Closer to Home with Chase & Ryan Serhant

Most couples assume
they know everything about the person they’re buying
a home with. But do they? Oh, curveball. Hi, I’m Ryan Serhant. And today, I’m working with
Chase to challenge first-time home buyers
to open up to one another about their finances. Now as a home lender,
Chase knows that couples often avoid the money talk,
which is a crucial part of the home buying journey. So we’re gonna help couple take
the steps that they need to get closer to home. Now let’s go meet our couples. – Hi, I’m Richard.
– And I’m Miranda. – We’ve been together
for three years. – We are not currently married,
but I’m waiting. [laughter] I’m the one who tends to oversee
the finances. Michael: I pay the bills, I make
sure everything’s paid on time. Jareth is a little more
carefree. Life’s about having fun. I watched a lot
of real estate shows. I think we’re ready. – We got this.
– We got this. Hello there! – Hi.
– Hi. Welcome to Chase’s Closer
to Home challenge. So the object is to answer
enough questions to get you to this door, which symbolizes
your future home together. – OK.
– Are you ready? – Ready.
– Yes! Here we go. Would you prefer a bigger house
or a shorter commute? Ready? Let’s turn it around. – Yay!
– Yeah! That’s right! Michael: Short commute. Awesome. Congratulations,
you can take your first step closer to home. Yes! [laughter] Alright, you ready for the next
one? Amy & Will: Yes! Let’s say your lease is up
before your house closed. Where would you stay? Have you thought about
that process? – No.
– Oh no! Parent’s house!
– Yeah! Alright, you guys can take
one step closer to home. Nice! So now it’s time to turn it up
a notch. You ready?
– [softly] Yeah. What price house can you guys
comfortably afford? – Ugh. You ready? Let’s turn it around. [buzz] [buzz]
Ooh! [laughter] No, that’s half.
– This is great. – OK, we’re learning.
– We’re learning. Next question. How much does Richard have saved
for a down payment? [Miranda breaths heavily] It’s a serious financial
question. – Oh man.
– It is. You ready?
Michael & John: I think so. Michael: We anywhere near? [buzz]
John: Not anywhere close. [buzz]
– Oh wow! He’s hiding some money, Ryan!
[buzz] [reading] Whatever is in
my bank account. – It’s pretty good, though.
– Ugh. It’s definitely more than that. Even though you got it “wrong,”
your answer was more right than you think, because being
able to reveal your finances to each other is a huge step
in getting closer to home. So I wanna bring you one step
closer to home anyway. – Awesome.
– Sweet. Almost there, you’re getting
closer. If you’re in a bidding war, how
far above your max budget would you be willing to go
for a house you loved? – Good luck, honey.
– Uh yeah, good luck to you. [buzz] – That was more conservative.
– Doh! No! That’s a great answer.
[laughter] – You’re playing the game now.
– Yeah. Zero, he won’t budge. We’ll always find another
dream house. It’s not a big deal. [sighs] This is what
I deal with. This is part of the process. And I know it’s a little bit
uncomfortable, but you’re doing
the right thing. So, let’s take one step closer
to home. We’re getting there, babe. This one feels good. – We’re right there.
– Yay! We’re almost there. OK, your close! Look back and look at how far
you’ve travelled. All these questions,
a little bit uncomfortable, but they’re important.
– Yeah. These are questions
that most couples may never even ask each other. Are you ready for
your final question? – Yes! I’m ready, I’m ready.
– Let’s make it happen. Do you feel that you’re still
ready to buy a house together? [clarinet music] – Yes.
– Yay! Oh! You got it right! Yes with a heart through it.
– Woo! You get to take your final step! You just made it to home. How do you feel?
– It was a little vulnerable. John: We should talk more about money and start looking
at buying. We need to do it. – Ready to buy a home.
– Ready to go. – You guys are awesome.
Miranda: We did it. Thank you so much for joining me
and my friends at Chase. Contact a Chase
Home Lending Advisor to get you closer
to your next home.

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