Avni Patel: A Bank of America Small Business Owner

Architecture was actually, kind of a calling
for me. I just knew I needed to be involved with it. I think I just started thinking a lot about
how our environment affects us. I’m Avni Patel, an architect, and I started
my own design firm, A28 architecture. I think architecture should be flexible enough
to accommodate for everyone. It’s here for us. I just want to be able to bring details that
big projects get to have, like eco-friendly design, tech-friendly design, to smaller projects
likes homes or residential. Whereas right now they don’t get that kind
of attention. Being able to get to a point where you’re
financially stable. Where the business could then do the projects
that we believed in, was very difficult point to get to. I first met Avni when she came into the financial
center for a simple transaction, and that’s how the relationship began. So once I understood Avni’s business, the
two biggest things we were able to help her with was how to save her time through our
mobile capabilities. And we’re also able to help her establish
credit, for her business. Gladys is great. She knows what my goals are, and so these
steps are aligning with that. When I am able to work with strong women,
and the fact that I can support them and be an advocate for their financial lives, that
to me is amazing. I’m proud of Avni, and it makes me feel
really good to be able to support her business. I would like the power to bring great design
to the everyday person.

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