Coming Back Home to Disaster — Please Help

Oh no! We have some serious problems, and yes, more
than one, AC Family. I just returned home after a two week vacation,
and I usually return to my ants being ok as usual, but this time, we have some news. I’m afraid, it’s not all good! Today, I update you on what has happened with
our five ant colonies while I was away, and I will certainly need your help so please
keep on watching until the end! Welcome everyone to the AntsCanada Ant Channel. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and hit the
bell icon. Welcome to the AC Family. Tired of Nature Channels not showing nature
shows. Just watch this channel. Enjoy! So it’s 3AM in the morning, I just returned
home from a two week getaway for the holidays, checking out the ants in Maldives, Malaysia,
and Cambodia. While I am away on such vacations, I have
a very skilled house helper who cares for my ants, and knows how to feed, maintain,
and clean up after them. Even still, I admit that every time I return
home from being away, I hold my breath before entering my ant room, and I certainly did
this time. By the way, if you’re excited about this video
be sure to hit the LIKE button and let me know! Opening the door. No ants on the floor or the walls. That was a good sign. AC Family, Let’s take a look around the Ant
Room and check up on our ant colonies since our Christmas video. Let’s inspect how the Fire Nation has been
doing while we were away. In case you’re new to the channel or missed
our Christmas episode, we gave the Fire Nation, our aggressive and ravenous colony of fire
ants a Cockroach Christmas Tree drizzled with honey, and topped with a chocolate coin. And here is the Fire Nation’s cockroach Christmas
tree now. All cockroaches have been eaten off, honey
drank, and what is left of the chocolate coin is on the ground. This was all ok, but then I noticed something
that concerned me greatly. Look! The Fire Nation had managed to inch their
way so close to the top edge of the Fire Palace, this Rubbermaid bin! Wow! And look here! That is way too close for comfort. The fire ants are persistent and the baby
powder barrier is usually effective enough to keep the ants inside the Fire Palace, but
this barrier is not infinitely effective against these fire ants of the Fire Nation. Every time an ant slips off it, the ant brings
with it a tiny amount of the powder in its claws, and when you’re talking thousands and
thousands of ants crawling and slipping at this barrier over an extended period of time,
the ants are able to inch closer and closer to the edge. The Fire Nation are definitely escape artists! So, I had to pull out the baby powder and
replenish the barrier. That should keep them in now and remain effective
for the next few weeks. I drop the powdered cotton ball full of caught
up ants into the Fire Palace. It will naturally decompose with the help
of the ants. Moving on to the Golden Empire, our awesome
colony of Yellow Crazy Ants, it seems all is ok with this colony. They have finished up all their honey and
have left some honeycomb, but they always seem to love filling their emptied out honey
test tubes at Golden Rock with dead bodies, making them their designated colony cemeteries. It’s ok. More fish food for my fish! Now if you recall in our Christmas video,
we stumbled upon the praying mantis which for weeks we thought had died or escaped from
the Hacienda Del Dorado. Well, it was now living in a separate container,
and I enjoy feeding it cockroaches. It has quite the appetite. I wanted to ask, you though, AC Family, should
we keep her or set her free? She was after all wild-caught as a nymph. Let me know what you think in this poll here! Let’s check out the Dark Knights, our black
crazy ants who received for Christmas a cool Uncle Milton ant farm. Lifting the cover, and wow! Looks like they’ve managed to fortify a single
tunnel leading through the sand and out towards the other end of the ant farm. It seems they haven’t dug too extensively,
but it was still really cool to watch them move sand around and pile them in one area. Have a look! They look so cute carrying the grains of sand. I thoroughly appreciated that this ant farm
was the pit stop between the Dark Knights of the south and the Dark Knights of the North. I bet they loved all that moisture, too! Look at how happy they seem. But not all ants are experiencing good times,
it seems, for when I checked up on the Titans, our Asian Marauder ants, what I saw made my
heart sink. I was happy to see that the honey sticks,
which the Titans received for Christmas were now only partially full, meaning ants had
been drinking from them, but when I looked closer, inside drinking the honey were not
our Titans! They were wild pharaoh ants! The wild pharaoh ants had returned to the
Garden of Eden! And there wasn’t even a Titan in sight anywhere. Oh no! What should we do? I acted quickly and pulled out all honey sticks
and placed them into Tomb Raiders’ territory, the home of our new Pharaoh ants. This was only a temporary solution, though. We eventually will need to think of another
way to get them out of the Garden of Eden. But now, AC Family, it was time to have a
look at our Tomb Raiders, who also were going through some great crises since we acquired
them. First they were threatened by an unknown mold,
which we managed to control, but then last we checked on them, they were infested with
body mites which looked grotesque and truly scary! In the Christmas video, we gave the Tomb Raiders
some lemons to try to battle these mites, as well as a shot of superworms. Peeking into the Tomb Raiders’ territory now,
it seems the shot glass was full of springtails, which was normal. They were cleaning up after the Tomb Raiders
discarded superworm parts, but looking up, I noticed that the Tomb Raiders had decided
to now setup station in Club Oasis. It was time to have a closer look and see
if our lemon therapy had worked over the course of two weeks. I used my camera zoom to inspect the colony. AC Family, look! Off hand, it seemed most of the body mites
were gone from the workers, which was great news, but looking at one of the queens, it
seemed as though she was still very infested with mites. Our lemon therapy was not completely working. This truly made me shudder! Here’s where I need your help, AC Family. How should we save our Titans from this second
invasion of pharaoh ants, and what other things should we try to get rid of the mites from
our Tomb Raiders, our captive pharaoh ants? Funny how in one case we’re trying to get
rid of pharaoh ants and in the other trying to save them so we can keep them alive. Let me know your thoughts in the comments
section, AC Family. As usual, the fate of our ant colonies lays
in your hands. It’s time to put our ideas together like ants
and problem-solve! May God help our Titans and Tomb Raiders. Oh man! AC Family, there is so much that needs to
be done! I am hoping we can come up with solutions
to both these ant crises! What a way to start the new year! By the way, guys happy new year! AC Inner Colony, I have left a hidden cookie
for you here, if you would just like to watch extended play footage of all the ants as I
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  6. Instead of just supplying them with lemons, give them a test tube with lemon juice, and continue giving them lemons and other citrus fruits

  7. The genus Hierodula itself has a common name of "giant Asian mantis". H. parviceps, a Philippine-endemic, is known as the "Philippines Marbled Mantis" or "Giant Philippine Mantis". But in other literature, it is also called as the "Asian Marbled Mantis". Hope this helps a bit. Regards!

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