Build & Battle: Garage Hackery vs. Shop Owners, Who Does it Better? EP.7

(engine running) – What I eat for breakfast, Doritos. – There’s a right tool for
the job and this is not it. – Nobody’s cheating. – Hey. (engines running) (classical music) – Quiet on set. Alright guys, back at it. And the Vargas’ don’t care cause their shit ain’t running but it’s all right, ours is. (power tools) See, boy I don’t care cause ours is runnin, theirs isn’t. – [John] You idle, you’re not running. We’ve been running. – You can’t even
understand what he’s sayin. – We got our fenders on right now. I’m gonna send him to voice lessons when we’re done with this, so we can actually hear
what he’s talking about. Fixin leaks, we’re filling fluids, we are gonna have it running. What else are we doin today, Jose? – Take all this shit apart, in the back. Make it look good. I’m gonna put some gussets
right here, on the pillars. – [Brad] Full FD spec shit. – I don’t know about FD spec but (laughs) We’ve got three relays left to do, right inside here. That’s a fan and a fuel
pump for the nitrous. Harnesses, we gotta put two
tabs in for the harnesses. – [Jose] Put our dash back in there. – [Brad] Put our dash, our back window and our top for the tailgate. Bleed the breaks, install
this 100 amp breaker that we need, and paint and decals which is full HotBoi stuff. After we get this, we’re gonna feed these
guys some breakfast. It’s hot. – I’m hot, too early and it’s already hot. – [Mike] Mochi’s chillin over there. Got turbo blanket, got some sleeves. – Some shit. Today we’re waiting on the pulley. Show up in the belts. Everything else is basically almost done. – [Mike] Yeah – Bout to weld the intake temp sensor on the pipe over there. – [Mike] Fuel lines,
tightening up the rear end, honestly it’s just a little,
a lot of little stuff so. This is done, injectors
are done, harness is done, still gotta hook up the kill switch and the battery box is gonna go over here. All in all, I mean
everything’s lookin good, so. Definitely 100% starting it today. – Aw, these input tool are sick. Yeah. (truck idling) (engine revving) (power tools) – Welcome back to Build and Battle. This is the last episode of building that you are going to get. It’s almost race day. These guys have been goin crazy. Right now we are on day 13. Brad’s vehicle’s pretty
much on the ground and done. Seems like all of his fabrication’s done, wiring, fuel lines, break
lines, all that stuff. Starts up every time. Pretty amazing work for such a short time. And then Team Vargas is right behind them. Car’s almost ready to start. Fabrication’s almost done. Wiring and all that good
stuff is almost done. And I really can’t wait to
hear that thing start up. What’s up? What are you doin? – Well, cleaning this out. – [Hert] Oh god. Oh my gosh, is that your clutch? – The master.
– [Hert] Yeah. – See if it’s even fixable. – [Hert] Yeah it looks pretty– – It’s not, we can’t rebuild it. I just called, we have to buy a new one and it’s 60 bucks. – I think it’d (mumbles). – [John] Put your hand on it. Just touch it, touch the tip. Just touch my tip, right here. – [Hert] Alright, yeah that works. See you guys are good. That’s all the throw you should need for that titanic clutch, right. – Yeah
– [Hert] Yeah. – We got our match. – [Hert] Hey, that’s nasty but it works so. – Yeah, we’ll just clean it up. – [Hert] Why spend the money
if you don’t have to, right? Team Bad Daddy. – Yes sir. – [Hert] Cars crankin every time. – Starting. Got nitrous tested, nitrous jetted. As soon as I finish the last of this, it’s just the fans that I gotta put on and we can let it fire up and go to temp. And then make sure that
we’re cooling fine. Let it turn off. Go through and check all
the bolts that loosen up when you tighten shit up. And maybe drive it. See we’ve got all our– (zapping) – [Hert] Woo ooh ooh.
– Purge. All the nitrous ready to go. – [Hert] Ooh. – She’s ready to fire and flames and– – [Hert] Everything.
