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We’re all scared of death but I’m
somewhat of an extreme case. Death terrifies me. It’s on my mind an
unhealthy amount. So after years of anxiety,
it’s time for a new approach. Over the next few weeks,
I’m getting up close to death to find out how we can
come to terms with what’s waiting for us all. When you finally have the knowledge,
this is how you’ll die. Probably I’m going to make
sure I’ve got a stash of pills somewhere. What I could see was a tunnel of white light. Stop one, Las Vegas. And a convention for people
who are trying to find a cure for death. The most powerful
thing that we can do is end ageing and death because it’s our worst enemy. Raad Fest is an annual gathering of
scientists, activists and thinkers with one common goal, to radically extend the
human lifespan. I don’t know what I should expect. What should I expect from the weekend? It’s a little bit extreme. Yeah? It’s radical. It’s not just like,
getting a little bit healthier … No, we’re not. We’re just not going to age. We’re just not going to do it. To an outsider, just not ageing sounds a bit far-fetched,
but to Raad Fest founders, that’s just a defeatist mindset which holds us back. Bernie and I are about being unstoppable and we’re blessed, I’m very grateful to be here with all of you tonight. I’m going for … that I don’t have an end. That’s the way I feel. I’m going all the way. We have this dream of actually
curing ageing and death and not have to face
this terrible enemy anymore. I’m already there. I’m already there! I’m already physically immortal. We’re going to turn this world upside down. Exactly. We’re going to turn this world upside down. To come in, first night, first talk and
both of them just be like: ‘We’re not going to die, and neither are any of you.’ It’s definitely set the tone
for what should be an interesting weekend. Key takeaways so far:
it’s quite an old crowd that’s very keen on eternal life. But is any of this realistic or just an
exercise in self delusion? And what is it
that’s driving their wish to live forever? It’s really nice to meet you both. Should we sit? This might be an inappropriate question, are you two together or … ? – No.
No. No, I don’t think it’s inappropriate. No, we’re business partners. I do think she’s very sexy, though. Can’t disagree with that. I hope so, I mean … In your presentation last night,
you spoke about your philosophy of going
the whole way. What does that mean? I’m just not closing the door
on my staying around … alive. I think it’s so right on
for the human body not to die. As people are so programmed to death and that death is inevitable and
therefore we don’t really value human life that we live and shit, we don’t
value our own bodies. We create all kinds of, I call them,
coping mechanisms to justify death, you know,
to make death more palatable. We think the most powerful thing
that we can do is end ageing and death because it’s our worst enemy. I thought you were going to say it
was kind of a state of mind thing, but it is actually about not dying. No, it’s not a state of mind. You can’t think this,
you can’t, you know, we’re not going to bring about the ending of ageing and
death just thinking about it. It’s actually a moral issue,
I think people who support death … say it’s right.
I think it’s immoral. I think it’s immoral to support a world that the
soul suffers from disease and ageing. We have to do something about it. The moral thing to do is to help change that. Safe to say that Bernie and James are on
the extreme end of the anti-death spectrum. But what about Raad Fest’s guests,
do they share this belief that we can live forever? Hi. What’s your name? Michelle.
– I’m Leah. And what is it about the life extension
movement that you like? I love it because I feel
that we can rejuvenate, we can reverse age. I want to live forever but feeling good. Robert Brick.
– Robert, nice to meet you. Hi Leah, I’m Sumbai. Sumbai? Nice to meet you. Although this doesn’t say so. It says Steven. Yes.
– Right. Some people would say, isn’t
ageing just a natural part of life? Isn’t it just what happens? Yes but, you know, the Earth
was flat at one time and back in the Middle Ages, I guess,
you know we were geocentric, we thought the Earth was
in centre of the world. Ageing is not normal
or not natural. Now let’s do something about it. So, that’s why we are here. I can see how the older you get, the more you might want
to believe that death is avoidable. And at Raad Fest,
there’s no shortage of sales people claiming that their project
will help. So, can a day of wellness therapy turn
back my biological clock? OK, so everybody that I’ve taken your
name, I’m going to ask you to wait around the corner so we can open up this walkway. So this is the exam or the testing portion of the longitudinal study. Dr Watson’s ready for you right now. We’re testing for lifestyle factors,
blood biomarkers, cognitive factors … OK, so I’m tapping as soon as I hear the sound? We are testing for body composition,
your visceral fat, your muscle mass … So, that’s pretty good. You want to be farther
on the right end of the scale. Guess I’m too fat. I’m Rudy Hoffman, I’m doing life insurance to fund the cost of
cryogenic or cryonic suspension or preservation. So cryonics basically is people being
frozen immediately upon pronouncement of legal death with the
idea that a future technology can fix us. A mistake most people make is,
you’re going after the muscle. No, it’s the fascia that controls the muscle,
not the muscle controlling the fascia. This is about sound healing,
