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Hey there, folks. Lenny Rudow here for Boat US Magazine. You know, I’m here looking at a Jeanneau Leader 10.5, and a few really interesting things popped out at me because this boat is built in Europe. It’s built for both the European and the American markets, but there’s some really interesting little tweaks that the Europeans put on their boats specifically to meet CE Certification. Fortunately, we have Nick Harvey here from Jeanneau to show us some of these unique CE touches. So, Nick, what are we talking about? So there’s four things that I wanted to point out Lenny to you and the BoatUS readers or viewers today. And I think the most obvious one is that we always have a manual redundant bilge pump on all the Jeanneau boats. So if you just look to your right, you might just see it there. Oh, there it is. Behind that little plastic cap. And you operate it with this handle right here. So yeah, that’s definitely the first thing that our owners notice on our boats. Manual bilge pump. Who would’ve thought of that, huh? The next thing that comes to mind is probably how stringent the CE certification is on water evacuation. So in case a huge, monstrous wave was to fill in the cockpit it has to be able to get out of the cockpit in a given time. So they actually force us to have a certain size of scupper, and again, looking back over there you’ll see the grid there, and obviously it’s open on the port side so we are very, very controlled as far as the amount of water that can actually evacuate out of the cockpit. And that’s why the scuppers are the size that they are. That’s exactly right. There’s one other thing. We have a strict rule as far as the height between the bottom part of the cockpit – the lowest part in the cockpit – and the entry into the cabin. So we have two steps in the case of the Leader 10.5, and the addition of the height of those two steps meets the CE Certification, again to prevent water ingress inside the cabin. Gotcha. Gotcha. Well does anything else come to mind? Yeah, maybe I was gonna mention one more thing. The CE certification, again very, very tough on boat stability in general, and they actually make sure that we pass the test – we call it the 90-degree test – at full throttle. We need to be able to turn a 90 degree turn within a given distance, and every single Jeanneau powerboat has to go through that. Interesting! OK, so, folks, there are some of the things that a boat needs to go through to gain CE Certification that you don’t necessarily see on American-built boats. Now, that’s not to say anything bad about American-built boats They’re usually built to say ABYC standards or, you know, certain levels of construction that are pretty darn reliable these days. But it’s pretty interesting to know that the Europeans look for these specific items. We hope you found this video helpful, and don’t forget to subscribe to the BoatUS YouTube channel.

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