Best Markets to Invest In: Florida

Kris Krohn here and we’re back again on
the best markets to invest in and today we’re talking about one of my favorites,
we’re talking about florida and what makes Florida such a great unique market
to invest in, you get to find out right now. If you could wave your magic wand
and invest anywhere in the United States and you want to know, Kris, I want to
know the best markets in America to invest in. Today, we’re going to talk about
one of those markets, it is Florida specifically Orlando. Now I want to tell
you something about this, area the metropolitan area of Orlando has 2.3
million people and this is home, this is like the world capital for theme parks,
68 million visitors a year, you got a hundred lakes in the area so Forbes has
actually called this one of the top three markets in all of America to
invest in and I’ve been hunched in there for the last few years helping my
clients buy real estate. This is one of my what I call equity growth markets. I’m
here, yes, because of the cash flow is actually extraordinarily good but more
than that and the more what the reason why that I buy my personal properties
there is because this is what’s called an equity growth market. Homes before the
crash used to be selling for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars that we’re
still getting today for under a hundred and fifty thousand dollars and now guess
what’s happened? There’s been a crunch, the populations been growing, we’ve run
out of inventory and guess what has to happen, it has to move those prices back
up. Why? A lot of you might think well, Kris, is it like the stock market where
it goes up and down and there’s no rhyme or reason? No, it’s not like the stock
market. Real estate is driven by supply and demand, it’s very simple, you do not
have to be an economist to understand the most elemental and basic principles
that allow successful investing to work when it comes to real estate. Understand
that as long as population is continuing to grow in that particular market, in
Orlando, Florida, that more people equals more houses so when we run out of houses,
we need to build more. So as long as we keep making babies and as long as we
have 60 million visitors a year, as long as people keep moving in, guess what that
means for you and I, it means that the prices have to go back up to what? What
it costs to build something. You can’t build something for less than
it cost, I can’t go to Home Depot and say, “Hey, I see that these studs are for $2.16,
I’m trying to build a house, I need you to give it to me for a
buck 50.” That’s not possible, it’s a commodity and the commodities of
building and contracting ultimately dictate what the value is so we’re
seeing a huge comeback in real estate right now because we have the population
that’s been swelling and saying, build me houses, build me houses, build me houses.
For all those reasons, I’m sitting and hunkered down in Orlando not forever but
yes for right now. Now by the way, what does this mean for you? If you’re sitting
out there you’re like, Kris, I put money in a 401k or IRA and I’m earning 3%,
would you like me to show you how you can do 20%? Check it out. Okay, I’m going to
pull up on my website some of my properties. I’ve got a home here, this is
a 3-bedroom 2-bathroom home, based on this picture, it looks like it’s a
garage with the sign of house, it’s built in 2005, right. So this was built just
before the 2007 October fallout and so this is one of those new homes that
someone probably built. If we check out the county records, they probably built
it for $200,000, $230,000 but this is a
1252 square-foot home and yes, built in 2005. I’m getting it with my price of
what? A hundred and thirty two thousand dollars. Now for just a moment, we’re just
going to do quick check on a couple of things,
am I below the national median? Yeah, by almost six figures. What does that mean?
Protection and safety because by the way, will the market correct itself? Yes, when
it does, what will happen to rents? They bump up and is that the right time to
sell? No but if you bought it strategically like this, it actually
still even might be. Real estate moves in cycles, this is the time to be right now
in Orlando, Florida. Now I’ve got a team, my total team is 200 boots on the ground,
these individuals that go to the auctions, buy these homes, they’re my
realtors, they’re my net workers, my fixers, all of those individuals were out
there supplying homes for me and my clients at these bulk bulk bulk crazy discounts. You
know, this home, let’s look at why I would buy it, my average annual return 23.3%.
Boom! Friends, do you know anything that can do that consistently year in and
year out? That’s hot and on top of that, look at this, my average annual cash-on-cash,
9.4% or 5%, almost 10%. So a lot of people are like, Kris, isn’t
real estate risky? If you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re just
buying something in your backyard, real estate can be extremely risky. If you’re
following my set of rules then it’s way less risky but if you want to optimize,
if you want to maximize then you go where the real estate is good. You know,
people use my Lease Option system to buy in their backyard but if you got no
money, they’ll work with my partnering system, partner profits that you can get