so it’s working with precise frequencies. I feel so weird. I’ve had so many treatments. I feel like I’ve been poked and prodded … I actually feel different. I do feel different but I don’t know if
it’s good different or if I just feel a bit nuts. How old do I feel? I feel about 30. To actually reverse ageing, we’ll need
some serious science. And for that, there’s
anti-ageing guru Aubrey de Grey, who thinks his work will soon see
humans living for hundreds of years. There it is! I try to make sure that people understand that this is both the most important crusade of humanity and also that it’s a plausible crusade that has a respectable chance
of success in the foreseeable future. What can, if anything, a normal person
like me do to live longer and healthier? You’re doing something
quite important for that right at this moment by interviewing me. Because the fact is that the thing that will
matter the most for you, is not what you can do today
to your own body but rather how soon the work
that I do comes along, whether or not it comes along
in time for you in other words. So the longer you live,
the longer we all live? Well, that’s right, yeah. Obviously the planet is not
in a great nick at the moment and people are worried that, you know, in the next hundred years
a lot of it is going to become uninhabitable … But it sounds like you think
that we’re going fix that. These questions are really,
really easy to answer. It takes zero time to think about the
answers. We are inventing all these technologies like, you know, renewable energy and artificial meat and desalination and so on … These things are reducing
and are going to reduce dramatically the amount of pollution
that any given individual generates which means that we will raise the
carrying capacity of the planet. How long do you think it’s going to be until
we all are living longer and healthier? People … of course I say this all the time, but my current guess is that
we have a 50/50 chance of getting to a really decisive
level with these therapies within about 17 years from now. By my predictions, you’ve got more
than a 50/50 chance of making the cut. – Sound good to me. There you go. Fantastic, thank you very much. My pleasure. Not everyone at Raad Fest is waiting for a
scientific breakthrough to save them and the daily grind of life extension
can be quite hard work. Do I have food in my teeth? No, you’re good. What do you do day-to-day to keep
yourself healthy? I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I eat organic,
mostly vegetarian, I take about 50 life extension
supplements a day … You know, you should have
omega-3 but not necessarily omega-6, right? I didn’t know that, no. Yeah, so most nuts have
more omega-6 than omega-3. I eat nuts. OK, but what kind of nuts do you eat? Almonds, cashews … OK, so would you like me to show you this chart?
It’s going to blow your mind. Sure. My purse here, look at this. This is what caused me to learn about it,
right here. I think it’s like the ratio
that can predict dementia. Right here, look at this. Almonds: 2,000 of omega-6 to one of omega-3. Oh … Oh! Even though you and I thought they
were really good. Yeah … Not. You know, all of this information, like,
you’re obviously learning so much and changing the way you behave … But it’s a lot to think about. Can you kind of understand when people
can’t be bothered with this stuff? But what are they doing
that’s more important? I guess … I know! I know what you’re doing. They’re watching television. Right? Is that more important than this? No. I’m just like, man, I was trying to be
healthy by eating almonds, now I can’t eat almonds … You’re healthy because you’re young and you’re at a longevity concert. You notice that most people
that are here are not young. I have noticed that. We’re older and we’re a little bit concerned
if not scared. What is it that you think people are scared of? Well, I think when you see someone who
can’t walk or who’s wheelchair ridden or who can’t think, who is obviously
demented or has terrible chronic disease or is a cardiac cripple and they have
the same chronologic age as you do … Then you say, whoa baby,
I don’t want to look like that. I don’t want to go down that road,
I don’t want to give up what I’ve got. Right? Because you … the old saying
about youth is wasted on the young because you don’t appreciate it because you’ve never
had anything else, right? Yeah. I’m starting to get that this isn’t
about omega-6, or biological markers or cryogenic freezing. What’s brought these
people here is a lot simpler than that. It’s not fun to look at death, it’s
sad when you have loved ones or friends or whoever died. It’s not nice. I think there needs to be an end to death, it brings a lot of pain to people. Why should I give up? There’s nothing
pretty about death. Nothing. Nothing at all. Just keep on living and feeling and
loving and caring. I don’t want to die, I don’t ever want to die. So, the weekend is done and it has been a
very weird weekend but as someone who has always been really, really scared of
death I actually think that what’s weirder is not just acknowledging that
death is really sad and quite scary, it’s definitely not a movement for everyone
but I think what is at its core is just a wish to get the most you can out of
life and to me there’s nothing crazy about that. I really hope you enjoyed
episode one of Death Land, let me know in the comments
if you have any questions or thoughts and I’ll try to get back to you. Episode two is very different. I’m spending the day with a doctor whose whole life revolves around death and finding out how her patients contend
with the end of their lives. If you don’t want to miss it,
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54 Replies to “Can we live forever? | Death Land

