Disciples of the Ram. The Annabelle doll then reappears in 1970
when John Form gives his wife Mia the doll to add to her collection. That same year, an adult Annabelle Higgins
returns to the home of her adoptive parents and, together with her boyfriend, brutally
kills them. The crazed pair then break into Mia and John’s
house next door, where Annabelle discovers Mia’s doll collection. The possessed Annabelle Higgins tells Mia
“I like your dolls.” Which is echoed eerily later in Annabelle
Comes Home by the bloodied woman who suddenly appears to Lorraine inside the Warren’s car
“I like your doll.” During the Form’s home invasion, Annabelle
kills herself while holding the porcelain doll and a trickle of her blood runs into
the doll’s eye. This transfers the demon out of Annabelle’s
human body back into the doll where it will next begin to terrorise the Form family. After continued attacks by the doll, Mia and
John contact Father Perez who takes Annabelle away to his church where he hopes the sacred
place will weaken the demon. The doll is able to conjure the form of Annabelle
Higgins who attacks the priest, and the Annabelle doll ends up again in Mia’s apartment to demand
her soul in return for sparing her baby. To save Mia, her friend Evelyn sacrifices
her own soul by falling out of the window together with the Annabelle doll. Moments later the doll disappears, reappearing
six months later in a store where a mother buys it as a gift for her daughter, Debbie. This leads us into the prologue of The Conjuring
where Ed and Lorraine Warren investigate the Annabelle case for the very first time. Debbie and her roommates explain to the Warrens
that their porcelain doll has been mysteriously moving around the apartment. To try and figure out what was going on, the
young nurses took it to a medium and the Annabelle demon then tricked them by pretending to be
the ghost of a 7-year-old girl called Annabelle Higgins who’d died in the apartment. The demon said it wanted to be friends with
them as it was lonely. So the roommates gave it permission to move
into the doll at which point the demon started to terrorise them, damaging their belongings
and scrawling “miss me” all over the walls and ceilings, and those messages reappear
later in Annabelle Comes Home. At this point, The Conjuring and Annabelle
Comes Home converge with the opening scene of Annabelle Comes Home reminding us how demonic
possession works within The Conjuring Universe: “It was a big mistake acknowledging this doll. And through that, the inhuman spirit tricked
you. You gave it permission to infest your lives.” “So the doll was never possessed?” “No, no, it was used as a conduit. It was moved around to give the impression
of possession. Demonic spirits don’t possess things. They possess people.” The Annabelle Comes Home prologue then fills
in a small narrative gap from The Conjuring showing the Warrens telling the nurses they’ll
take the Annabelle doll away to keep it somewhere safe. But before the doll reaches the relative security
of the Warren’s artefact room, Ed and Lorraine have to drive it back home and the doll immediately
creates trouble causing their car to break down outside a cemetery. While Ed is fixing the car, Annabelle summons
an array of spirits, one of which pushes Ed into the path of an out-of-control truck,
in a call-back to how Bee was run over in Annabelle Creation after the Higgins car broke
down. Ed and Lorraine do get the doll back to their
artefact room where they lock it away in a cabinet made of church glass and have it blessed
by a priest. Like in Annabelle: Creation, this contains
the evil for now until the main events of Annabelle Comes Home which take place one
year later. Now, this is where the timeline gets a little
tricky because during this intervening year, the main events of the first Conjuring movie
actually take place. The Warren’s investigation of the Perron haunting
in Harrisville, Rhodes Island takes place in 1971 and during that time the evil spirit
Bathsheba goes to the Warren’s house and lets Annabelle loose and they both attack the Warren’s
daughter Judy. By the way, if you’re wondering why Judy looks
different in The Conjuring compared to Annabelle Comes Home, it’s because the producers decided
to recast Judy Warren with actress McKenna Grace in the third Annabelle movie. So, after the Perron haunting in The Conjuring,
the main events of Annabelle Comes Home take place. In this new Annabelle movie, babysitter Mary
Ellen’s friend Daniela accidentally lets the Annabelle doll out of her glass cabinet after
touching pretty much everything in the Warren’s artefact room. Annabelle, who as Lorraine explained is “a
beacon for other spirits”, then unleashes a horde of new demons and monsters on Judy,
Mary Ellen and Daniela who are home alone. In this movie, the Annabelle demon specifically
targets Judy and her soul, attacking the Warren’s daughter in various ways. First Annabelle manifests as Bee, the Mullins’
daughter from Annabelle: Creation. She then also appears as Annabelle Higgins
from the first Annabelle movie, before emerging as the demon itself. When Judy attempts to return the Annabelle
doll to the glass cabinet, the demon starts to suck her soul from her body. Judy manages to grab a crucifix and place
it on the demon’s head which weakens it until all three girls are able to lock the Annabelle
doll back in the glass cabinet. At this point, all of the other demonic entities
that Annabelle summoned disappear. Shortly after Annabelle Comes Home on the
Conjuring timeline is The Curse of La Llorona which takes place in 1973. The Annabelle doll appears in flashback when
Father Perez mentions his encounter with the demon after Anna comes to him for help on
how to deal with the Weeping Woman. And Annabelle appears briefly at the very
end of The Conjuring 2 when Ed Warren puts the Crooked Man zoetrope on the shelf near
the doll in the artefact room. The Crooked Man has a spin-off movie in development
which has been delayed due to the popularity of The Nun, so it will be interesting to see
if Annabelle factors into that future story in any way. Any of these new villains from Annabelle Comes
Home could return in the next Conjuring movie or their own spin-offs, and it’s been rumoured
that The Conjuring 3 may include demonic werewolves which means we could see the Black Shuck from
Annabelle Comes Home return very soon. So, would you like to see any of the new demons
in Annabelle Comes Home get their own movie? And do you think Annabelle should return in
the Conjuring Universe? Let me know in the comments below. Next tap left to find out all about the deleted
ending to The Nun that you never got to see, or tap right for another video you’re sure
to like. Thanks for watching and see ya next time. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers!

