DEEP CLEANING a PET HAIR INFESTED Jeep (Owner Reaction) | Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation

Hey guys welcome back to Limitless Detailing. These little guys here are some of the culprits of today’s detail
this Jeep altitude belongs to a dog walker in this deep clean we’ll show you
guys how we remove the pet hair and extract the seats stay tuned to watch
this furry baby mobile be brought back to life and the owners reaction at the
end if you guys like these kind of details make sure to LIKE hit that
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first thing we did was remove the floor mats the owner of the vehicle had
already removed most of the big items out of the car Once the floor mats had been removed we
decided to begin with the driver’s side this is definitely this side with the
least amount of pet hair therefore it wasn’t necessary to use the pet hair
removal tool What we did use was this hard bristle
brush to get into those crevices because the vehicle’s carpet was in
great condition with no spills or stains the seats weren’t going to be
removed but because they weren’t going to be removed we had to make sure we got
every small space every nook and cranny had to be perfect If you guys are interested in any of the
tools and products we used we will make sure to have them in the description
below After giving it a quick vacuum and using
the hard bristle brush to remove some of The harder things we decided to use the
lily brush to remove all that embedded pet hair You’ll see here that even after giving
it a couple of passes with a vacuum the Lily brush is able to remove that pet
hair embedded in fibers I know why didn’t we make one big pet
hair pile and suck it up with the vacuum to be honest we wanted to make small
ones suck them up so they won’t fly around every time we tried you know
getting more from the fibers The backseat was definitely where these fur
babies spent most of their time and here’s where you’re really gonna see how
this Lily brush performs Now this section here guys was
definitely the hardest of the entire vehicle as you guys can tell the fibers on
the back portion of the vehicle are different from the fibers on the carpet
on the floor This is definitely a small blooper my
brother decided to grab the pet hair with his hand and stick it inside the
vacuum cleaner instead of just vacuuming it up (LOL) Now we sped the back portion about
three times its normal speed so you can see the difference make sure to take a
look at the color difference after we vacuumed so you can see how bad it
really was We made sure that we got every nook and
cranny every hidden spot we made sure the seats were pushed all the way to the
front all the way to the back that includes the front to the middle section
and opening these compartments in the very very back Once all the carpeted areas were cleaned
we decided to begin vacuuming the seats Once all the seats were vacuumed up we
used an all-purpose cleaner to lightly clean the leather the leather seating on
this vehicle is actually in very good condition most of the time it just had
paw marks and probably a little bit of slobber from the fur babies we then used our drill brush attachment
with a little bit of APC on the brush head to clean the cloth parts of these
seats we then used our heated extractor to
extract anything that was on the cloth once the seats were all dried up and
ready to go we decided to double team on the plastics as some of you guys can
tell we would sprayed the all-purpose cleaner onto the rag or the detail brush
in order not to splash everything all around now this is one of those little
things that really finalizes a detail removing the old smell we knew these fur babies spent most of
the time in the back of the car so he made sure we disinfected cleaned and UV
protected this area as much as we could once all the plastics in the vehicle
were cleaned and UV protected we used a drill brush attachment to clean the
floor mats once this was complete we presser washed and dried and this guy’s is the final product if you guys love this type of content
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showcase this type of content on a daily basis things that don’t make it on
YouTube you’re almost there guys a bit more and you’ll see the owners reaction oh my god it’s a brand-new car
oh wow oh are these new seats? I LOVE IT Can I sit in it? Yea of course, What do you guys think? it looks like you actually like just bought us new seats dude, it doesn’t smell like dogs, im so happy, I haven’t seen the seats like this in so long should we sell the car now oh my god, and the cloth is so soft! This is not my car, that thing works so good (lily brush) Even over here is gone, Were looking at the weirdest places, no well those are the ones that have the most like things Look the black and black match. Thank you, thank you so much. Thank you guys. It looks great, IM SO HAPPY!

35 Replies to “DEEP CLEANING a PET HAIR INFESTED Jeep (Owner Reaction) | Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation

  1. Thanks for watching guys! We will be uploading more frequently. What type of fur babies to you guys have? Let us know in the comments below!

  2. Just one reason dogs disgust me. The hair, the shits you've gotta pick up, they piss on whatever so you've gotta clean up after them. But YOU'RE the "master." I've raised my kids, I'm not cleaning up after anything else, especially a dog.

  3. 🙌🏾 Great job!
    I noticed your brushes and towels are the same color. Both of you wore black. Very professional!

  4. That Lilly Brush ended up being a lifesaver in this detail. Could you imagine how much time you would've spent cleaning all of that dog hair out of the carpets had you not had that brush?

  5. Your work is tedious and awesome, how long did this interior cleaning take in hrs …
    I do this also in Canada at a dealership for used cars.
    Marc saying Peace & thanks for sharing

  6. Lily brush works decently, I keep one around for around plastic trim pieces and certain seat fabric types. You can't beat a pumice stone for carpet, you would really notice it on that seat back and hatch area.

  7. That was a lot of pet hair, wow. You would think people cleaned there cars more often since it’s the second biggest investment (house #1) for most households. Clean the house regularly but neglect the cars.

  8. Damn Ive been missing out on these new uploads. YouTube apparently doesnt want me to see your videos because I havent got any notifications or even seen in my subscriptions. Great vid as usual!!!

  9. Good satisfying clean up on the dog hair infested car. Has anyone asked…..Did the car smell like dog? If so did you need to use doggie smell be gone? Bet you could have made another dog out of the hair you collected out of the carpets etc. Nice work, keep it up.

  10. I do have to wonder why more detailers don't just use the brush head attachment for their vacuums. You can purchase a narrow one, and it's been really useful for saving me time when I detail my own car.

    I also think I would find someone who makes a vacuum powered beater bar attachment for your shop vac just to give these kinds of vehicles a once-over before spending so long trying to wrestle that much fur out of the carpets with a silicone removal tool.

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