Digital Champions: Owner and Founder Nick Bonitatibus

– Nick.
– Nick. – Nick.
– Nick. – Nick.
– Nick Bonitatibus. – [Narrator] Nick Bonitatibus is a dynamic and energetic speaker, with a focus on all
things digital marketing. He stepped onto the stage
early in his career, with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower everyone he encounters. – I absolutely love to learn. Our deepest fear is not
that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we
are powerful beyond measure. – [Narrator] Nick is the owner and founder of Digital Champions, dedicated to helping businesses
implement social media and video marketing strategies
to increase brand awareness. Nick has spoken to
thousands of individuals all over the country about
improving online presence with his digital marketing strategies. (upbeat music) – Working with Nick,
it’s been unbelievable. Nick is a true expert in his field. – Nick makes my social
presence look sharp, professional and spot on. He’s always there, he’s
always very supportive and encouraging. – I have really always
enjoyed working with Nick. He has great advice on how
to use different tactics to get better results. I highly recommend using Nick. – Nick helped me kinda
break outta my shell, be more personal and
share great information and great content using
(music drowns out voice). – There is an intentionality
that goes behind social media and video marketing that is crucial to the success of an organization. And I have leaned and
continued to lean heavily on Nick and his expertise to help me and my organization grow and vary. – If you’re looking to grow your business and to get people to know
you a little bit more, get to connect with you in a better way, I highly recommend and
personally recommend that you connect with Nick. – He is so genuine and so real. – [Narrator] With the ever
changing digital world, Nick strives to deliver the newest and most up-to-date trends
to his audience and clients. Nick’s personal tagline
is, “let’s grow together.” Which perfectly represents his desire to never stop improving
while inspiring others to do the same. Are you ready to grow? (upbeat music) (digital techno sounds) (uplifting music)

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