Business Owner Ashley Elsey

My experience at Lewisville Independent
School District was remarkable. I learned hard work and perseverance and
discipline and what it took to be successful. When I went to Rice
University on an athletic basketball scholarship, I was facing an incredibly
competitive academic environment but I felt fully prepared and, in fact, some of
my writing and the communication skills I learned while I was at Lewisville
Independent School District helped to shape me and helped to lay a foundation
for the communications consulting firm that I now own and run. At Minerva
Consulting we really sit down and work with companies to help identify the
soul of who they are. I took a leave of absence and had the honor of working
with President and Mrs. Bush launching the Bush Presidential Center at SMU. It
was an opportunity of a lifetime where I got to work with world leaders and
launch all kinds of different areas of engagement and policy, focusing on
education to human freedom. What I love about the Lewisville Independent School
District is that everyone was invested in my success and one person’s success was everyone’s success, from the teachers to the administration to the coaching staff
to the friends that you made in the community that exists here.
It was a remarkable experience that you felt that people were pulling for you,
but people were trying to find the resources you might need to be
successful. My name is Ashley Elsey, and I’m a proud LISD graduate, class of 1994.

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