– Everything. – [Hert] What are you up to back here? – Setting up our cover,
cover up the whole back. – [Hert] So much metal. – [Jose] Yeah, so much metal. – [Hert] That’s a thick piece too. – You don’t want it to flex
either, you know what I mean? So this stuff is kinda, you know, it’s a little on the heavy
side, but it won’t flex as much as if we were to
use just like some sheet, like thin sheet metal, you know. – [Hert] Right right. – Then we’d be goin down the strip goin– – [Hert] Right, right, right. – So, and then from there,
something like Brad said, we’ll take this whole thing off and then starting painting and painting. – [Hert] Right. – Make it all look fancy. – [Hert] Final touches. I want you to guess your time right now. Guess it, give me a guesstimate. – So, I’m gonna guess both people’s times. Right off the bat, they’re gonna be in the bottom of a 12 and we’re gonna be at the top of an 11. Second row down, we’re gonna fight at the bottom of the 11s and they’re gonna fight the 11s. Third row I’m not gonna bet on cause I don’t think we’re
gonna have a driver in there. We’re gonna I have some
special for that one. – [Hert] Oh. – That’ll either secure
the victory of whatever, or then the fourth one,
we’ll secure the victory– – [Hert] So you guys– – Because I’ll have to step it up and throw all of the f–
(Mochi barks) pie at it– – [Hert] You got somethin up your sleeves. – And see what’s goin on. Yeah, cause eventually we’re gonna switch both units on it and send it down with both units despite
where we are with them. – [Hert] You just wanna–
– Just to see the time. – [Hert] You just wanna hammer it? – Just to see the time. You can’t let it go without sendin– – [Hert] 300 shot. I’m excited to see you guys run. – Yeah, me too. – [Hert] It’s gonna be good. – If they can keep their car on the ground with the suspension they’re doin, it’s gonna be a great race. (jazz music) (power tools whirring and cutting) (power tools whirring and cutting) (Mochi barks) – Hi you saw our new turtle blanket? – [Mike] What the. – We got it from Cool It. It came with the wrap
with a pipe and clamps. It’s pretty cool. – [Mike] What’s the point of
having the turbo one here? – So you don’t melt everything to hell. – [Mike] It’ll actually? – Yeah it’ll start cookin the paint, any line that’s close to the turbo. This thing gets really hot
so anything that’s close to it will start getting really hot. Especially when you got
turbo so close to the intake. It’ll get the intake temps hotter. (engine idling) (engine revving loudly) – Oh yeah, huge cam. (Mochi barks)
cam right there boys. You hear that cam? (Mochi barks)
Choppin it up. Just bring Zac in here. That’s a f– (Mochi barks) 10. Allegedly there might be
some camera people saying that I cheated and I put
a built motor in there. – Well, I’m gonna stop you, right there. So you’re sayin you didn’t cheat? – Ah okay. So that I put a built motor in there and there is not a built motor in there. So we’ll divide that comment in half. Allegedly. – So he’s not fully cheating,
just kind of cheating. – It’s not a built motor in there! It’s, it’s not a built motor in there. I repeat, it’s not
– No need to get– – A built motor in there. – No need to get no need
to get so sensitive. There’s not a built motor in there. – We believe you. – Listen to that thing. – This doesn’t sound built no more. – People will trip out cause
they see all this smoke. For guys who know motors, they know. This is your fingers. This is all the oils and everything you put everywhere is now coming off. What we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna bring it up to what we hope is the
hottest it’ll ever get which is, I’m thinking 180, and then we’re gonna turn it off and we’re gonna go through
all the header bolts, all the intake bolts,
everything that got hot, we need to now re-check. (power tools whirring and cutting) (engine revving) Yee-ooh. Who’s your dad? Who is your daddy? – [Hert] Hey Brad, how’d you blow your motor up before the race? – We don’t blow LS’s, we run em to the f–
(Mochi barks) moonshines. Oh man, that feels good. – [Hert] Sounds like she’s eatin. – Now we need to get to a dyno. We need to get it on a load and we need to mess
with those AFR’s on low. – [Hert] Right.