here on the website and I’ll show you how to find people with money, show my
deals, put the two together and guess what you have, you have magic because
we’re doing 23% of this property. Now someone else might be saying, but Kris,
that’s just a projection like, how accurate is that? Is that really
likely? Well the reality is that I’ve been doing this for the last decade and
that doesn’t mean forever but I started definitely doing it before the hype of
the market in fact, I started investing personally in my own real estate
portfolio starting in 2003 and I’ll tell you that we were making money and
skyrocketing when the sky was falling and people were saying it’s 2007, it’s
the economic collapse, it’s the end of the world. My clients have been making
millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars. Currently, they’re making over
seven hundred thousand dollars a month just in residual incomes across the
board so that’s my properties like this and I’m telling you right now, there’s a
winning property to winning market and it’s going to work for you really well.
Let’s take a look at this one. Okay, I’m not the biggest fan of the
color of this house, it looks kind of brown with a little bit of pink and puce
or fuchsia or whatever, there’s got to be kind of a pussy word that they
have for that kind of color some of you are looking at like, “Kris, I don’t know
what you’re talking about, that’s a really attractive house.” Well, it’s built
in 2010, it is an attractive house, this is a house that came through at the end
of the market fall out, this is probably a bank foreclosure from back then that
took the bank’s a couple of years to get off of, this 1,700 square foot house I’m
getting for a hundred and seventy four thousand dollars and on 4734 Osprey Way,
this home is producing an average annual return of 23.82%
after all costs are factored. 23.82%, you kidding me? This stuff rocks
and my cash on cash on this, it’s a little bit lower, it’s 7.49%
but when any time I’m over 5%, I got to tell you, I got a big smile on my
face. So these are my metrics because remember every week, we’re looking
through for poor piling, through thousands of properties to find the
winners and I’m telling you, anyone that gets this property is going to look back and say,
wow, I won really really big time on this. I’m going to do one more. Nate, I want to do
one more property on this here. I want to show this 4-bedroom 2-bathroom home,
this is 490 Peppermill Cir, Kissimmee, Florida, right below and this home, I get
for a $165,000, it’s 1,774
square feet, built in 1998, it’s attractive, it’s nice, heck,
it’s got a palm tree in the freight yard. If I live there, I’d love to have a palm
tree in the front yard. There’s not lavish home, this is below the
median, this is standard of living, this is something that Americans want, it’s in
a nice neighborhood. 22% annual ROI, 7% annual cash on
cash. Friends, when you drill down and you really get into the details of these
properties and you look at the volume that we’re doing, you’re going to find that,
why would I buy something in my backyard on average for a way lower return then
go to one of the highest markets and get some of the best returns? Save lease
options for your backyard and come jam with me and invest with my team and
we’ll show you how to buy the best real estate in America and will facilitate it
for you, we’ll find it, we’ll fix it, we’ll do all these things, charge our typical
transaction fees, even less than what the typicals would pay all across the board,
we keep it all in-house and at the end of the day, you get to be the proud owner
of a real estate like this. Now 20% 22% as we see
here and we start compounding that year over year over year. I’m telling you
right now that 20%, five years from now can start earning inside, make
50% or a 100% a year on the money.
The moment you double your money, you’re doing really really well on your ROI’s
and real estate is a long game. 5, 10 years to really get somewhere
super significant and if you don’t have money to invest then what you really
need is to look into that partner profits course because I’ll tell you,
even the deal that I’m doing right now, I’m doing a commercial deal right now,
it’s a multi-million dollar deal, I’m not using a penny of my money but why would
a partner want to come with me on that? Is because of what I know up here, it’s
my experience, it’s my vetting process and the ROI on it is sick,
just like we see right here so friends, get smart about the way you
invest, go to the nation’s hottest markets, have a team step in and make it
happen because if you got a 401k, you got an IRA out there, you know, you got some
basic home equity and all your investments are averaging over the long
haul, 3%, 4%, that’s what inflation is which means you’re going
nowhere, you’ve got to be doing 8%, 9%, 10%, 20% to get anywhere
and have that compounding really add up to something very very meaningful.
Friends, you heard it here first, Orlando, it’s one of the hot hot markets and
join back for one of my other segments on our nation’s
hottest markets to invest in. Get in on some of this action, click the link, talk
to me in my team, learn about how you can get a piece of the action on what’s
happening in the game of real estate right now. Other than that, make sure that
you subscribe, ring the bell and we’ll see you tomorrow.

