Discover Why Your Timeshare May Be The Best Investment You’ve Ever Made!

Hello, this is Sue Hoyuela and I want to welcome
you to the Timeshare Training today where I’ll be sharing my biggest secret with you
for how you can turn your timeshare into a goldmine. Now, your spouse would probably laugh at that,
right? They’d probably say “What do you mean,
turn our timeshare into a goldmine? Isn’t it the biggest drain on our finances,
that we pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for every year?” And they would be right. But after you learn my secret today, you’ll
be able to stop the financial hemorrhaging and turn your timeshare into an asset that
produces a profit for you year after year. In fact, prepare to be amazed because what
you’re about to learn will also turn you into a hero and your spouse will be saying,
“Honey, I want to buy another timeshare!” But before you do, I want to share with you
the 3 things they don’t tell you when you buy a timeshare. Now, you’re probably here today because
you own a timeshare and you’re fed up. Am I right? Well, if you’re like me, then you may feel
frustrated, like you’re paying year after year, for something you’re not even using. Or, perhaps you’ve used your timeshare for
years, you’ve enjoyed it, but now you’re done with it and just want to find a way to
get out. Or maybe you just bought it and you’re going
through the stages of buyer’s remorse. And you keep having that same conversation
with your spouse asking, “Wait, why did we buy this again? And isn’t there some way to get out of it? I mean, What were we thinking?” Well, I know exactly how you feel… Because when I first bought a timeshare, I
believed everything the salesman told me… That I could save lots of money and take fabulous
family vacations every year because they were already paid for! And that if I wanted to explore different
resorts, I could stay in tons of different exotic places by using their points system. He also promised me that I owned an investment
that would go up in value and build equity, just like real estate. Wow! After signing on the dotted line, I felt so
smart, like I had just made the best investment. I couldn’t wait to surprise my family by
taking them on great vacations, to build those precious memories together and save lots of
money at the same time. It was gonna be great! But then I tried to book a vacation…and
that’s when I discovered the truth. See, when I sat down in front of the computer
to search for a resort that I wanted to stay at the screen kept flashing those words,
“Nothing is available for your dates, but if your dates are flexible, here are some
alternatives.” Well inside I was fuming thinking, “No,
my dates aren’t flexible! I work and the kids only have a few days off
for vacation…these are my only dates, let me stay somewhere!” Well, after searching and searching, the end
result was that we weren’t able to find a suitable resort in our timeshare network
anywhere during our tiny window of time off, so we ended up booking a regular hotel and
paying full price. Then, to add insult to injury, I continued
to receive my monthly bills to pay my timeshare dues which was just a constant reminder that
I was paying for something that I wasn’t even using, or couldn’t use, of course not
for lack of trying though, right? And seeing those monthly bills, was like pouring
salt in a wound. To be honest, I got so mad, I said, “That’s
it! I’m getting out of this! Right now.” So I started looking for ways to sell my timeshare
and what I discovered almost brought me to tears. I had paid over $20,000 for my timeshare and
the best price I could sell it for was maybe $5,000. Well, that was just too painful to let it
go for so little so I contemplated keeping it But then I had to consider the annual dues… I had to continue paying about $900 per year
for the privilege of getting to use my timeshare, whether I used it or not…(and mind you,
the dues keep going up over time). And the dues never stop, not even when you
pay off the original purchase price. Not even when you die…they pass on to your
family! So what was I supposed to do? Well, being the tenacious entrepreneur that
I am, I went back to the original contract that I signed when I bought the timeshare
and I started combing through the document, looking for a loophole, an opportunity, some
way to get out of this, something!…and what I discovered changed everything! So what I want to do now is share with you
the one thing that I discovered; the key that allowed me to turn the tables on the timeshare
game to my advantage. And I want to teach you how to capitalize
on this information so you can turn your timeshare into an investment that will pay you year
after year.. Ha! It sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? You don’t usually hear the words “timeshare”
and “investment” in the same sentence, do you? But what you’re about to learn will open
your eyes to a whole new side of timeshares. Ready? Ok. First of all, the biggest aha moment came
when I was reading through the contract and I found a very interesting section about renting