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  3. Based on my knowledge and research I believe the timeline you've mentioned about the new movie Annabelle comes home is incorrect. Because they collected the doll from the 2 young women in 1970 and when I watched the movie after the scene where they contained the evil in the glass case, it mentioned the phrase " one year later" so it means the movie Annabelle comes home takes place in year 1971 the same exact year as the very first conjuring movie takes place, but I guess it should have been months after the very first conjuring movie…. Just for your information…..

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  16. Here’s my theory:

    In 1932 a man opened a gate to hell, letting demons and evil spirits enter the world, the church stopped him before any damage could be done, but the bombs of WWII reopened the gate, letting Valak free. Two nuns die in attempt to close the gate, and 20 years later (1952) Sister Irene, Father Burke, and Frenchie went to investigate the suicide. We all know Sister Charlotte from Annabelle: Creation was at the Abbey a few weeks before the events of the Nun took place. All of the nuns at the Abbey were aware of Valak (they just didn’t know she was in a nun form) except for Charlotte… that could have let Valak slightly possess Charlotte, because when she showed Mr.Mullins a picture of her at St.Carta, we saw Valak in the dark at the corner of the picture. But Charlotte wasn’t aware of her presence…. so when “Charlotte” pushes Janice into the shed, that could have been Valak, inside of Charlotte, helping Annabelle possess Janice. So Valak helps Annabelle posses Janice. Now back at the Nun, at the end, we see Valak spit a snake into Frenchies mouth letting him become possessed. Later a few years down, Frenchie kills his wife and son and attempts to kill himself, but Ed and Lorraine and a priest stop him and try to exorcise him. But when Lorraine touches him, she sees a much weaker version of Valak, still very strong, but not as strong as he was in the Nun. Lorraine starts seeing visions of Valak more often and Lorraine has the same vision of Ed’s death in the Conjuring 2. She sends Valak back to hell at the end of the movie, but from the Conjuring 3 cover, we can all tell we haven’t seen the last of Valak or the Annabelle demon.

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  22. The Conjuring Ed & Lorraine Warren Timeline:

    1673 The Weeping Woman

    1863 – Bethseba

    The Begining Annabelle – Creation (Mullins Family lost their daughter)


    The Nun Abbey of St Carta, Romania (Father Burke, Sister Irene, Frenchie)


    Annabelle – Creation Sister Charlotte and group of orphan

    (Peter & Sharon Higgins family adopt Annabelle) 1958

    Annabelle Movie Santa Monica, California terrorizing John & Mia family


    Exorcism of Maurice Theriault/Frenchie 1970

    Annabelle nurse Debbie plea to Ed and Lorraine Warren 1970

    Annabelle Come Home owened by Ed and Lorraine Warren 1970

    The Conjuring Harrisville, Rhode Island Parron Family 1971

    Annabelle Come Home 1971

    The Curse of La Llorona 1973

    The Amityville, New York 1976

    The Conjuring II Hodgson Residence Enfield, England 1977

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  25. So the actual order of Conjuring universe is :

    1. tне Nuи
    2. Аnnaвеlle : Сreaтion
    3. Annaвеlle
    4. Тне Соnjuring
    5. Tне Сurse Of Llorona
    6. Annaвеlle : Coмеs номе
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    And I think the producer should add Batsheba story

  26. I saw the movie in theaters TWICE, which is something I never do. That’s how great it is! Annabelle Comes Home is definitely the best one yet! It’s creepy, dark, suspenseful, and fun! The setting is very atmospheric (The Warren’s house at night). Perfect!
    The performances are strong and the scares are creative and unique. Unlike the previous Annabelle films, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are in it. They are great, as usual!
    We’re also introduced to several new, menacing demons that Annabelle awakened and each have their own creepy traits and backgrounds. The Bride terrified me the most.
    There’s never a dull moment and no reliance on jump scares. The entire setting is a very nostalgic 70s-80s, and it really holds that “Conjuring” feel we all love. It also has the perfect mixture of emotion and comedy. This was a strong, well-needed addition to The Conjuring Universe! ❤️👻👹

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