Bobcat needs a new home!

(playful music) – There he is, there he is. Look at him. Wow! Look at that leap. Look at how well he
camouflages into the tree. That’s incredible. (adventurous music) A few weeks back I
got an email from the Arizona Game and Fish
Department asking, “Would the “Brave Wilderness team
and the Coyote Pack “be interested in helping
promote a conservation “project we have in the works?” And our answer without
question was, “Yes.” And as perfect
timing would have it we just so happened
to be in Arizona on the Brave
Wilderness Live Tour. So the morning before our show, we couldn’t resist
the invitation to swing by and meet their star attraction,
Hunter the bobcat. – [Coyote] Mark, we’re on our way
– Yes. – [Coyote] to meet a
bobcat, Are you ready? – Is it tame? – [Coyote] I think so. – Okay, I could be up for that. – [Coyote] You safe with that? Mario are you ready to
meet Hunter the bobcat? – Is it a cat named Bob? – [Coyote] Its a
bobcat named Hunter. – Oh, okay. Yeah. – [Coyote] You like
bobcats, right? – I like bobcats. – Now guys, we have
worked with a bobcat once before and it was
incredibly difficult because the bobcat
was spring-loaded. It was bouncing
all over the place. It was almost impossible
to get it on camera. So we’re gonna give
this another try because Hunter needs our help. In fact, he also
needs your help. Right now we’re promoting
a GoFundMe campaign to help build Hunter
a brand new sanctuary. Are you guys ready to get up close with this crazy cat? – Let’s do it. – [Coyote] All right. Ready? – Ready. – [Coyote] Here we go. (playful music) – All right guys,
we are on location right now in Phoenix, Arizona. At the Arizona Game and
Fish Wildlife Center. We’re gonna head in
here and meet Heather. And then get up
close with Hunter, the bobcat we’re gonna
hang out with today. (playful music)
(footsteps crunching) – High security for the bobcat. Don’t want hin to get out.
– Morning. – Good morning, how are you? – You must be Heather. – I am. It’s so nice to meet you.
– Hi, I’m Coyote. Nice to meet you.
– Hi, Coyote. – And you must be Teagan. Nice to meet you, Teagan.
– You too. – Thank you guys so much for having us here today. – Thank you for coming. – This is like maximum security. (Heather laughs) Is the bobcat an escape artist? – Well, ya never know. – Yeah, ya never know, right?
– When working with wild animals, right? – All right, well
let’s bring Mark and Mario in here. Come on in guys. So this is it. This is your wildlife center. – [Heather] This is
our wildlife center. It was built in 1983,
so about 35 years ago. – [Coyote] Okay, so it’s
time for an upgrade? – [Heather] It is definitely
time for an upgrade. – And that’s what
we’re here for today. To promote the GoFundMe campaign you guys have going right now. And our audience out
there, which we call the Coyote Pack,
I’m telling you, is gonna be super excited
to tour this facility. And then of course, we’re
looking to meet Hunter. Would you say he’s
your star attraction? – [Heather] He’s pretty
cool, he’s pretty cool. – We love bobcats,
we’ve had the chance to work with a
bobcat in the past and they’re
spring-loaded, right? Jumping all over the place?
– Yes. – What is Hunter’s
demeanor typically like? – [Heather] Well, Hunter’s
a really good boy. And he’s got an
amazing trainers. He works as our Education
Animal Ambassador, so he’s used to meeting people and he’s used to coming out. So he’s actually pretty
calm, but as you know, all wild animals
can be a little bit unpredictable,
so, ya never know. – Well I’ll let you
lead the way, let’s head back this direction.
– All right. – And I think maybe the
first thing that would be cool is to check out
Hunter’s current enclosure. – Okay. – Because the big initiative
here is to get him a new enclosure built, correct? – He needs a new
home at our brand new wildlife center, that
we’re currently building. – Okay cool, well
let’s go check it out. – All right. (footsteps crunching)
(playful music) So here we are, and here it is. – Hunter’s enclosure!
– Hunter’s enclosure! Come on inside. – Wow, it’s actually a
lot cooler, temperature wise, in here than
I would’ve thought. – Mario, not for you.
Okay, you can come in. (Heather laughs)
– Let’s go buddy. – I’m just kidding,
no, I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding,
I’m just kidding. – No, no, wait.
– Whoa! No, no, no, no! (laughing) Oh no.
– Bye guys. – Well, we’re in
here for a while now. At least we have a pond.
– We are now the bobcats. Yeah, we do have a
pond, that is amazing! Here, let me come on this side. Feel the temperature
of this water. As I was saying when
we were walking in… Wow, that feels amazing! It is scorching
outside right now. It’s only 9 o’clock in
the morning, but it’s surprisingly cool inside
of this enclosure. Which is important for
Hunter to be able to stay in the shade, right?
– Very important, yes. Very, very important. – Now can you drink this water? – I wouldn’t. – [Mark] And by you, I mean Coyote.
– I am pretty thirsty. Let me have a… No, there might be bobcat
pee in there, right? – There probably is. – I don’t think I
wanna drink that water, but it’s pretty cool that he has a pond and a water fountain. Now, in the design of
this new enclosure, will he also have a pond that he can splash around in?
