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Do you know my dad? Do you? Yes, I do. How? Because I went there often. Really? How often? Often. For a long time. At first, I thought he was
just a restaurant owner. Later, I found out that he was… an unpopular,
children’s book author. And that he had been
writing a children’s story… for his daughter who was
parted from him when she was young. When did you know… that he was my dad? From the start. Why didn’t you… tell me sooner? How can I explain… that it wasn’t just
a coincidence? Just like how your dad… held onto me. And just like how I attracted
your compass. She’s my daughter.
Isn’t she pretty? Among all those coincidences, there must’ve been
some kind of a gravitational energy. And that energy… pulled us toward each other. But I wonder… how much of that you’ll believe. I just asked you
why you didn’t tell me anything. I didn’t want to act like
I knew anything. I wasn’t planning on working here
for long anyway. – And…
– And what? And I wasn’t sure
if you’d be happy… to hear about your dad. What kind of daughter
wouldn’t want to hear about her dad? I heard he got divorced
when you were young… and that he never got to meet you
ever since. So that could always be
a possibility. Do you see this? My dad gave this to me… on my ninth birthday. I always got lost so easily. So he told me
that it’s okay to get lost… and that I shouldn’t worry. What kind of daughter
would hate a dad like that? Your dad… would’ve been really happy
if he heard what you just said. Can you tell me more… about my dad? Next time. I’ll slowly tell you more about him
when we have time. You should go home for now. Do I really have to go? Yes, I’d prefer it if you did. What are you doing here? Hello, I’m Han Yeo Reum,
your new roommate. – What?
– I’ll be living here from today on. I look forward to living with you,
Young Joo. That’s my room. I see. And that’s the bathroom. I see. Hello? Did you get home safely? I succeeded in entering my room. That will do.
You should take some rest. I’m sure you must be tired. Hey, Soo Yeon. – Yes?
– Well… Thank you. Thank you for telling me
about my dad. Goodnight. Thank you. Hello. Don’t touch my food. Don’t touch my drinks. I’m going to use
the top two shelves. You can use the bottom two. I came first, so it’s okay for me
to get the first choice, right? Yes, of course. I also divided all the cabinets
in the kitchen, so you can use the empty ones. Please make sure your stuff
doesn’t get mixed with mine. I hate having my stuff
mixed with others’… when I’m living with someone. Okay, but can I drink
a bottle of water? The convenience store is on the
right side of our accommodation. Once you start borrowing
other people’s stuff, it’ll become a habit
and it’ll end up causing trouble. It might be bothersome,
but please buy your own. Okay. Just because we live together
doesn’t mean we need to be friends. And I hope you don’t start… asking me personal questions
thinking that we’re close. We’re just sharing a house together. We’re not friends. Do you have anything else to say? No, I have nothing much
to say right now. I’ll tell you if anything
comes to mind. – Will that be okay?
– I see. Okay, then. This is so uncomfortable. Gosh, why can’t she be
a little nice? What’s the big deal about
letting me drink a bottle of water? I would’ve bought one for her later. Don’t you agree? I’m sure she knew I didn’t have
anything to drink or eat… because I moved in
really late last night. If it was me,
I would’ve given her… a bottle of water
before she even asked. I mean, how could she be
so cold-hearted? Don’t you agree? My gosh. Who was so cold-hearted? Eun Seob. Who’s the brat that was
so cold-hearted toward you? What are you doing here
at this hour and not working? I was waiting for you. I wanted to know
if you moved in okay. So I waited here
to go to work with you. Hello. You’re Lee Soo Yeon, right? Who are you? – He’s…
– My name’s Ko Eun Seob. I work in Ramp Management. Yeo Reum and I started working
in the same year. I became friends with him
while preparing to get a job here. I’m no ordinary friend.
I’m her best friend, so she pretty much
tells me everything. It’s nice to meet you. – The bus is here. Come on.
– What? My gosh, who did this to the door? How did anyone manage
to twist the doorknob like this? Gosh, it’s totally wrecked. – Mr. Choi.
– Yes? I just got a call from
the security area. A Caucasian male is refusing
to go through the security check. But they say
he’s a little suspicious. You cannot board without
passing the security check. Put your bag here
and take off your cap. I’m sorry, but I’m not feeling
very well. My body is in a lot of pain. I don’t think I can go through
the security check. I’m also claustrophobic. And… I can’t. I’m sorry. I can’t do it. And… (Airport Limousine) Why did you get off here and not T1? My shift is in the afternoon,
so I have some time to kill. – You’re acting strange.
