Are contracts for SuperYacht owner ‘girlfriends’ real?

Do the billionaire men use expensive
prostitutes and where do they get them from? Welcome back to the channel.
Because of the popularity of these Q&A videos I’m gonna do another one it’s
been a few months since I did the last one so let’s get cracking.
Okay Jimmy in Mexico ‘are yachts inspected at are every country; does every
crew member have to get a visa in each country or only if you are going ashore?’
No all the yachts are not inspected in every country. Every country has the
right to inspect the yachts but they don’t all do it because there’s so many
yachts in and out that they just don’t have the manpower to inspect everyone.
But they do random checks of different yachts
so at any moment you could be inspected so you have to you have to operate as if
you go on to be inspected. If you go in the Caribbean you do get
inspected quite regularly and you get boarded for immigration quite regularly
in the Caribbean it’s the place that I’ve seen it the most. You have to be
legally allowed to land in every country you go to and when I say land I mean to
land from the vessel in that country legally. This is why a lot of the
yachting industry is crewed by British seamen because we have the ability to go
to many countries without needing visas. Dusty Rusty says ‘Are you aware of any
nuclear-powered private yachts?’ No there aren’t any it would be too dangerous to
have a nuclear power just just purely from the fact that imagine if the if a
Pirates went onto that yacht and took over it and then they just sail it to
somewhere and then put a big bomb on it and then detonate that bomb you’ve got a
you know a dirty bomb which could render an area completely uninhabitable for 50
years so it’s too dangerous so no there aren’t any of those. MS37 ‘Do any
yacht owners actually travel on the yachts? They seemed to always be anchored in one specific spot.’ That’s a good question. They do use the yachts but whether they sell them is another question because in my experience
what happens a lot is the owner will say for instance, let’s say we’re in
Gibraltar and the owner will say I want the ought to be in the in the Caribbean
you know in the next 14 days so he will leave the yacht he will get on his
private plane and he will fly out to the Caribbean and the yacht will sail across
the Atlantic and then he’ll join the yacht when he gets there. Because he
doesn’t want to be on the yacht crossing the Atlantic. It’s a great
adventure for the crew to go across the Atlantic; it’s potentially very rough but
it can be completely calm. I did a crossing last year which was like a lake
every day for the whole trip. And I’ve done a lot of Atlantic crossings
and every day I was about okay tomorrow it’s going to be rough tomorrow it’s
gonna be rough and it never got rough. Now on the way back it was the opposite
I said ‘well maybe it’ll be calm on the way back’ and it wasn’t it
was rough every single day. So the owners don’t wanna most of them don’t like
being in that kind of weather so no they fly and they join the yacht in the nice
place where it’s not going to be rough. Not all of them obviously have not
worked on every yacht, I’m sure there are some owners out there that love it
but most of them that they don’t they don’t want that. So Bend Over as other
crew including the captain required to sign a NDA non-disclosure agreement yes
everybody is required to sign an NDA and basically the NDA
amongst other things says that you’re not allowed to film you’re not allowed to
take photographs and post them on social media you don’t want to take photographs
but not allowed to post them on social media. You’re not allowed to take
photographs of the interior of the yacht even if you just want them for yourself.
You’re not allowed to post on social media, it’s mostly social media. You’re not
allowed to post the location or the destination of the yacht,
so you can’t go on your Twitter account and say hey ‘I’m going to be in Costa
Rica next week’ because you’re effectively… because if anyone knows you
work on that yacht then they effectively know the movements of that yacht.