out my free week. See, right there in black and white it said
that if I didn’t use my timeshare, I had the right to let someone else use it. And, I guess, thinking back, I had heard friends
mention in the past that they’d stayed in other people’s timeshares, but I had never
actually thought about the mechanics of how they did that. And, it isn’t a sneaky thing either. ‘Cause, when you make the reservation, the
timeshares actually have a place for you to put in the name of your guest, the person
who’ll be staying, and even If it isn’t the timeshare owner, that’s fine. The guest just has to show matching ID when
they check in and they’re good to go, whether they’re a family member, a friend, or someone
else. So the timeshares actually make it really
easy for you to let someone else use it, if you’re not able to. In fact, they encourage you to. For example, I’m sure you’ve probably
gotten those emails from them saying to deposit your credits in their network right? Like RCI or Interval or one of those other
exchanges…Well what these are are pools of timeshare weeks that people don’t want
to use that year… or can’t use… or want to exchange for different dates or resorts. And it’s brilliant because when other people
book the timeshares that have been deposited into these exchanges, the Exchanges always
charge a fee of some sort. They may get you when you add your credits
to the pool by charging an “exchange fee”, or when someone else books it, they charge
them a “cleaning fee” or a “use fee” or, more than likely, they charge all of the
fees at different stages in the process. Man, they nickel and dime us to death! But it’s smart for the timeshares because
that’s their way of filling up unused inventory, which makes their occupancy rate look really good,
and of course they’re making some extra money at the same time. So this is what the timeshares really want
you to do: 1. first of all, they don’t want you to
use your free time each year. They count on you being too busy or too broke,
or both 2. second, keep paying your dues so they make
money when you don’t use it… and 3. third, add your credits or time to the
exchange pool, so the timeshare can rent it to someone else and make even more money off
of your unused time. But, what the timeshares don’t want you
to do is find someone yourself to use your free week. They count on the fact that you don’t know
how to do that, that you don’t know where to find people who would want to stay in your
timeshare. They are hoping it will be too hard and time
consuming for you to figure out. But guess what? I figured it out. I spent the last 7 years researching all of
the different websites for listing and renting out a timeshare. And through trial and lots of error, (yes,
believe me, there were tears involved) I’ve finally perfected a simple 3-step system to
turn just about any timeshare into an income-producing asset,
which is what I want to show you how to do! So, how much money are we talking about? Well, first of all, let me say that this is
about producing a steady annual return on an investment. My original goal, once I decided not to sell
my timeshare, was just to find a way to rent it out myself to cover my annual dues so at
least I wouldn’t be losing money for nothing, right? I wasn’t trying to get rich, I was just
trying to stop the pain. Does that make sense? So I decided to look at my annual dues as
an investment. If I put in $900 per year, I wanted to see
if I could get out $900 by renting it to someone else. And if that $900 gave me 7 nights each year
to stay in a timeshare resort, that worked out to roughly $130/night. Hmmm, that sounded like a pretty affordable
price to rent it out, so I went for it. And, being the entrepreneur that I am, I decided
to push the envelope a little and I posted my free week for rent on my favorite website
at $200/night. And bam! I got booked right away. So that first year I made (7 x $200=) $1,400. Not bad, right? Well, heck. I was elated! I paid off my $900 in dues and I had an extra
$500 in spending money thank-you-very-much! And, of course I had to do the math, and I
discovered that it came out to a 55% return on my investment! Booyah! Think about that…where can you invest your
money and get a 55% return these days…I mean, that’s legal of course! What’s the bank paying on a savings account
right now? How about a CD? Even the credit card companies charge maybe
23% interest. So at 55% I was making a better return than
the banks! Woohoo! So the next year, I decided to try for more
than $200/night, why not? Well, fast forward now I’m
making over 200% Return on my investment! I know, it sounds like one of those “too-good-to-be-true”
things. But I’ve proven my system by
teaching others and now my students are getting the same results, if not better! One of my students, George says, “Thanks
to Timeshare Goldmine, I’m now covering my membership fee and then some. Wife=happy!” And Tarrie says, “This is terrific! I can’t believe I’m actually MAKING money