– Cause this is just rev. Once we get the AFRs right on load, then we’ll do the nitrous. And we’ll jet the nitrous accordingly and we’re ready to take
these guys to the bank. – [Hert] So how you feelin about the terminator so far? – I love it. I love dominator and terminator stuff. Everything is awesome. Holley makes one of the easiest– I mean look it, I’m a dumb dumb. I can do it, so anybody
out there can do it. I’m a dumb dumb with a fast car and that was all the Holley. – [Hert] Hey, it’s not fast yet. You gotta get it on the track first. – She fast. – [Hert] Alright alright.
– She nasty. So, I just finished
putting the intake back on, with the piping, cause everything
right now is bolted down, so we can get it ready to turn on. Finished all the oil lines, so, basically, it’s time to put oil in the
engine and put the filter on. Yo Mike, get to work. Oh, it has a little thing in the top? – Yeah. So, they put this here
so you can put a socket and turn em out with a ratchet. Lube it, tighten it really hard, because britch boards rattle things loose, so I don’t want this thing to back out. (Speaking quietly in background) (Speaking quietly in background) – We excited to hear it. – Well, we have no gas. – [Brad] Should we get another 5, Hert? – You know where it is, I’m
not gonna pump it for you. Five dollars? – A dollar a gallon.
– A dollar a gallon? We gonna have to discuss–
– I’m broke. We’re gonna have to
discuss some things, Brad. – This thing actually makes the hole and the temple die all together, just one shot, done. This actually, believe it or
not, strengthens the metal. So, you’ve got this piece
here, which I can do that, this is only one, so you
can still do this, right? But once I put, say, another two, the flex on this will be way less. Just the fact that you
got this dimple there, that’s what gives it the strength. (drill whirring) Lay this piece there, put
the bolt through here, you put the punch through
here, put this here, and this actually has
a threaded hole there, so you actually thread that onto the bolt. Kay, use the vice just
to hold it on there. So all you do is just start crankin. So, what it’s doing is
actually cutting the hole, punching the hole in there. (metal pings) So, you hear that, that’s
when you king of tell, like “oh, I already punched the hole on there.” Now it’ll actually start
making the dimple on there. Unscrew this piece out of
there, bam, we got that. That’s the hole that it punches out. Use that as a washer, you
can use it however you want. All you gotta do is one thing, that’s it. It’ll punch a hole for you
and it’ll dimple die it. – So, since we did the
whole rear end on the front, you can see this is like the factory shit, so when we put the car on
the ground the other day, the front looks pretty high. So, got to lookin around, and I could actually
buy just fronts from BC, so we just just got just front coilovers, so we can adjust the
dampening to the front. But these are tricky, so,
since this is an older car, you can’t just put coilovers
on it, you got to weld em on. So I have to take factory strut out, complete to the spindle,
cut the spindle off, put this in it, and then
weld this to the spindle. Don’t mind the spiders. So for these, I just do it side by sides, basically you want to get
it enough to go in through if you have a lot of space, so I’ll just put it next to each other, mark it there, all the way
around, and then chop it off. (saw whirring) Got to clean all this off around the edge, ’cause we have to weld
that, clean the pipe so it actually goes in,
’cause with all this from the saw-saw, this
won’t go on smoothly. Once it’s clean I can just hammer this in and just weld it, weld the shit out of it. I hear you have to get
all the oils off the part, ’cause from where the
mouth that the car has, it has oil and shit on it,
so I just need to get it out. And the spiderwebs. (power tools whirring) You gotta get all that shit off of this, so it actually welds nicely. Yeah, but always wear glasses
when you do this shit, cause now you end up an
idiot like us sometimes, and you end up in the hospital. When this cuts, it cuts really hot, and it actually goes into
your eye, burns into your eye, and then you have to go the hospital to get it out of your eye. $400. Or pay me, I’ll do this shit for you. Make sure it’s facing
out, it can actually flex. So, make sure the logo’s
facing out, and just… (hammer hanging) So that, and you just
weld it and you’re done. That’s how you do it. – All right, so, what I’ve been doing is working on this cover