– There will be a pond. No waterfall. – No waterfall.
– But there will be pond that we’ll
change out daily. – Okay, and he’s
got some climbing, sort of, tree structures here. Kinda looks like it’s
for birds, but you know, bobcats are so agile
I could see how this great exercise
for him in here. And as we get back
here, obviously he has this little den, but
I think this den looks like it’s probably from the 80s. And it’s 2018, so also
time for an upgrade. – Kinda looks like a–
– Definitely time. – [Mark] Desert igloo, or something like that.
– It does a little bit. – We try and keep it rustic. – [Mario] I think
he needs a new crib. – New crib? – Yeah.
– Hunter’s crib. Well yeah, I can
certainly see how this enclosure could advance. And like I was saying,
from 1983 to 2018 I think it is time for
a structural upgrade. – Me too. – And I also think it’s
time to meet Hunter. Are you guys ready for that? – [Mark] Yeah, let’s
see this bobcat. – [Coyote and Heather]
All right, let’s go. – Meet Hunter. (playful music) – [Mark] Oh look, a ball. – [Mario] Don’t
play with the ball. – [Mark] Oh, Mario! Hurry, hurry, hurry. Oh no, no, no.
– Sorry Mark. – [Mario] All right dude feeding time.
– How ya gonna film, without my camera? – Feeding time is in two hours. – [Coyote] All right, let the bobcat out.
– See ya later buddy. – Nah, we need Mark. (playful music) – Guess I’m lucky I’m
the camera guy today, you would’ve left me in there.
– All right buddy come on out. Come on out. – Is it safe? – [Mario] Come on out buddy. (playful music) – Okay, so I guess
they have Hunter out up here by a tree. We’re gonna see what
Hunter is capable of, I’m sure jumping
and being adorable with that little bobtail. Let’s try to stay quiet,
work around the edge here, and let Hunter
get acclimated to us. (playful music) – There he is, there he is. Gonna approach in
and see how close I can get to Hunter. (footsteps crunching) Hi buddy. Wow! Look at him, such
a beautiful cat. So soft, his coat is
very fluffy right now because technically it is
winter here in Arizona. Even though it
doesn’t feel like it. He’s got his winter
coat grown in. This little bobtail,
it’s so cute. Look at how big those paws are. So Hunter has been in training as an Animal Ambassador
his entire life. And he’s just over
eight years old now and he’s completely
conditioned to humans. And actually, he’s
rather well-trained. Can we show how Hunter
jumps up into the tree? – [Trainer] Sure.
– Check this out, watch this, how he can spring up after a little
meat treat here In the tree.
(claws scraping) Wow, look at that leap! That’s incredible. Look at how well he
camouflages into the tree. Hi, how are you? As you see he’s
a little nervous. He’s not used to me. Such big ears,
look at those paws perfect for climbing. Such a beautiful
cat. Ooh there ya go. Did you see that? He’s got a little snack now. I don’t wanna back
him too much up into the tree there, let
me give him some space. (paws scraping)
That’s cool I can turn it… Oh, there you go, you get a good shot of his bobtail. You see that, see
how it twitches up in the air like that? It’s white on the underside. He’s got the white spots
on the back of his ears. He’s having a little
meat snack right now. How is that? It’s amazing how
their faces look just like a Maine Coon cat. Ooh, now he’s down
here on the ground. Let me see if I can get
him to come over by me. Hi Hunter, hi buddy,
aren’t you something? Try and get a little
bit closer here, Mark. Go ahead and zoom
in on his coat, so you guys zoom in on the coat. Look at the color
and the camouflage. You can see how it blends right in to even the ground. All this rugged terrain
here in Arizona allows these cats to stay
completely camouflaged. Look at that muscle in his legs. Incredible spring-loaded power. And how high can he leap? – Easily six to eight feet. – [Coyote] Six to
eight feet, so he can easily just whip
right on top of this tree with virtually no effort. – [Mark] So Coyote,
How can people help Hunter with his new home? – Actually, there is
a GoFundMe campaign that is running right
now and if you guys go to the about
section of this video, we’ll place a link for it there. We are personally gonna
make a donation to this fund and if everybody
out there watching it, also help get Hunter
this new enclosure that would be
absolutely amazing. He’s a beautiful cat. He absolutely deserves the best. Well thank you guys so much
for having us here today, to the wildlife center.
– So much. – This was so cool
getting to meet Hunter. Guys, remember to
click on the link in the video description below. Let’s help Hunter out. Get that new sanctuary built. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave. Stay wild. We’ll see ya on
the next location. (playful music) Getting to spend
time with Hunter allowed the crew and I to see just how special
this cat really was. As the cornerstone star of the Arizona Game and
Fish Wildlife Center, building a newly
modified enclosure for Hunter will ensure a healthy and happy life for
this incredible bobcat. (playful music) With more than
100 unique species that currently call
this rehabilitation center home, every
donation helps. So make sure to visit
Hunter’s GoFundMe campaign, where you can become a part of this exciting
conservation project. If you thought Hunter
was a cool cat, make sure to go back and watch
out first encounter with one of these
spring-loaded predators. And don’t forget, subscribe! So you can join me and the crew on our next location. (wild animal calls)

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