(techno pop music) – Hi, I’m Rich Harvey,
CEO of Propertybuyer. And today, I’m gonna talk to you about how to find an off-market property and what is an off-market property. An off-market property is
something that might be a preview or pre-listing property, and that means that the
agents just wanna show it to a select few people on their database. But a true off-market property is one that will never
be publicly advertised, and that’s gold if you
can find one of those. Why would a vendor think about selling a property off-market? Well, there might be a couple of reasons. One is they don’t wanna pay for marketing. Another might be that
they want complete privacy and anonymity when selling their home. It could be a high-profile
or celebrity person. Or it might be just the vendor
wants to test the market before going to the broader, open market through advertising. Well, how do you find these
off-market properties? What’s the secret source? Well, there is no secret source. It’s simply hard work. One, you can door knock properties, one, you can ask around friends and colleagues who’s selling, but one of the best ways we find is through our agent database. We have over 4,000 agents on our database and we have a ready opportunity
to access a huge number of off-market properties
through our clients. So as buyers’ agents, we’ve
got some of those secret keys to find those off-market properties. What are the benefits of off-market? Well, one is that you don’t
have as much competition and you can take a little bit more time to do your research. You don’t have as many
people all competing for the same property. On the flip side, the challenge of buying
an off-market property is that the vendor might
want a premium price because they feel they
haven’t tested the market. So just because it’s
an off-market property doesn’t mean you can shortcut
through due diligence or it doesn’t mean that it’s any better than an on-market property. You’ve gotta compare
all kinds of properties and work out what is the one that fits the right benefits for you. If you’d like more information on how to access these
sorts of properties, please download my free guide, How To Buy Off-Market Property. Have a click on the link on the slide next or go to our website and
look on the free downloads. Thanks for watching and we
look forward to speaking soon. (techno pop music)


  1. Good honest video! Most buyers expect off-market properties bought through a buyers agent to be under market value. Usually its the opposite and the seller will usually be expecting market price or a premium over market value.

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