43 Replies to “Caught On Camera: Realtor Attacked During Open House In Encino

  1. Good advice from the realtor about screaming. But what a stupid reporter question…you still going to a realtor? The reporter is disrespectful and dumb. Instead I appreciate the realtor advice and sharing her story.

  2. Women’s realtors don’t go by your self at get a good friend or co workers wit you thanks you God blessings you ❤️🙏🏽

  3. Don't quit because of one negative experience please. May I suggest yelling FIRE repeatedly tho instead, in the event of self defense or in defending others even.
    I am so sorry this happened to you. But please, do not alter your life because of one low life, fat, balding and most ugly inside and out male.

  4. Happened in No Freedoms Heavily Regulated Socialistville California.
    Welcome to big government!
    Don’t you worry! Big brother will protect you!
    California! Where they take good care of the illegal foreign alien invaders and criminals and leave the hard working tax paying law abiding citizens defenseless.
    Anywhere else and that untamed uncivilized cross eyed brain damaged liberal socialist parasite would be shot dead.

  5. This is an Arab / Amenian thing. All the female agents that work at this Encino Keller Williams office are of Middle Eastern decent. Armenian men who get old all have receding hair lines like this idiot! This creep knew who this woman was cuz these Armenians all run in close circles. There police, I did all the leg work for you. Now go get your shinebox!!

  6. The reason why he shoved her and looked at the camera is that he was checking the position and angle. He couldn't get her out of the field-of-view so he shoved her out of the camera's coverage.

  7. I'd like to see a green card before anything? Sorry…..she wants the law then let's make sure it wasn't BROKEN BEFORE the pushing….

  8. Sad. The Kleard app could have helped prevent this situation. It instantly verifies buyers and keeps a trace of their event activity at showings and open houses.

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