here for over the bed. So, as you can see, I’ve
been making these holes here. Trying to make them
pretty decent to the point where I can actually put
both of these together. So I’m moving back to here. The plan for this is to pretty
much cut this piece out, which I already measured
from here and here, cut this piece out just
to make a shape for it. So we’re gonna make a
small spoiler or drag wing, whatever you want to call it. For some reason it looks like
it narrows out in the back. We got more space here, and
then when you come to the back, it kinda narrows down, so we
have this overlapping piece, which I think we’re gonna have
to probably trim down a bit, so it kind of fits better onto the bed. Yeah, that’s where I’m at
right now, so I’m a continue, and hopefully I can get
this done pretty decent. (jazzy music) (machine drowns out speaker) (engine idling) (engine revving) (engine revving loudly) – John, I can’t hear you. – [John] Did it die on you or something? – John, I can’t hear you. – I think he just blew it up
– John, I can’t hear you. – He just blew it up. – John, can’t hear you. I can’t you over that LS motor runnin. That’s a big girl ready to party. – Don’t listen to Idiot, you
do not rev out your engine when you have not tuned the car yet. Don’t be an idiot. – She tuned and ready to go. Tuned. (funk music) – Brad’s got shitty aero. – I got no aero. – Yeah, he’s a blunt
front end pick-up truck, and aerodynamic, like this
is like pointy on the front, – [Brad] Like a wedge. – So it’s gonna break the wind easier. So, the important of it is, 60 foot, it ain’t gonna do nothing. Like, halfway down the track, it ain’t gonna do anything,
but on the top end, mile per hour wise, this will
have a higher mile per hour. Does it mean that it’s faster, not really. It just means that it has
a higher mile per hour. – Comes down to terminal velocity, that’s the rule of when you
fall out of an airplane, you can only achieve a certain speed. It doesn’t mean you keep falling faster and faster and faster. Your body actually stops at a speed, I think its like 120 miles per hour, and that dynamic keeps the
cars from going any faster, so you actually now have to make power to push the car through the wind, and that’s when all of
that plays in, pretty much. – Yeah, pretty much you’ll
have to make more power to compensate for our aerodynamics. – They do more for less power,
on their big end, than I do, because I’m pushing a
brick through the wind, and they’re pushing a needle. It’s like, like an
example like Cletus’ car is like a roll cage, no body. He still ran a seven nine,
I think, or a seven eight? – It was a seven eight. – Okay, but his mile per hour
was in the 190, around that. – And he’s trapping air all over. – But another local shop,
Horsepower Solutions, Josh Tonski, ran over 200 miles per hour but I don’t think he
broke into the sevens, but he still went faster. So he has the fastest
stick shift corvette, where the other one has the quickest. – Quickest time.
– So it’s two different things quickest time, faster mile per hour. – Aerodynamics.
– Aerodynamics, everything, it’s like, everything comes
into play on drag racing. – Another solid day in
the books for the boys. Team Bad Daddy Braddy has
basically just been chillin today. – I have to replace windshield
wiper blades, they’re bad. – [Hert] Oh yeah?
– Yeah, they’re like, no good. – [Hert] It’s a good thing
you got two full days. – And no budget. (Hert and Brad laughing) Out of budget, my truck runs. – [Hert] Let me hear it one more time. (truck whirring) (truck revving loudly) He blew the door open. See, he literally blew the door open. – That’s the way we do it with the LSes. (Hert Laughing) Send it. – [Hert] Now it’s time to
check on the Vargas brothers. I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. – 100% the wrong way to do it. – It’s a way to get less air in your gas. – [Hert] Oh, okay. (Hert laughing) Oh, you got it figured out. You got it pouring from all angles. – [John] Oh yeah. – [Hert] Oh my God. – Yeah. – We got a little fuel leak,
so we’re just gonna go… (car revving in bursts) – All right, it starts. (Hert laughing)
Starts. – [Hert] That’s all you gonna give us? (car revving loudly) (Hert laughing) – A lot of oil! – [Hert] Hey, it’s okay
for a first time fire. – Aint that, that’s no oil cooler. – [Hert] Yeah, there we are. (Hert laughing) – Barely made it. – [Hert] Yeah, you guys– – Now we know how to fix
fuel leak and oil leak, and finish the wiring, but, it runs. – [Hert] How you feeling now
