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You need to move out. What? I still have three days
until the move-out date. You can’t ask me to leave
so suddenly. The new tenant wants to
move in tomorrow. I can’t lose him,
so please empty the room. I’ll trust that you’ll move out. Thank you. (Airport Bus Stop) (Airport Limousine) – Where are you traveling to?
– Pardon? I’m not going on a trip.
I’m going to work. I work at the airport. Which one? Asiana? Korean Air? Those are airlines. I work for the Airport Corporation. – Aren’t they all the same?
– No. The airlines do work
that’s related to flights. Airport Corporation manages
the airport… and takes care of the safety
of the passengers. They’re totally different companies
with different presidents. Still, you must get some discounts
when you book flights. Do you get about 20
to 30 percent discount? No, not even one percent. I guess airport employees… have no perks then. I thought they did. No, we don’t. So did you decide to stay there? Yes. I’ll stay at T2
for a bit longer. What’s the reason? Why did you decide to
stay there longer? Frankly, I didn’t want to
make any reasons. We’ll perform a few more surgeries. But there is almost no chance
of his right arm and leg… functioning normally again. I didn’t want to… make any reason to live… or to endure. I decided that I wouldn’t… let anyone or anything
move my heart. But… Is it a woman? Yes. It is. Thank you. Give me your passport. Please wait a second. (Retrial Required) Sorry, but you cannot enter
with this passport. Madam, please let me go in. I’m about to have a baby. I want to be with my wife. Please. Could you please come this way? – Ma’am, please.
– No. I need to see my wife. – Please.
– No. What? You can’t accept any more? No. As you can see,
we’re all full here. We can’t accept any more. Can’t you make an exception? I actually work at the airport. No. What do I do? – Hello.
– Hello. Good morning! Good morning. Ms. Yang. What is this? It’s a letter we sent yesterday
to request for your cooperation. This is hardly a request. It’s more like a threat. You’re pressuring us
about our additional facilities, the carts at duty-free, as well as the tensabarriers
in front of the stores. You know very well
the tensabarriers… cannot be in the hallways. The shops are overflowing
due to the number of passengers. Can’t you let it pass
for just a little while? No. I can’t. No, no, no, no. It’s high season right now. Let our stores make some money. The safety of our passengers
is our utmost priority. I know that. We’re finally doing better
with our sales. Cut us some slack. What if an accident happens? What if someone gets hurt? What if we’re asked to reprimand? Will you be responsible
for everything? You have zero flexibility. Do you have to be so stuck up? Why should I be flexible about
abiding by the rules? Are you saying… you’ll keep to your decision? It’ll be a warning
up until tomorrow. Starting the day after,
we’ll have to use force. Please ask every shop
for their cooperation, Ms. Heo. Good… Mr. Lee. The water dispenser at… the departure’s waiting room
is acting up again. Go with Facility
to check on the condition. Me? Weren’t you in charge
of the water dispensers? Right. Okay. What happened to Ms. Heo? She should take care of her team.
Why did she come here? Did you order the tensabarriers
I asked you to yesterday? That? Ms. Han… Make sure to double check
if the order went through. Okay. So? What are you doing now? What do you think? I’m looking
for a place to leave the bags. Do you want to come to my house? But you live with your parents. My parents are really laid-back. If we explain that you have
three days before your move, they won’t misunderstand. Forget it. I’ll take care of it. Right, isn’t it today? Yes. He’s coming today. The flight is scheduled to arrive
at 7:30pm. Just wait. I’ll give you a live report. You don’t have to do that.
You’re being too nice. Make sure to eat lunch. Okay. Let’s talk later. Are you dating? – Who?
– You, Eun Seob. No way. I’m not dating. She’s a friend.
We started working on the same day. Your voice sounded so sweet
while talking to her. Who? You, Eun Seob. Do you want
something else to drink? Perhaps, a snack? Did you hear about the disturbance
that a drunk Russian made yesterday? Yes, I did. We were ordered to be firm
with disorderly passengers. We have to make sure
that they don’t disturb… the other passengers.
Be quick and firm. Yes, sir. You were drinking a lot yesterday.
Are you feeling all right? Beer can’t do anything to me.
It’s like water. I didn’t know
you were such a good drinker. From now on, you can drink
my shots for me at team dinners. I’m sorry, but I only do that
for my boyfriend. Did you have a boyfriend? Why do you ask?
Is it wrong for me to have one? No. It’s just that
you’re always working hard, so… What do you mean by that? Are hardworking women all single? What about those who slack off?
Is it because they’re all dating? Where did you get
such a biased idea? That’s not what I meant. That’s how I took it. I’m sorry. I made a mistake. – Thank you for admitting it fast.
– Sure. – By the way…
– Yes? What? The pregnant woman at 10 o’clock
doesn’t seem to be comfortable. What should we do? Is Yeo Reum still not here? She’s casually 20 minutes late. If she transferred to T2, she should work harder
with a new mind and spirit. I always knew I was unlucky, but I didn’t know I’d be unlucky
with my staff. Gosh. What are you doing there? Oh, well… I… My shoelaces came… You’re really something. Bye. I went to the field
to go for a round. – The field?
– Yes. I came here an hour ago,
checked the field, and came back. An hour ago? – Really?
– Yes. We were transferred to T2.
I should work harder… with a new mind and spirit. – Then…
– Hey. Right. I put in the order
for tensabarriers last night. They told me we’ll get them
by the weekend at the latest, but I’ll double-check this morning. Okay. Great. Okay, then. You came an hour early? Weren’t you on the same bus as me? Gosh,
did you even see me on the bus? You don’t sleep very calmly. I couldn’t help but notice. Did I snore by any chance? What were all those luggage bags? Oh, they’re my stuff from home. I’m scheduled to move into the
company accommodation in three days, but I had to move out
of my place today. You even saw my luggage? When? Drink this. It must’ve been tiring to pretend
that you went to the field. My gosh. I only lied so that
I wouldn’t get in trouble. Let’s not make a huge deal about it. Aren’t you going to drink it? Isn’t it hot? My gosh, I know you can’t
feel pain, but you still shouldn’t hold
something so hot like it’s nothing. Let me see. See? I knew it. Your hand’s red because of the heat. Just because you can’t feel pain
doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Your brain might not acknowledge it,
but I’m sure it actually hurts. My gosh, look at this. Do you always touch… other people’s hands
so easily like this? What? I’m sorry
if it made you uncomfortable. Bye, then. See you. A little. – What?
– You only snored a little. We’ll be checking the airside
this morning. The water dispenser in the
departure waiting room is broken. My gosh, how embarrassing. I’m calling from the
information desk on the first floor. A pregnant lady
in front of Gate B… is apparently having
difficulty breathing. I need someone from
Passenger Services to help her. Okay, I’ll be right there. It’s been a while, Soo Yeon. In Woo! In Woo! In Woo!

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