So these are all fireable offenses but yeah everybody signs a
nondisclosure agreement regardless of the rank. Denny Skerb – ‘If guns are not
allowed…’ this has gone back to my previous video when I talked about other
firearms on superyachts ‘…if guns are not allowed how about
plastic explosives or types of grenades?’ Really? No you’re not allowed that
surprisingly you’re not allowed grenades and plastic explosives. I don’t why would
you want those? Is there some sort of experimental fishing you want to do? I
don’t know why you would want any of that stuff on board but but no you’re
not allowed to have that stuff on board. This is going back to that question in
that previous one I got a lot of people saying all the yachts in America/in the
United States that have guns. There probably are because the laws the
gun laws in America or in the United States are very lax, if you can even
call them gun laws, so no doubt when some of the yachts are just based in the
US and maybe go dow to the Caribbean maybe they have different rules there. As
far as transport and those firearms but I was talking more about international
the yachts i.e. going into Europe and going into other
parts of the world other than the US because I know it’s very different there. Simon Templar asks ‘Have you ever seen
anything strange at sea that you couldn’t explain, sea creatures, floating
objects, subs watching your ship etc.? I’ve never seen any creatures that I
couldn’t describe I’ve seen plenty of whales and dolphins. I was on a large
super yacht over 120 metres and we were at sea I
think we were going to Thailand I’m not sure but we
hit something in the water and the whole yacht juddered and whatever it was was
submerged and the word from the bridge was that was probably a whale because it
only a whale was big enough to cause that kind of Judder. And it
wasn’t like a… it wasn’t the noise of hitting something solid and I’ve been on
vessels that have hit some sold things it wasn’t that kind of
noise. Zarih Sundberg says ‘How many years have you wait to see?’ I’ve worked at sea for about 19 years, thereabouts. Tait Leaney, and we’re gonna put these at the bottom
so sorry if I’m mispronouncing it is there a maintenance schedule for metal
hardware on yacht? How long do things last due to salt water corrosion?’ A lot of
good questions actually and yeah if you go to Marina and look at the yachts one
thing you’ll see is the deckhands cleaning constantly. And if you were
there if you saw it enough times you think why are they cleaning that boat
again they just did it yesterday. And that’s because of this very reason
because there’s a constant battle between salt water and rusting and then
the deckhands and that’s why you’ll see them cleaning down, hosing everything
down, brushing cleaning and they’re using fresh water so the water is actually
created if they’re in port the water is filled into tanks from the shore and
it’s fresh water and if the boats at sea if you see the boats at anchor and
there’s people cleaning that that water is created on board with the RO plants
reverse osmosis plants to create fresh water. And they use that to wash down
the boat to get the salt water off it. There are various maintenance
periods most boats go through. A yearly maintenance period and then a five-yearly sort of big big maintenance period where the boat usually comes out of the
water and the hull is cleaned and repainted and a lot of that kind of
heavy maintenance. Because obviously they can’t clean the hull every day because
it’s under water so but they do go down they have qualified
divers onboard, he’ll go down to inspect the hull to clean off any any things
that have secreted themselves to the hull and to check for damage and stuff
like that. And at the five year period that that all gets taken care of in the
dry dock; usually if the boss wants to pay for the paint. Morticous, ‘How many
times have you been seasick and the worst voyage you’ve been on?’ It probably only happened to me once
and that was after a long period in the drydock and it was like I’ve been at sea
for like 15 years at the time as well I’ve never been seasick and we came out
of Germany I’m going to sail down to remember where we were going now but we
were going through the English Channel and the English Channel is renowned for
being rough and we were going… it was a big boat as well and yeah
I felt sick. That was the first time I ever felt sick, it’s the only time I’ve
ever felt sick and I’ve been in much worse seas than that. And that crossing I
mentioned earlier coming back from the Caribbean was much much worse than that and I never got seasick so. But when you’ve been on land like I’ve been in
dry dock for over a year at that time you kind of lose you sea legs, if you’re not at sea all the time you kind of lose you sea legs, you
have to get used to it again. The worst voyage I’ve ever been it was a
crossing from or Ushuaia in South America down to the Antarctic and we were doing
the Drake Passage and that is well known for being bad. You know you go past Cape
Horn and you go down and it’s three days of a constant barrage of bad weather and
that was awful. Unfortunately I never filmed it because this was this was
quite a way back, I think it was 2008. I’ve got some still still pictures
of it though I’ll try and dig them out and I’ll put them on the screen so you
can see. Ray MC ‘How often would a crew-member have to deal directly
with the owner?’ Depends on the crewman The chief stewardess, Butler or
captain, eto, they they are more likely it depends on the setup of the boat as well
they’re more likely to have to deal with the owner on a day-to-day basis. Some owners have a
butler some owners don’t speak English let’s say they speak Russian, they have a
butler who speaks Russian and the rest of the crew don’t speak Russian. That’s
how they get their privacy. So he will tell the butler what he needs and then
the butler will pass that on to the rest the crew. I’ve worked for English owners and
they will call the people I’ve mentioned they will call them directly themselves
and and speak to them directly so some some people they speak to them daily. The
captain is the most obvious one because if the boat is moving around and the
owners called the captain saying okay let’s go or when I go to the next place.