that you’ve heard this thing? – I’m always a rotary lover,
but as long as Vargas, this John Vargas is in the
steering wheel, I’m not worried. I’m gonna hand him his ass. – You know, names like,
I can be a shitty driver but when you have all this on
it, it’s really hard to suck. – I keep telling you about the skiers that buy all the ski equipment
that sit on the bunny slope and fall down all day long. Just because they got the good shit don’t mean they know how to ski. – We’re gonna beat–
– You can strap 2x4s, Mike 2x4s to your feet–
– Kay, get your speech ready for when I win, I want a speech from you. – [Hert] All right, tomorrow’s a new day. (calm music) – Good morning Vietnam! Or actually, Hoonigan. Let’s get it on! Oh, that’s like a Zac control, huh? – [Mike] Shut up! – So, we’re here this morning
with that noisy ass dog that does nothing, and his
boss that does nothing, watching “the host with the
most” eating his breakfast. We’re back to our car, which is all done, it’s actually running, it’s driving, and we’re waiting for Carrot
Top to do the alignment. If they wanted to race
right now, we’d do it, but here we are, waiting for Vargas. – All right, so while
Hert’s too busy eating, I’m gonna over what we’re
doing today to the car. Yesterday we had a fuel
leak from this, right here, so I pulled the intake
off to fix that fuel leak. We have an oil leak in the
front somewhere up here. Mike’s putting the spacers on, and I finished putting
the BC coils back on, so this guy can align our car. – New day, same Build and Battle, but today they’ve brought
in an alignment specialist so that these buys don’t
crash at the track. Brad has been calling him Carrot Top, but I have more respect for him than that. (Hert laughing) – My name is Tanner, OC
Mobile Alignment guy. And I like doing alignments. (Hert laughing) – [Hert] I’ve never
seen a setup like this. How long you been doing this? – Like a year, year and a half now. – [Hert] All right. – Yeah, me and my friends made the plate to make the floor level and then I just got a
bunch of Wonderliner stuff. – [Hert] And just send it. – Seems to work out. – [Hert] I’m excited
to see Brad not crash. You might need to align his T-bucket cause the last couple times
he went down the track, it didn’t look, you know you did like a… (tires screeching) – And still won. (Hert laughing) – [Hert] Kay, just say thank
you to Tanner for helping you. – Thank you Tanner for helping me. – [Hert] All right, yeah. (car whirring) Hey Brad Vargas, what are you doin? Helping Mike, because
mikes a f– (Mochi barks) really cool guy, dude, Mike’s
in here, working his ass off, and now John’s mad at
him ’cause he had to go take care of something, so I’m
gonna take of Mike’s little, it happens, this shit just slipped off. – [Hert] What slipped off?
– My car’s getting aligned. So it’s just putting a line back on. Big Vargas is mad at Little Vargas, it’s the brother thing, you know. Dude, me and my brother
don’t get along like that. We would’ve already fought. (Brad laughing) (chill music) – Yeah, boy! – Oh, wait wait, put the hood on. Let’s put the hood on. (car whirring) – [Hert] Do what now? (car starting and stopping) (Hert laughing) (car starting and revving loudly) – [Hert] What happened to the oil cooler? – This is a really shitty old
cooler, so they always crack, you have to be really careful with them, and apparently I wasn’t. – [Hert] So gonna put
another one like this, or you got some–
– Yeah, you can find these, like, Mosatrix has like 80
of these in their backyard, thrown on the floor,
so there might be a way to for free like drag it out as a NOS kit. (Hert laughing) So just go pick it up and put
it on and be done with it. – [Hert] Alignment time? – Yep. – [Hert] How’s it going Brad? – Good good good. – [Hert] You happy with what
you’re finding out here? What are you finding out here? – We’re at 3214, it’s a little
thicker than I wanted to be, but we’re fine, I wanted
to be under 300 pounds. But we’re all right, if we
can get the dyno numbers that I want to get out of
it, which is the 500 number, – [Hert] 500.
– The calculator’s saying like 1070s. – [Hert] Ooh, at 500 horsepower? – Yeah, which is the same as
them making 400 at 2500 pounds, so, per calculator, we’re
right at the same built cars. – [Hert] Right. – But that’s perfect world,
everything working right. – [Hert] Is that 32 with you in it? – Yeah. – [Hert] I mean, it’s not
bad for a truck, fully caged, the big rear end, big tires. – She’ll run.
