Best Maui Hotels & Condo Resorts – Review from a Hawaii Real Estate Agent

– Best hotels and the best
condos on Maui coming right up. Aloha, guys. My name is Eric West with If you’re new to this channel,
we’re all about telling you everything you really
need to know about Hawaii and real estate, but you
don’t find in the listing. And today, we’re talking about
the best hotels and condos on Maui. Before we start, though, I’d
like to first encourage you to look at the links in
the show notes because all the information that you
need that I’m gonna talk about you can reference and
research more in those links and also, be sure to watch
to the very end of this video because I’m gonna share something
that literally could save your vacation and save you
thousands of dollars about some new county regulations
you might not be aware of. Okay, so, before we talk
about the best hotels, lets make sure we understand
what side of the island that I encourage everyone to stay on. And it’s real simple, the windward side and
there’s a leeward side. The windward side is where
the wind and the rain and everything is coming in,
the leeward side is blocked by the mountains and the leeward side is the best weather on the planet. So, I encourage you no matter
what stay on the leeward side. What are the best hotels? The best high end luxury
hotels on Maui, straight up, Kapalua, the Ritz-Carlton and the Montage. Of the two, I recommend the Montage because I like the
beach better at Kapalua. On the south side, down by Kihei
and Wailea, the top resorts are Fairmont Kea Lani,
the Four Seasons of course and the Grand Wailea. Of the three, I think the
Grand Wailea is the best simply because it has a
better pool recently renovated it’s just an amazing property
and the beach is awesome. So, those are my top picks
as far as luxury hotels, but those are super
expensive places to stay and you’re probably gonna
go out to eat all the time and spend a lot of money. So, if you’re looking for a
little bit cheaper alternative, although there’s nothing
really cheap on Maui, a condominium’s the way to go. Airbnb and VRBO are absolutely
gonna be your best resources to find those condos. Read the reviews, they usually
don’t lie, but here are the top tips I will give
you that I think are gonna just absolutely improve your stay. Number one, make sure the
condo’s located on a beach and a good swimming beach. Number two, make sure
the condominium has got air conditioning. It gets hot in Hawaii
and especially at night. When you’re trying to sleep, you don’t wanna be uncomfortable. Is it central air or is
there an air conditioner in the room, but make sure
it has air conditioning. And the final tip is find out
where the room is to a road because there are some roads that are close to some of these condos. You wanna make sure you’re
not picking up road noise at night that can be very irritating. In South Kihei, a lot of the
condos are on the mountain side of South Kihei Road and so
there’s just a few on the ocean. I would stay at those. For example, the Hale Pau
Hana, very nice resort. Wailea, Ekahi and also Makene
Surf, amazing properties that I would highly
encourage you to look at. On the west side, my favorite
condos are Honua Kai, the Alii Kai Poli and also
the Whaler at Kai Alii Poli. As you travel north, you’re
gonna hit Kai Alii Poli Shores, which is probably one of
my favorite all around in terms of budget and in
value, it’s an amazing property. And then of course, you get
into a hodgepodge of condos from Honua Kai, Kohana and Napili. Once again, try to find
one that’s on a beach and if it’s Napili Bay,
you’re not gonna go wrong, but make sure, once again,
it has air conditioning. And my final tip, if you’re
looking to stay in a house or a cottage, a lot of people come here and they rent houses or cottages. A new regulation on Maui that’s now being enforced rigorously is it must be a legal
short term vacation rental. And there’s hundreds of
illegal ones on this island right now, so if you
book one that’s illegal and they get busted, it’s
a $10,000 a day fine, it’s a good chance that your
reservation will get canceled and you could lose your deposit money and now you’re trying to
scramble and find something last minute. So, make sure you click
the link down below. It’ll take you to my
website and you’ll see the list from my accounting of all the approved short
term vacation rentals. Hopefully, that helps you avoid disaster. Back in the old days, they didn’t care. Nowadays, Maui County
is rigorously pursuing illegal vacation rentals and I
don’t want you to get caught. So, last question, or
the question of the day, not the last question, but
the last question of the day for you is what do you think,
what are your favorite hotels, your favorite condominiums in Maui? I’d love to hear your comments
in the comment section. Please comment. If this video’s been helpful in any way, please smash the like
button, subscribe and share. I would super appreciate it. And next time you’re in
Maui, please look me up if you’re looking to buy any
real estate, a condo, a house or vacant land, I know the
island like the back of my hand. I’d love to help. Aloha. And one last thing, once you
get here, what do you do? I made a video specifically
for the top 15 tips I have for what to do when you get
to Maui and then finally a lot of people when they get
here, they wanna live here. So, I made a video about what
it’s like to actually live in Hawaii and the top 10 things
that nobody will tell you about life in Hawaii. So, once again, moholla,
for watching this video. I appreciate it and I hope
you have a wonderful day, we look forward to seeing you on Maui.

20 Replies to “Best Maui Hotels & Condo Resorts – Review from a Hawaii Real Estate Agent

  1. Stayed for 5 nights at The Hilton Hawaiian village not really impressed there, next was 5 nights at the Fairmont Kea lani, Maui , absolutely fabulous from top to bottom, next stop 5 days at Fairmont Orchid big island 10/10 even better than the KeaLani, will definitely be returning there , Thank you Fairmont Orchid.

  2. Eric thank you for all of the great info, we are planning our fist trip to Maui and have been watching your channel a lot!! I have a question, do you still recommend making sure condos have A/C even in September? I have reserved a condo for a week at Valley Isle and it does not have A/C. Do you think I should cancel and look for another unit?

    Thanks!  Bill

  3. Looking at Google Earth views, the Grand Wailea looks like an absolute stunner with that pool, beach access, and acreage. At $500 a night, it looks like you can get more value from that than from other hotels priced the same.

  4. I always go to the West side and get a condo with a good price. Never had Air Conditioning in Hawaii, always depended on the trades and ceiling fans. When the trades are blowing go to Longs and buy a fan for under $20.00 and when ready to leave give it to a friend or a local. Get a moderate condo and with the money You save is more food and beer money. The only thing in My refridge is water and pineapple and beer.

  5. I have always stayed at a friends place in Kihei. We are looking for a new place to rent when we come out on our yearly trips.Thanks for the great video!

  6. We use Marriott points and have stayed at the Marriott Wailea three times. It’s not the absolute best, but it’s nice and affordable.

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