Build A House In 2 HOURS?? FOLDABLE Modular Homes

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  1. Is This Going To Be How Homes Are Built? Comment, What You Think. 🔴Looking For Other Homes That Deliver From AMAZON? Watch This➡️

  2. There are many options nowadays…traditional homes, tiny homes, pre fab, container homes, modular homes, etc…Personally I am tired of traditional homes. Why? I think they are weak…not saying badly made, just weak structuraly. Made of a wooden skeleton, a thin piece of plywood that becomes the outside walls and is covered by another thin piece of sideing. No wonder a tornado or hurricane leaves a whole subdivision completly flat. I am an ex patriot living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here, just about everything is built with brick and cement, so you get a sturdy home…even divisions of rooms are brick, not sheetrock. Even poor neighboorhoods have homes better structuraly built than million dollar mansions. I never really understood why the US, being one of the richest countries in the world, has to rely on weak materials and cost so damn expensive. I am looking into container homes..they are strong, hold up to high winds and can be bolted down in case of a tornado. Anyways, like I mentioned…there are so many options out there. I want a home that can last 30 or 40 years before I have to change a piece od rotting sideing or wall.

  3. I think this is a great option for someone looking to downsize to a tiny home without getting some skinny thing on wheels.

  4. I think Stick built homes are here to stay, but if this will be the easier way to becoming a home owner than people will go for these newer type homes

  5. LOL. Then the first tornado or hurricane comes by and you end up forlded with the house. No thank you. LOL

  6. Yeah but are they going to be worth anything are they going to decrease in value like a mobile home which I never understood why mobile homes decrease in value I feel it's crock of s***if somebody's taking care of their mobile home it should be worth more

  7. This is the best solution. Actually, back in my country of origins, they were doing it to build a big buildings.

  8. Why not make a roof modular section that is placed on top of the lower section ? It can unfold as well since these are rectangular sections the roof can be shipped folded on top of the living section then attached on site

  9. Amazing housing solution ! Thanks for not having too much obnoxious, loud, canned music other productions lay into the program taking the focus away from the guest/speakers !

  10. Can the house be moved if homeowners decide to move somewhere elese in the future? Can other rooms be added as family grows?

  11. At 8:46 in the video, there's a module with $38 sq. ft. on it. But when you divide the $49.5K price by 375 sq. ft. = $132 sq. ft. Am I missing something?

  12. Heck……I would love just to order and move-in in about a day 🙂 I definitely would love to own one of these Boxabl Homes soon !!! All I need is 2bed/2bath and I'm good…..I have a bed and can find a couch 🙂 !!! I can give them a $100 deposit right now !!!

  13. This gonna be like that drone that was suppose to follow you around lol

    PS I guess there’s not gonna be any proper plumbing or electrical.

  14. Jeez.. so many possibilities. Stack for “instant” housing/dorm, clinic, school, retirement village, huge off-grid community, etc..
    Safe, durable and affordable.. and that Magcrete! 🤯 Can’t these be transported by train, too? What’s not to love? 😍

  15. I think the more options the better. Regulatory agencies should be concerned with safety and quality and ditch their old size requirements. A blend of structures makes a more interesting neighborhood. Some will like that, others want all new and shiny, etc……so all the choices should be available to fit your situation. And FEMA ought to order 1000 of these for use in disasters. They could be quick connected to water trucks or fire hose outlets as a gang and then be moved to final cleared sites later. And FEMA could provide each one with solar panels.

  16. These are great homes, however, you must realized that the US industrial is full of real estate groups of people in the Washington making homes for these rich RE builders, it will never get approve to the local/state ordinances. That's why there is so much issues with tiny house, everyone, rich builders, investors want to make big $. And it'll be best to make it here in USA, to bring back some manufacturing and support the local economy.

  17. these are great starter and retirement size units. and it can be expanded. i want everyone to own a house. thats how you build wealth. i want you to be wealthy too..

  18. You are lying! First: Double wide mobile homes are taken apart and shipped in halves! Second: They ship almost ALWAYS at night or in the middle of the night! Only when they are close to the delivery location are they moving during daytime hours to make sure the Mobile Home Park office is OPEN during business hours! You are being DRAMATIC ON PURPOSE TO EXAGGERATE YOUR STORY!

  19. $50k without the foundation, plumbing, electric, and LAND! Kudos to them for their ambition though. And yes, in areas outside of California, New York, and other overpriced, high tax and ridiculously outlandish permit laws, I can see this work. Particularly in a community scenario where it's like owning a mobile where you pay a monthly fee for your space. This could also be an answer to prayer for people who lost their homes because of disaster.