– Full chassis, basically – Yeah, full frame,
– Yeah. – all stock suspension, we
didn’t lower or lose any weight on our suspension, but he did
nice job rolling the fenders to make it look good. – [Hert] Yeah, no, this
truck’s looking tough, I can’t wait for you to clean it up and, I want to see what you
do for style points. – I got the best style guy on it. – [Hert] Oh yeah? – Yeah.
– [Hert] All right. What are you doing next? – Uh, I think we’re gonna
get it off, warm it up, and we’re actually gonna try to drive it, after we bleed the brakes,
’cause I need to do a learn tune, and just let it learn unload. – [Hert] That’s so crazy that
that’s where we’re at now. – Like, it learns.
– [Hert] Or that’s where V8s are at anyway. – Yeah, like they learn themself. – [Hert] You can literally
just drive it around and it figures itself out. – Nah, everybody was
so into the carburetor and distributor for
years and years and years cause the simplicity of it. The Holley system has now
broke that simplicity down so that everybody can use it. – [Hert] With EFI.
– With EFI. – [Hert] Yeah.
– Yeah, there’s that warmup in the morning holding
your foot on the throttle, chugging going up and down when it’s cold, – [Hert] Yeah.
– all that’s gone. And fuel mileage too, God, the difference between carburetor and fuel injection is phenomenal. – [Hert] V8s are cheaters
when it comes to MPG. – They are.
(Hert laughing) Stay out of em, they do good. Stay in em and they take it all. – [Hert] All right, good luck. Style up. All right, John is
officially on the scales. Tanner, the alignment man, – We made it.
– [Hert] Handlin business. – How much do you think the car weighs? What’s your guess? – 2875. – [Hert] 20, wait, say it again? – 2875. – You and me, Hert and him in it, cause it weighs 2100 pounds. (Brad whistling) Go ahead, calculate, put 2100
pounds at 400 horsepower. – [Hert] Well now you gotta get in it and weight it with you in it. – [Tanner] Jesus Christ. (Hert Laughing) – [Hert] Ah, that’s a good reaction. – [Tanner] It’s like 1000 pounds heavier. (everyone laughing) – [Hert] So from– – [Brad] How much does it weigh now? – [Hert] 2416. – [Brad] Wow, that’s quite a
bit of a difference there, bud. – [Hert] 2416, minus– – [Brad] You should think about a diet. – [Hert] 2168 is– – Trying to keep it even so
you don’t give up so easily. – [Hert] So how much
horsepower you gonna make, now that you know your weight? – Uh, can only–
– All of it. – we will have to make sure. If we make 400, we’re still
gonna run 11, almost at a 10. – Four one six, what did you want? – 400 horsepower. – [Jose] 10 six. – Okay, and so ours is
3210, and we’re gonna say, we’ll just do 500 horsepower. So, in theory, we are damn close. – So, put us at 572 that we
owe, which we plan on making. – So you’re gonna be–
– 2416 – 2416, and what’d you say?
– 570. – 570?
– Yeah. (Hert laughing) (everyone except Brad laughing) – [Hert] Wait wait wait, wait wait wait. 943. – He’s abusing an elderly man right now – We’re sorry Brad, we’re sorry. – [Jose] 650. – [Brad] Let’s go for the big shot. – [John] That’s gonna
blow the f– (Mochi barks) up like that. – Whoa!
– You still wouldn’t catch us. – Whoa.
– 650 is a lot, you’re gonna have to open the bottle up. – [Hert] Brad, you okay? – Perfect world, and I
aint see Big Boy dance on those f– (Mochi barks) high heels so, proof’s in the pudding. (multiple people talking at once) – Your best chance of winning
right now is with my truck. That’s straight up. Cause with you driving,
first win’s in the bag. First win’s in the bag.
– He know, he know Mike. – [Hert] Michael Maddock?