So yeah it just depends on your job. Chandler Bing bong ‘How are
ship’s captains trained and selected? Do owners prefer to employ ex-navy skippers?
well they’re trained and selected I mean the training is is yachting or all
Merchant Navy or cruise ships so and every deckhand is a potential
captain right. So the the captain’s all start as deckhands, they work through
they do all the training while there are a deckhand will do courses to get to get
qualified and then they’ll do… they’ll do an Officer of the
Watch course depending on the level that they want to do. There’s different levels
like under five hundred tons under three thousand tons and then over
three thousand tons; that’s a commercial license you need. Some of the captains
are ex-navy, I’ve worked with people who are ex-navy, I’m ex-military myself. Demitrios Tsiganis ‘Thanks for spending
time answering. What is the most remote place you visited?’ It was probably the
Marquesas Islands in the South Pacific. Tahiti is pretty much pretty remote. Rangiroa which is an island in that area which is
an atol. Basically and that’s quite a few days I think that’s like a couple of
days sailing from Tahiti; those places are pretty remote. Bob Smithis ‘Do the
billionaire men use expensive prostitutes and where do they get them
from?’ Bob they’re not called prostitutes when they’re expensive they’re
called escorts! Okay? You know there is a class system within the professional
industry as well. Yes they do use them. Obviously not all of
them, some are married this is the ones who are not married they some some use
escort agencies. I know of one owner who met his wife through an agency… thorugh one of
these agencies. So he used the agency they sent out this woman who was a ‘model’
and he obviously liked her and used her a number of occasions and eventually he
started to have a relationship with her and they got married. If you look at
some of the videos of them in the past about Luna for instance and that divorce
settlement you might understand a little bit more why they do this. But some yacht
owners actually have have relationships with women and they have a contract
drawn up. So they have a relationship but she’s paid a salary every month so
let’s say she gets paid 20,000 Euros a month and it’s written into a
contract and in that contract she has to… the agreement is that she has to be
available whenever he needs whenever he wants to get together and she
needs to perform professionally whenever he wants or so many times per week or
per day or depending on what the contract says. She gets very well looked
after in the sense of remuneration should I say and yeah they have a they
have a contract. And this is to avoid you know getting into a relationship where
here has to have lawyers involved and trying to do divorce settlements or
common as because in European countries you have a common-law wife
system where if you live together with someone for two years then that woman
can actually get a divorce settlement just like they were married. So
to avoid these kind of things the owners have these contracts written up
and that people sign it and then they and the contracts are generally a
one-year or two-year contracts and at the end of those contracts sometimes the
owners… they, they move along move on and they get a new new woman in with a
different contract with a new contract and the other woman is you know
‘dispatched’ and and they they get a new woman in and they start all over so. This
is the way they work to protect their money. ‘What happens when super yacht crew
gets sick?’ What happens when you get sick? Okay so depending on the size of the yacht
some yachts have nurses on board, yachts I think over a hundred meters are
required to have trained nurse so if you get sick you go to see the nurse. And on
these vessels over a hundred meters they actually have a medical center as well
anything she can’t deal with itself then we have a system called Medair system
which you can actually its communicating over the Internet and she can actually call a doctor on this system and she can say ‘I’ve got
this patient…’ and then obviously you can all communicate through this like a
FaceTime session. If the person it terns out that they have got an
appendicitis or they’ve got some illness where they need medical treatments the
yacht will dock at the nearest port and they will be offloaded and sent to the
hospital. Now if you’re in the middle of crossing or something and you can’t get
to a port then as soon as you’re within range, search and rescue will dispatch a
helicopter and they’ll come and airlift that person off and take them to
hospital. Marty Allen ‘If you had $40 million would you buy a 40 metre and
why or why not?’ More likely what with 40 million what I would do is I would buy
an apartment on a ship called The World. I don’t know whether you’ve heard of
this it’s a basically it’s classed as a private yacht it’s technically…
it’s it looks like a cruise ship, you might have even seen this ship and not even known what it was assumed it was a cruise ship. But it’s
not it’s it’s basically privately owned but I would probably buy one of those
apartments because it travels all over the world it spends weeks at a time in
different places and I’ve been onboard. My sister actually used to work
on board and the apartments are amazing they’ve got these massive balconies
jacuzzis on the balconies. The apartments are beautifully decorated they actually
get designers… different designers to design
different apartments. So yeah I’d buy one of those because you can buy one for
like $2 million and then you pay like a hundred thousand yeah depending on the
size of your apartment you pay about a hundred thousand a year and not keep so
I’ll probably buy one of those. And then I’d get my my fill of traveling at sea. All
right I think that’s it, Ithink I’m out of questions. So I hope you’ve
enjoyed this, be sure to post any comments below about the questions that
were asked. If you have more questions which I’m sure some people will, post
them in this video and then the next time we do a Q&A I will come to this
video and, I’m possibly go to some of the other videos but most likely this is what I’m
gonna come first. Get all the questions and and I’ll do another one in a few
months time. So I hope you enjoyed it let me know in the comments and I’ll see you
next time okay bye

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