Cold Call Real Estate Script Investing | Wholesaling Motivated Seller Script

Real Estate Follow up Script: Talking to Motivated
Sellers: Phone Script for Real Estate Investor Hey! It’s Neva at Time for Today, I want to talk with you about what
to say when people call in to your number, you’re new, and you’re wondering what questions
to ask to get this from a lead to an actual customer. What I usually do in the beginning, first
things first is just to say, off course, hello and whatever your company name is, state who
speaks and sounds like, “Hi! This is Neva Williamson with All Above Realty
how can I help you?” Right? Usually, the first question I usually want
to ask them is how did you hear about me?” because that helps me with my marketing and
it will help you with your marketing because people are, if it’s postcard, yellow letters,
whatever you’re doing, or signs, social media, whatever it is you want to know, where these
people are coming from, so you got to do more of that because you want to do more of what
people actually respond to, which is, and you’re responding, basically, people calling
you. Okay? Do that. Then I wrote down some questions that you
definitely want to ask because there are two things you’re trying to accomplish in the
call. One is that, you need to collect information
so that you can go back and make up your offer or provide different solutions and options
for this property order pick. Two, you want to convince them to also work
with you over other investors that are out there. This one I have, let’s see. Okay, right. Can you tell me when you saw my act, introduce
yourself and say your name and then, I usually say this, I say, “Okay, this consultation,”
that’s what I call it, that first call, I say that I offer a free consultation. I say, “Okay our consultations are confidential
and totally free, I just have few questions to you to get the ball rolling.”I just say
that because that’s just easy, it just sounds very conversational, people just say, “Okay.” These are the questions I wrote down that
I usually ask, that you definitely need to ask. What they saw on the property, because you
need to know the reason or what their motivation is, you need to know what is the property
address, how soon are you looking to move, does it need any repairs, and when you ask
them those questions for the repairs, you want to ask about repairs several times in
different ways. This is what I have found to be effective
because when you first say, “Okay, does it need any repairs?” more than likely they’re
going to say, “No,” or they’re going to say, “Just minor repairs.” What I’ll do, I’ll say something like this,
it doesn’t need any repairs and depending on what they say. I’ll say, “If you were to move back into the
property…” because usually my callers are landlords, they’re absentee owners, I’ll say,
“If you were to move back into the property, what would you fix? What would you repair? What would you update?” So, I’ll write that down. Then I ask, again, “When was the last time
the kitchen was updated and when was the last time the bathroom was updated?” The reason why is because, I’m doing this
over the years that that question appears, people are trying to get the highest price
for their house and so they think, initially, a lot of times, not to tell you that the house
needs a lot of repair. That’s why you end up having to access several
different ways to get the information that you need because you’re trying to get as much
information about the property before you even go out to the property because you want
to minimize running around. You’re trying to get as much information over
the phone so that you can say, “Okay. Is this even a deal?” “Is this something that I can work with?”
or “Do I need to refer this to a Realtor?” or something that. Okay, so you’re going to do that. Then you’re going to ask them, “How much do
you own a property?” “What are the monthly payments?” “Are you behind on those payments? If so, how many payments are you behind?”
and then you want to ask them, “If we can close in seven days and pay all cash, what
is the lowest that you will accept for the property?” Then I tried to definitely go to all those
questions and then I try to then give them the opportunity to talk, tell me unique stories,
or anything that they just might want to tell me that I haven’t thought of. Sometimes, you want to find out too if they
own the property just by themselves, like how many people are on the deal, or the other
people on the deal and things like that. Kind of, let them talk too a little bit. Don’t be, you know, just ask questions that
that that…let them talk because a lot of times, they will provide you information that,
each property is unique, unique situation and they’ll be able to provide you really
vital information

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  1. Hi Neva! Thanks so much for your help. Neva, would you mind teaching us what to say when we are making cold calls? A simple script will be most appreciated by me and probably many of your other followers as well.

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