– He looked Mike up, and he knows Mike breaks
shit, so I’m driving. – No, let the real drag racer run. Heads up. [John] I can run 400
horsepower and still beat you. It don’t matter, we weigh 2100 pounds. – [Brad] John, John. (truck revs loudly) – Hey, my truck with a blown head axis still runs too, it’s a V8. (electronic music) (machinery and tools whirring) – Ah! Still there. – I’m gonna fire it up and
see if I can get reverse. (truck revving) Yeah, I have no reverse. I know track break. Our trans break button is not activating the trans break itself, and that’s also what
activates the reverse, so I called the transmission guy, and he told me to check
what I already checked, and we might end up pulling the tranny out and sending it back to
the transmission guy. On the last day. – [John] Hey, there’s no hurry. – That’s brutal, I’ll tell you. – [Jose] Gotta wait for
our f– (Mochi barks) now. (power tools whirring) – I think I can see it right here. Yup. (ratchet clicking) – [Jose] And, it’s going down. (metal clanging) – Well, (laughs) – You all right? – Yep, all good. – [Tanner] Brad, you okay? – Yeah. – [Jose] Holy shit. – [Hert] What you got there? – Just a little fancy, fancy thing. – [Jose] A cactus. – Call it a cactus, f– (Mochi barks) you. (Hert laughing) I can fab a little bit, even
though I have my right w– Ah!
(Hert laughing) It’s all welded up. Slips on there. It still fits good. And it still has the hood exit,
and it’s all one piece now. Debating whether or not to wrap it. – [Mike] We’ll give it a brushed look. – Mike, wrap it up or not? – All brushed looking like,
nah, leave it like that. – Why no wrap? – So you can like– – So you know the girth of the pipe. – My baby. I mean this. (machinery and tools whirring) – I think that looks good, right? – [Jose] Good, right? (background music drowns out words) – [Brad] Brand new dash. There you go, just like that.
– [Jose] Yup. (car starting and idling) – [Mike] What’s leaking? – [John] More oil. – [Brad] Yeah!
– [Mike] Holy shit! That’s a rotary for you! – Ah, f– (Mochi barks) these oil coolers. – Ah, hold on, let me
look, let me look here. – Hey, those guys look
like they can’t afford– – Hold on, hold on, let me see here. – Can’t afford those, those
are Guccis, get off here. – They’re Gucci. I can afford that. – [Mike] We might as well just
bypass the f– (mochi barks) – Why, you crooked? – [Mike] I barely– – Got a messy going for ya.
– You over tightened it. – You tightened it too hard
John, you tightened it too hard. – What now, Mike? Huh? Say sorry! Say sorry. – This thing– – Let’s see who has more cracks. – [Mike] I think this thing was broken– – Let’s see who has more cracks. (chill, drum-heavy music) – [John] Okay. – Stop stop stop stop stop. (engine running) – What I eat for breakfast, Doritos. – So these boys basically
have one more day left to clean up all the final bits and pieces. Brad doing the transmission, them styling up and doing
whatever they need to do. Then, they’re gonna get a little test day, which you’ll probably
see on the bonus channel, but the race day, the race day, that’s what we’re all waiting for. – Garage built against shop built. Here we go.
– [Hert] Hey, you both built em in a garage. – That’s shop owners,
– [Hert] Oh. – against your garage hackery. – [Hert] Shop owner.
– Okay? Shop owners, garage hackery. – [Hert] That’s your favorite thing, huh? – Garage hackery. (Hert laughs)
– Owned, built, and driven in the garage. – Garage hackery versus shop owners. So stay tuned for the
next Build and Battle, race day is coming. You don’t want to miss it. It’s gonna be fantastic. (trumpet music) – Today we gotta clean it up.
– [John] Come on, Mike. Get it done. A lot more work to do today. – [Jose] It’s just little things. (Brad yells) (cars revving) – But if you guys just did
this to run on mineral oil, I mean you guys can go to the post. (Brad shouting wordlessly) – [John] Rad car. (Brad continues to shout) (everyone except John laughing) – [Hert] That’s–
– You hear his thumb hitting the car. – You want me to put my car, cause I don’t think I
could do the (shouts).

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  1. Okay, you've seen both cars run (for better or worse). Which Battle Builder is gonna claim the quickest and fastest run of the day? Drop your E.T. and trap speed below.

  2. That startup smoke on the S10 is what I love to call the christening. I smoke up the block on the first rip of every new engine.

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