  20. Im not a big fan of this kind of thing, especially since most of them end up costing more per square foot than conventional stick build. If the price tag is really $38 sf, then you may have a winner. But the outside has to look like a conventional build and this is where prefab usually fails bigly.

  21. Although I’m not wild about HUD-spec mobile designs, I have no problem with fully or partially factory built homes. We have lived for 38+ years in a 1958 vintage National pre-fab that is just as snug and sound as any stick-built of the same era. True, it has had an addition of a fourth bedroom and second bath, and the kitchen has been remodeled, but the basic home is very much as built.

  22. I've had an idea like this bouncing around in my head for decades. Not being an architect or arrest I had no way of putting them to paper. I think this is a good solution for most housing needs. As far as a pitched roof they could offer a system that folds up than raised in place bya crane in site. I can tell you from experience the quality of most stick built homes I see is getting worse but prices keep going up.

  23. Sounds like this would be an idea strictly for the West Coast. Shipping to say Upstate NY where I live would be Ahhh-LOT.

  24. I want a tiny house I can set up in TX and eventually fold up and move to CO. 200 sq ft – but $38,000 is way overpriced. $5-10,000 makes sense. I finish the inside. Got anything?

  25. you should hire designers to create induction appliances where you dont need wiring just place appliances next to any wall with preinstalled wiring . no connection wires ..flexible design, lower costs

  26. With the homeless population continuing to increase as the Middle class slides into the Poor class. I can see this type of housing being of great benefit in alleviating the crisis in a cost efficient and timely manner.

  27. We live in Las Vegas and are looking to build a pool house and a separate guest house. This would be perfect for both. Can we be your guinea pigs?

  28. We had a democ idiot like Bloomberg expend millions &millions in bad deal!! So why not get him into this idea to help all those home less people in Calif..or even N.Y…huh???😲🙄

  29. Modular and Manufactured homes will be better as year progress due to everyone wants to travel and have more money for fun activities

  30. I was very impressed with this video… Such an amazing concept at such an affordable price! I live in Canada and know that if this was available here, there would be a huge demand for such homes. I could certainly see these for the second home for people who want a summer home apart from where they live. If it were possible, I would buy one for my son, but he does live on a small Island, so I know that would be problematic for delivery… It is a really great idea for so many different applications. Traditional home building will continue I am sure for a long time to come.

  31. I have been in construction all my life and seen a lot of changes but the traditional built home has not changed much in the last century. I think a more nontraditional construction is dentally needed. We need to start thinking of cost and safety and also not so much lumbar in a house.

  32. It seemed like this would be great for lower /modest income areas. I'm going to keep my eye on this this one because I've been looking into the possibility of building a spec home for quite some time but the problem in my area is the property value is too low to build traditional Construction

  33. I love this idea! Also, is it just me or does he look like a more handsome version of Channing Tatum? 😍

  34. I built FHA funded Manufactured homes(trailers) and attached them to property, it's called Land|Home, most are built as site built construction but the chassis still stays on and you must tie it down to a foundation. Pier and beam foundation is required per FHA here in Tx but the loan is the same. The house has to meet spec and some trailers are cheaply built just like some site built homes are so no inferior builders and home can never be moved, it's one property now.

  35. I’m definitely interested in alternatively built housing. I watch a lot of tiny house & other alternative housing vids. Maybe for myself in the future,…but I think it is the wave of now and the future. It almost HAS to be. Our world demands it, needs it. Traditional building is going to become more of a luxury. And people are getting tired of having to sink 30 or more years into a mortgage or just not being able to own and struggling to pay outrageous rents and maybe staying at a job they hate to pay for a roof over their head. People are clamoring for something else. Box-built, modular, tiny houses, tiny houses on wheels, RVs, boat houses, converted buses and shipping containers are all being used to create cheaper, flexible, more energy efficient and affordable living. Great vid. Thanks!

  36. I see $250 a month do you do financing i guess? Could i get 2 to put side by side? If yes to both I am putting down $100.

  37. I think the 3D printed concrete homes is the method of the future. Less expensive, incredibly durable & customization is easy.

  38. Miss leading I seen a spot during the video with a sign ( build anything $38.00 sq. ft ) 400 sq ft @ 38.00 per sq ft = $15.200 not near $50,000

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