23 Replies to “Best Markets to Invest In: Florida

  1. The option on the website with "if you have more then 35k+ sitting in this and that" is it basically a turnkey type of deal?

  2. Hey Kris I recently moved to Florida and can't wait to buy an investment property great video thanks for the information

  3. Also if you're buying in Florida people make sure it's post Andrew hurricane construction. (Some insurance companies wont touch older properties and if they do it's a big upcharge) understand the nuts & bolts first

  4. Orlando is definitely way cheaper and nicer houses than South East Florida (Miami-Dade and Broward Counties), some other places where you can get cheap real estate in Florida are Tampa, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, and if you want to head a little north of Orlando theres also Jacksonville, FL. Jacksonville is said to have an even bigger population than South East Florida but houses up there are way cheaper and have bigger lots as well than Miami-Dade and Broward (the trade off is that it isnt as warm, the beaches probably arent as nice, and some houses in Jacksonville are made out of wood while down south their made to withstand hurricanes so their generally made out of concrete). Bonus tip: there is a city near Tampa named "Plant City" that has 2 story houses with 2-3 car garages for 150k-200k.

  5. KRIS! Love your videos, this question is off topic from this particular video but I am stuck in a unique position to get started in Real Estate. I am currently a sophomore in college, 20yrs old, have saved 15,000$. However, zero credit, no job. I did some digging and found I could have someone co-sign on the property with me. However, the cosigner, in my case, is also my father who happens to be a realtor and real estate investor. I found that this restricts his ability to co-sign on the property with me. Is that true? Is there ways around this to buy a rental property? Thanks Kris

  6. What I’m about to ask might sound dumb. I’m a California resident that use to live in Orlando. I rent in the San Diego area. I would like to buy a house for the sole purpose of becoming an investor (I would like to own multiple rental properties). My dilemma… buy in SD right now. The SD market is on its way down, or I could buy a property or 2 in the Orlando area. Hold on to it for a while. Time it right to where I’m selling High in Orlando and buying in San Diego when it’s low. In other words buy in an over inflated California market with minimal gains or buy in Orlando and have some gains? Any advice will be appreciated.

  7. A lot of houses are going into foreclosure. I've been looking to buy for 4 months and prices are going to plummet soon! Waiting a little longer.

  8. In today's date it's not that great. Most are living off tourism and this industry it's not that stable and there's a lot of people that 75% of their income goes just on rent. Anyone that's trying to get in the real estate market don't buy anything on Orlando yet, wait until it crashes because it is going to be very soon since no one can actually afford all of these homes being build in this Area. An example is that a hotel front desk on average earns $1800/monthly and the rent cost around $1100 for a single bed apartment. So yeah you might wanna update this video.

  9. Also…. Lol, how come every house I google or bing maps look so much worse. "palm" tree is really a dead weed. And the roofs obviously have a huge brand new colorization that I don't see? Can you also sell me expired hotdogs that look amazing?

    maybe that information is in your books

  10. I was thinking about buying home in Davenport of freeway #4. By champions gate. I'm from Michigan. Anyone's know how is this place?

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