Discover How To Increase Your Real Estate Sales, More Often, For More Money In Less Time

So if you want to be great you got to do
things that other people won’t. The more hands to shake the more money you make.
Follow others that are doing it the right way. Start stealing their ideas.
Good artists copy, great artists steal. Here’s what happens to most agent, they’ll go and they’ll spend a
hundred bucks on Facebook ads and go goddamn it Facebook stole my hundred dollars. We’re fighting a machine! Discomfort
is where the growth is. You need to you know have this can download Instagram
and start using Instagram stories today! Instagram is the place to be on, because
that’s w here the majority of traffic is The more Instagram stories you do the
more people interact with them. People are online for two reasons they’re
looking for information or they’re looking to be entertained. If you’re
pumping out video content every single day and people know what you do and
you’re excited and you’re passionate you’re gonna slay it man! You have to
have repetition. If your ideal niche is buyers and sellers, create free valuable tips
and tricks and educational content that is one to benefit buyers and sellers. The
most important thing you should put in every video, if you get nothing out of this
podcast is story. I had a shotgun pulled on me at an open house by my own seller.
Coming up with the content is not that difficult just because real estate hands
you so much funny material. This is the big one this will save you so much time
and working energy as a real estate agent to pay attention to this. It’s the
best investment you can make is in your own talent because they can’t tax it,
they can’t take it away and the more you improve it the more yourself becomes
valuable. You know sales is the one thing that has saved so many of it’s not just
me. If you can move your lips and move your fingertips and work your hips you can
make more money than you can count baby that’s what the great thing about sales
is. Zig Ziglar said if you get enough people what they want you’re gonna get
what you want. It’s worth joining a brokerage
like David’s where you’re gonna get coaching you’re gonna grow if you think
you know everything you’re done, man! Real estate agents can even look
this podcast and laugh at us for being wrong, or we gonna be laughing at you for
being right!

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