with my timeshare!” You may be thinking, “Oh no! If everybody knows about this, it won’t
work anymore” But that’s the cool thing about it because there is more than enough
to go around. In fact, there are thousands of timeshare
properties all around the world and I’ve discovered that very few people actually own
property at the same resort so you have virtually no competition. And the other fact of the matter is that many
people simply won’t take the time to do it to list their timeshare and rent it out. I guess it’s human nature. But the funny thing is, it takes less than
5 minutes to accept a booking and get paid. But, even with the formula handed to them,
many people still won’t take action. But if you’re an action taker,… if you’re
tired of feeling frustrated with your timeshare and you are willing to take the time to follow
my simple 3-step system to set up a listing, you can be up and running and renting out your timeshare
in the next 24 hours. Easy Peasy! And the good news is, you already have the
key to your success; you are a TIMESHARE OWNER, this is where It all begins; by being an owner
you have the leverage you need that allows you to access the timeshare’s inventory. So, Congratulations! You’ve already taken the first step, the
most important step, toward becoming a TIMESHARE INVESTOR. Inventory Control is what opens up this incredible
money-making opportunity. And by having access to the timeshare’s
inventory of resorts and different-sized-units within those resorts, this gives you options…
and with the right strategy you can maximize the return on your investment to make 200%
or more each year! And I want to teach you how to harness this
opportunity. To that end, I have created an online course
called, Timeshare Goldmine. In it I boil down the strategy of renting
out your timeshare for maximum returns into a simple 3-step system: First: Identify what you will be renting out
There are many resorts, many locations, high seasons, low seasons and unit sizes to choose from. I walk you through the process of selecting
the most profitable one to start with. 2. Second: I teach you where to list your timeshare for rent on the internet where it will get
massive exposure. You need the most robust marketing efforts
behind your listing to get in front of the most people, to drive competition and earn
the highest nightly rate possible. And I’ve already done all of the leg work
for you to find the best place for you to post it. And you need the most robust, user-friendly
booking engine to give you all of the tools to rent your timeshare smoothly and easily
in the shortest amount of time possible with no headaches. In my video series, I go over every aspect
and strategy for getting the highest nightly price and managing the bookings in just minutes
from the cellphone in your pocket. It couldn’t be any easier! And last but not least, getting paid is easy and I’ll show you how to set everything
up to get paid automatically. You don’t need to process credit card payments,
or pay for a merchant account. You don’t have to worry about currency conversions
or chase declined credit cards. All of that will be handled for you. And it’s as simple as that. The timeshare companies hoped you wouldn’t
figure it out. But now there is a system for renting out
your timeshare that makes it fast and easy. And it’s called Timeshare Goldmine. And here’s what you get:
 A Customized Pricing Strategy For Renting Your Timeshare ($900 Value)
 A Free Website For Marketing Your Timeshare ($100 Value)
 Unlimited Listings – Create As Many Timeshare Listings As You Want – For Free! ($100 Value)
 Video Tutorials That Make it Easy To Create Listings That Convert ($500 Value)
 Tips and Tricks For Creating a Listing That Maximizes Your Income ($200 Value)
 Rapid Response Templates That Save You Time When Responding To Requests ($200 Value)
A Total Value of $2,000 And the reason why I’ve created this course
is because when I realized that I had discovered this secret that could change people’s lives
for the better, I knew I had to share it. Otherwise, if I stayed silent and kept it
to myself, I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I had a way to relieve that suffering
and just stayed quiet. In fact, this is such good news for timeshare
owners that I want to shout it from the rooftops! And if you’re thinking, “then why not
give it away for free?” Well, I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve struggled
with that too. But the sad truth is that people don’t value
what they get for free. It’s just a weird thing about how people
are wired. Human nature says, “If it’s free, it must
not be very good.” But this system is the BEST! So let me ask you this, what if you buy my
course and you use all of my tips and tricks to absolutely crush it and make a 1500% profit,
how much would the knowledge be worth to you? How about a one time payment of $2,000? I mean, that would be a good deal because
once you know how to do it, you’ll be able to make 1500% year after year, right? Okay, but let’s say that you only make enough
