Braustin Video Series: Episode 5 – Land In Lieu Financing

Hey y’all, it’s Alberto at Braustin Mobile Homes. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been exploring different financing options for you to use when purchasing your new manufactured home. Today we’re gonna talk about the land in lieu financing option. This loan option can be used for both the conventional loans and the government-backed loans like FHA and VA we talked about last week. One of the best parts about the land in lieu financing options is that it can allow you and your family to get into a new home with little to no cash out of pocket by using the equity of your property instead as down payment. Of course, you don’t get to choose how much your land is worth, so the banks will send an appraiser out to assess the fair market value of your property and determine how much credit they can give you towards your down payment. One of the other requirements by the bank to be able to use your property as collateral is that it must be touching a publicly accessible road. In cases where you may have a large piece of acreage, it needs just a small portion to meet the down payment requirements for your home loan. You can request a surveyor to come out and segment out just the piece of property you plan to use as collateral with the bank. Keep in mind that with the land in lieu option, you’re not putting any money down to offset the cost of the home, so payments do tend to be a bit higher going this route. In the end, there are pros and cons of each of the loan options out there. It just comes down to what loan option meets your family’s needs the best. If you have any questions, we have tons of content on our resource tab online at Or you can give us a call directly at 210-510-0500 As always, don’t be shy with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you. We’ll talk to you then.

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  1. So what if I had 2k to put down and then also used my land as down payment? My property is worth 15k, but I owe about 6k on it. Would this still work?

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