– What do you mean? You’re doing stuff
that you don’t usually do. We’re young. We should deviate
from what we do every day. Sometimes, we should do stuff
that we don’t usually do. Right? It’s nice, don’t you think? – You’re really okay, right?
– Of course. – All right. Go to work now.
– Have a good day. Good luck! I’ll see you around. I guess I’ll see you
at the housewarming party. Bye then. Housewarming party? – Pardon? A housewarming party?
– Of course. You moved, so you need to
have a housewarming party. Haven’t you seen the accommodation?
Kim and Park live there too. Yes, I’ve seen theirs before. But not yours. You’ll have a party, right? – Housewarming party.
– Housewarming party. – Housewarming party.
– Housewarming party. – Housewarming party.
– I won’t have one. – No?
– No. That’ll never happen. Na Young Joo.
Oh Dae Gi just called for you. Go to the security check
at exit three. Okay. That’s strange. Why isn’t he coming? This is so uncomfortable. Excuse me. Yes? Are you planning on having
a housewarming party? A housewarming party? Why do you ask? It’s noisy and troublesome,
and I hate that. Let’s not hold
a housewarming party. Bye. She hates so many things. Good morning. You must be so happy. – Since it’s a good morning for you.
– Pardon? I’m having a terrible morning. It means I’m not happy
to hear you say your greeting. I see. Hey, Lee Soo Yeon.
Aren’t you going to say hello? You said you didn’t feel like
being greeted. I thought I heard you say that
just now. You need to go to
the departure gate. It looks like a lot of
passengers are backed up. There’s a foreigner refusing
to go through the security check… and an old lady with kimchi. I’m bringing this for my daughter. Why won’t you let me carry it
with me? You can’t put any food
in your carry-on bags. My daughter is pregnant,
and she wants to eat my kimchi. You should’ve checked it then.
You can’t carry this on the plane. Don’t you have a mother?
Don’t you eat kimchi? Why, you jerk. You have no heart. Take that. You take it all. You can’t bring any food with you. – I can finish this here, right?
– Yes, but… – Honey, let’s drink this here.
– Okay. – Hey.
– What are you doing? – Come on.
– Move aside. It’s just water.
Why can’t I take it? That’s the regulation.
Water is not allowed in flights. They sell water in there.
Why is that okay and not this? Water in there has been inspected. Then inspect this now.
Do it here now. No. You can’t bring this in. Really? I can’t bring it with me? No, you can’t. Fine. – That’s rude.
– How can he do that? – Are you happy now?
– Stop it. Stay put. There are days like this. It’s like all the terrible
passengers… made a date to show up
at the same time. Who will go? Hey, Lee Soo Yeon and Han Yeo Reum.
You go and take care of it. Okay, sir. Manager Gong should ask
the security to open more gates. – Hey, Mr. Nam. Did you hear that?
– Yes, sir. Manager Gong, do it yourself. Mr. Nam, you heard it. I’ll do it. Hi, is this Security Check? I’m Manager Gong Seung Cheol
of Passenger Services. Please open a few more gates.
Thank you. – Team Manager Seo. Come in.
– Yes, sir. I heard Ms. Yang and Ms. Heo
went at it yesterday. It was about the empty space
in level three. Everything worked out well. You must’ve had a hard time
because they’re both feisty. Did Team Manager Choi report to you? What? Oh, that. He actually came up to see me
yesterday. He said it could violate
human rights or something. He asked for one more week,
so I said okay. Why are you so concerned about that? – Is there another reason?
– No, sir. It’s really about safety. Okay. This is what I mentioned before. This… Will this be possible? People will oppose at first. But everyone will accept it
in the end. Once this is achieved, your name will go down
in airport history. Perhaps, you might be… promoted to something more
than Vice Chairman. (Opinion on Stake Sale) – What’s going on?
– Hi, Team Manager Choi. He says he can’t go through
the security. His chest area seems strange. He says he’s wearing a bandage,
but it’s protruding strangely. Oh Dae Gi, let’s close this line. Yes, sir. I’m sorry, but you need to move
to different lanes. I’m sorry. Sorry, everyone.
Move to another lane, please. Move to another lane, please. It’s an Australian passport.
Last time, it was Japanese. Excuse me.
We need to check your identity. Can you show us your passport? – You may board the plane.
– Thanks. Where did you get hurt? My ribs. While I was traveling, I got into a car accident
and injured my ribs. Sir. – Call the customs and the police.
– Yes, sir. – Customs.
– Can you come with us for a moment? A mule has been caught
at the security. What should we do? Okay. Can you come with us for a moment?

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