to cover your dues and put the same amount of cash in your pocket for a 200% return,
would you be willing to invest $1,000? Totally! Or, what if all it did for you was just make
back the money to cover your dues, and you continued to just break even year after year. Would you be willing to invest $500 to just
stop losing money? Sure! Of course you would! Well, I understand that’s still a bit pricey
and to be honest, I think most timeshare owners already feel a little like they’ve been
taken advantage of and I don’t want to add insult to injury. And I know this course is worth at least $1,000,
if not more because you’ll be making a steady annual return of at least 100% every year
Not to mention, once you have your listing set up and my templates in place, get this…
all it takes is less than 15 minutes per year to turn on your Timeshare Goldmine Money-Making-Machine
and reap the benefits. Seriously, it is that streamlined. So if you’re ready to turn your timeshare
into an investment that will make your family proud go to
to get started. And I have something very special for those
who enroll today: Use the coupon code, “GoldenTicket” at checkout to get $50 off. This is a limited time offer because the price
is going up next month. This is actually an introductory offer and
it will never be this low again. So grab this deal before it’s gone! And of course it comes with my “Gold Standard”
Guarantee: I guarantee that you will make at least enough to cover your dues or I will
refund your money. In fact, I’m so confident that my system
will work for you that, if you don’t get enough bookings to make back your dues, just
send me the link to your live listing to show me that you’ve followed the steps and I will
reimburse you what you paid for the course. And many people ask me, “Sue, when I buy
your course, will there be any hidden fees or other costs involved later on down the
road?” And I know exactly what you mean. I can’t tell you how many courses I’ve
bought over the years that leave out those critical details that you only find out later on. Well, my friend, there are no surprises here. I will introduce you to my favorite website
that will be the key to your success. It’s already set up for you and ready to
go – that means there’s no website hosting to pay for, no design or coding expenses,
nothing! It’s all in place and all you do is create
a free listing on this website. And don’t worry because I will walk you
through every step of the process in my video tutorials And you’ll be able to do everything from
the comfort of your own home. Heck, you don’t even need to get out of
your chair! The only “cost” is when you get a booking:
the website holds back a 3% fee from the proceeds. So there’s really no risk. And it couldn’t be more fair because the
3% fee is only collected if you make money. And it is so incredibly negligible in the
grand scheme of things because look at everything you get for that 3%: Check this out! You get… Worldwide marketing for your timeshare listing
to get massive exposure and more bookings. Believe me, when I started renting my timeshare,
I thought I would be smart and create my own website to “not have all of my eggs in one
basket”. But what I discovered was that it was difficult
and expensive to drive a sufficient amount of traffic to my little website. And that’s what these guys do best. They know where to find travelers who want
to stay in your timeshare. And they market your listing through email,
SEO, retargeting and every other trick in the book. This kind of marketing and advertising would
cost you thousands of dollars if you wanted to figure it out and do it yourself or pay
a guru to do it for you. Instead, let’s work smarter, not harder
and let them do it for us. Cool? And, not only that, but they provide
Insurance to protect you and the guest if anything is broken, or heaven forbid, if anyone
gets hurt. And again there is no cost. You don’t have to fill out an application,
there are no premiums or deductibles to pay. The insurance is provided for free, automatically,
with every booking. Just incredible! But it gets better! They also handle all of the money for you. I don’t know about you but collecting money
for me is a chore. And if a credit card is declined, I don’t
want to be in the collections business, do you? No, of course not. I mean, the reason we are renting out our
timeshare is to make enough money to cover our dues and then some. And my goal is to make that as easy as possible
for you. This is the part the timeshares hoped you
wouldn’t figure out. The part that for most people, is a real pain
in the behind. But my favorite website makes this the easiest
part. So easy in fact that I love it when my phone
rings and makes that little “bling” sound and I see the message that says, “You’ve just been paid”! Whether I’m at the beach, biking, watching
tv, or sleeping: I get paid automatically! Check out how awesome this is… They take care of all of the Payment processing
– so you don’t need to worry about setting up a merchant account to collect the payment
from your guests. You don’t need to chase declined credit