  1. Leah @TheGuardian , will this series include discussion on stem cells and organ regeneration, and the role that will play in extending the human lyfe cycle???

  2. If people could live forever it would have serious implications for reproduction assuming life means requiring the necessities of life.

  3. I think the cycle of life and death is one of the most natural things in existence. It's a fact of life that cells age, rocks erode and time passes. Although it's scary and frightening for some people, I honestly think there is no sustainable way of having people live forever on a planet that is inevitably going to die

  4. I am also scared of death to hell! It consumes my thoughts! I have some slight PTSD more then slight but I need to fix it but it complicates things

  5. I think, I have seen an angel. Her name is (I actually don't know her name, but she is your anchor here) 😍
    Edit: Her name is Leah!!! Hello!

  6. So people are saying death is natural and we should accept/appreciate it. Personally I'm not that scared of death but I'm still young so that's not a surprise. I'm more scared of my loved ones dying tbh.
    But should we embrace death if we don't have to? What's so moral about dying?

    If we cured death we would have to enact serious population control until we found another planet to live on. Or maybe discover a more permanent source of renewable energy since over population is really a problem of energy conservstion. I know that sounds crazy but it might be possible. If we lived longer maybe more people would try their hand at science and engineering since you have more time to learn and aren't forced to choose between your interests. Geniuses wouldn't have to die but could continue working and building on all the knowledge that's accumulated in their minds over hundreds years. Or maybe we could take it in turns at living, after 100 years you sleep for 100 years while others take the wheel. What I'm saying is I see no practical problem associated with long lives we couldn't deal with.

    It seems like because we have to die it's in our best interest to not only accept our fate but see the beauty in it. But if we didn't have to die this "death is beautifully" mentality might become less prevalent.

  7. Interesting subject. I hope you’ll get to speak to the scientists who grow your organs for later replacement. I’m sure whether it’s legal or not there are places in the world where this is already happening.

  8. They're all americans, what a surprise. Incidentally, the entrance fees for Raadfest start at $740, and it's basically a big marketing event. Exhibitors pay $1,600 for a stall. This is all a massive event to trick gullible old people into parting with their hard-earned money

  9. No it is NOT possible to live forever. The Lord determined that long ago. Waste of time and money to pursue it. Tragic to try. Just tragic. If man thinks so, they are only fooling themselves.

  10. A very successful sales technique used by those with no conscience – making cash from preying on people's fears and desires.

  11. The guy with the cap on said, "Aging is Not normal and Aging is not Natural!" I just wonder what planet he is living on? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. This is so sad that people buy into cryogenics. Waste of money. Time and resources. Once your last breath is taken, on The Judgment Day, you will either spend eternity in Heaven or Hell!!! No other options. Sorry, but thats the truth!

  12. I saw the couple from RAAD in a documentary maybe twenty years ago. They certainly look a hell of a lot older now. By the time they reach 250 they'll look like a couple of crabs, scuttling around.

  13. (James 4:14) This life is nothing but a Vapor, its a Dress Rehearsal for Eternity. Heaven and Hell are REAL PLACES. And BOTH are ETERNAL. You will live forever in one or the other, the CHOICE is yours.

  14. It's ironic that the first couple look like death yet do not believe in it, hahaha!
    Hardly surprising this ideology though, especially in the US as the country is full of loonies supporting a plethora of bizarre beliefs.

  15. View Katrina Kostaki Official video with Delores Cannon, The Edge Of Wonder, and Near Death Experience, videos on YouTube. Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, Corey Goode, Emery Smith, The Truth About Cancer, Matrix Wisdom, David Wilcock, Simon Parkes, Ancient Aliens, Command Sergeant Major Robert Orel Dean, Food Revolution Network, Anonymous Official video with Elon Musk the chip in brain next year one.

  16. The odd thing is that there were zero questions about actual science. There are quite a few ideas and demonstrations out there for how one could modulate cellular aging mechanisms, but no mention of that at all. Overall, it seems like an event made to scam people out of conference fees.

  17. I work in ICU and if you want to live longer ( not forever ) Eat Right and Surround yourself with social networks of support and limit carcinogenic elements . Especially drinking and smoking . It will increase your quality of life also .

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