Billy freezes in shock upon learning that Gabo is the owner of Tinapay Corner | Make It With You

Cassandra! Villarica? God, Billy. How could you be so stupid?! [STAMMERS]
W-where is she?! She was there a while ago. Alright, then.
Just get the car ready. I’m meeting Mr. Tanoto today. Yes, sir. I cannot believe this, Helen! Apparently, he’s the son
of a business tycoon. So, that was what he meant when he told me he wasn’t
the Gabo we knew then! That’s crazy! Nobody would’ve guessed! We took him in believing he was
some undocumented migrant, only for him to steal my recipe! God, I hate him! Do you hate him because
he stole the recipe or because he deceived us? Or is it because he still
hasn’t told you why he left? I hate him he’s a dirty liar. He lied to me, to you
and to everyone there. Billy. Helen, he made us believe that
he was struggling like us. He took advantage of us. We took him in. We were kind to him. I gave him– We gave him everything. Yes. So, you’re mad because
you gave him everything. Because he was right. I didn’t know him at all. He wasn’t the Gabo
that I thought I knew. I don’t even care
why he left anymore. It doesn’t matter now because everything we had
was a lie. And coming from me,
it’s a big deal, Helen. [SIGHS] Helen, how could I be so stupid? I can’t believe I fell
for it all! I’m such an idiot! But I’m not going down
without a fight.

100 Replies to “Billy freezes in shock upon learning that Gabo is the owner of Tinapay Corner | Make It With You

  1. This show seriously has flaws in it. It started off with a wonderful pilot week then went to recipe wars. Like what? Masyadong mababaw yung conflict. Pangalawa masyado nilang sinira yung character ni Gabo. Just my opinion. I hope it gets better in thrid week.
    Acting wise, Lizquen did a great job πŸ‘

  2. Ganda ng instrumental background, nakaka-kdrama vibes na parang fairy tale na western movies na parang magical..bsta ❀❀❀

  3. Kung alam lang talaga nila billy at iba pa kung para saan tung ginagawa ni gabo..hayss..sure ako balik sa europe yung shooting nito bka france to for sure..

  4. E si gabo rin naman pala gawain yung panloloko pala, tulad dun sa isang investors na babae na nilandi nya lang , kaya napapayag nya mag invest..
    Dahil dyan try ko gumawa ng puding😁

  5. Bagay cla mag remake ng Titanic, philippine version. Kamukha ni Liza c Kate Winslet, at C Enrique naman ok na ok mag Jack Dawson.

  6. Liza is versatile. Like, see how her emotion shifts without saying a word? Ibang-iba character niya dito. Feel ko di magtatagal ang serye nato kasi bilis ng mga revelations eh.

  7. Ako lang ba yung mga 10 seconds naka titig sa Thumbnail Bago panoorin yung video
    Kasi parang may kamuka si Liza sa Paintings diko lang ma identify Kung Saan πŸ˜…

  8. That's when Billie would decide to use her expertise and old profession from Croatia!gabo's dad would be used against Gabo.when worse comes to worse!twist of all twist on the story!!!

  9. Okay lang yun Ate Billy ang mahalaga nakatulong ka sa iba, hindi yung ikaw yung bibigyan lagi.. Ikw nmn ang magbigayπŸ˜‡

  10. The BGM used when Liza picked up the magazine sounds like "Never Let You Go" OST from Le Coup De Foudre cdrama tho πŸ’– but yes kdrama vibes scoring

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