Chandler Arizona Real Estate Market-For Sale by owner-in Arizona

this is video number one on preparing
your home for sale in Arizona this upcoming Spring. so you decided you want
to put your home up for sale but you don’t know if you want to sell it by
yourself or if you want to use a real estate agent or if you want to use one
of these new I buyers that’s going to be our next video video number two is
going to talk about I buyer’s open-door offer pad and Zillow well let’s talk
about for Sale By Owner for a minute the first thing you need to understand it
for sale by owner is who the buyers are and where are they finding their homes
the buyers right now 51 percent of buyers found the home on the Internet
so you’re gonna have to have a strong presence on the internet that means
you’re gonna have to have really good pictures I don’t care how good you think
you are with your phone you’re not going to have good pictures of your home with
a phone and if you do hire a real estate agent and he comes in and takes pictures
with your phone fire him. You need to hire a professional photographer because
today’s buyer really wants to see what your home looks like. so spend the money
and get a good photographer in there and photographer photographers can also kind
of help you by suggesting you know we might want to move that couch or we
might want to move this you know they do this for a living so make sure you look
good because if you don’t look good on the internet you don’t stand a chance
but here’s the other thing is that the other statistics that are out there is
that 30% of buyers use a real estate agent and only 3% of buyers buy directly
from the homeowner so they’re a little skittish about dealing directly with you
if you look at the statistics now on the success rate for for Sale By Owner what
it shows you is that they’re not trying if you look at the success rate for for
sale by owners they’re shooting themselves in the foot so don’t be that
person here’s what I mean if 50% of home buyers are finding a home on the
Internet how come there’s such a low percentage
of by owners that don’t even advertise on
the web only 5% for sale boners are putting their home on the web there’s a
lot of services out there for you can actually get your home listed on the MLS
but a lot of for Sale By Owner people are not choosing to do that the highest
percentage of people of marketing that for sale by owners do is a yard sign I
saw a yard sign not too far from my house where their phone number is so
small I had to park my car get out and walk up the design to write down the
number to give him a call so only 7% of homebuyers are buying a
home because they saw a yard sign yet look at the percentage for sale by
owners that are relying on that yard site 27% they’re also getting about
$20,000 less for their home and that’s a direct result of bad marketing now
outside of finding a buyer once you get into the transaction make sure you know
what you’re doing make sure you’re working with a good title company make
sure you know the deadlines there’s going to be an inspection period you’re
gonna have a termite inspection you’re gonna have a roof inspection pool
inspection make sure you’re prepared for that and that you know how to negotiate
through that when the buyer wants some repairs so those are things to look out
for if you’re considering to go for Sale By Owner and next week we’re going to
touch on what if you want to use an I buyer like open door you have any
questions shoot me an email at [email protected]

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