cards – your payments are locked in! You don’t need to pay extra for currency
conversions like you would with most payment processors. It’s all included and done for you and just
to make it even better; your money is directly deposited into your account 24 hours after
the guest’s stay begins. Getting paid is so easy and I can’t wait to show you how to set everything up the right way in the course. And, I want you to be prepared because you will need to put some effort into learning, following my system and setting up your listing. But all of the “work” is done up front. It will take you about 24 hours to go through
the videos, worksheets, pdfs and exercises that will guide you to create your beautiful
timeshare listing and set it up the right way. Then I give you all of my scripts and rapid
response templates to simply copy and paste to take all of the daily business management
out of renting your timeshare. Once you have everything in place, I kid you
not, it will take you 15 minutes or less to accept the bookings and get paid. I mean, seriously: 15 minutes a year…can
you even really call that work? And, yes, it’s that easy to go from “timeshare
pain” to ”timeshare profits”. Another question I hear is, “What if short-term
rentals are illegal in the city where my timeshare is located?” Well, I’m really happy to report that you
have absolutely nothing to worry about. It’s true that short term rentals have become
very popular in the last decade or so and as a result, many cities are making rules
and laws for them. But the good news is, timeshares are already
in compliance because they are permitted and licensed as “short term rentals” essentially. I mean, they don’t use that exact terminology,
but it’s basically the same thing. They already pay all of the required taxes
to all of the appropriate authorities which means that even if a city prohibits “short
term rentals” you can confidently rent out your timeshare without having to do anything
else. So again, it saves you money where, if you
were to rent out a private residence in a city that has licensing and permitting requirements,
you would have to deal with all of the expenses and headaches of figuring out how to be in
compliance. And, Timeshares are the ultimate loophole
when it comes to doing short term rentals because if you hear that it’s prohibited
or illegal to do short terms rentals in a particular city, your timeshare is actually
a safe, secure and profitable option for renting to short term guests. How awesome is that? So, if you haven’t done it already, go ahead
and go to to get signed up in my Timeshare Goldmine Course. If you want to power through it, you can have
your listing up and running in the next 24 hours. Or if you’d like to take a more leisurely
approach, get some coffee and go through the course step by step over the weekend and by
Monday, you can be making money with your timeshare. Can you imagine how good it feels to finally
stop throwing the money away year after year and not only that but turning your timeshare
into an investment? What will you do with an extra $500? Take your spouse out to a nice dinner? Buy them something nice? What if you make an extra $1,000 this year? Is there something special you’ve been wanting
to do? Why not let your timeshare fund that dream
for you. I can’t wait to see you finally enjoying
your timeshare, knowing that it is one of the best investments that you’ve ever made. And for those who get in today, I’m also
going to give you my free e-book, “How To Buy Timeshares Safely for Pennies on the Dollar”. And the reason I’m including this is because
it pained me to no end when this couple hired me to do one-on-one coaching with them to
teach them how to become full time timeshare investors. And when they told me “Sue, we heard your
webinar and we just went out and bought a timeshare, now show us how to rent it for
a profit!” Can you believe it, they went to a timeshare
presentation and bought a timeshare for $30,000, just so they could make money with it?! Now, they were on the right track, but if
they had asked me first, I could’ve coached them on where to buy timeshares for pennies
on the dollar. In fact I have 3 rules when it comes to buying
timeshares: Never pay more than $1,000 for a timeshare
Always use a neutral third party to process the transaction
Never buy a timeshare from the salesman – only from safe sites on the secondary market
And because I know how you are, that once you see the potential of this, you will literally
be saying, “Honey, I want to buy another timeshare!” But before you do, STOP! I want to show you how to minimize your expenses,
not just up front but on an ongoing basis, so you can maximize your timeshare investment
even more. So sign up now to get my course and you’ll
also receive my free e-book, “How to Buy Timeshares Safely for Pennies on the Dollar”. So again, to access the online course, just
go to and I’ll see you on the other side. This is Sue Hoyuela saying, “Bye for now.”

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