Dog Which Has Cancer Says His Last Goodbye To His Owner | Kritter Klub

There’s a big lump on the dog’s body…? It scratches the lump on the wall Owner: The lump just keeps growing bigger and bigger The lump is bad hence the sore oozes Dog Sandy has been with the man for 10 years Sandy licks the man’s hand as if she’s trying to comfort him These days, even if the man gives her food She won’t really eat anything.. How is her health..? Vet: We have to check if the lump is spreadable First, they need to get rid of the big lump The owner is staying right next to Sandy The surgery was safely done Vet: I’m assuming that the lump has already spread to its lungs The man is shocked with the unexpected result The cancer has spread all around the body so it’s incurable It seems like Sandy is in pain as she tries to hug the man.. Comfortably falls asleep.. During the night Sandy is in pain Only painkillers would help After a long concern Owner: I know Sandy won’t be able to live for a long time So I think it’s better donating Sandy’s organs to other dogs which would be helpful Kidney transplant between dogs were successful But Sandy is the first dog to donate all internal organs Also… Time to say goodbye after being with the man for 10 years Sandy, thank you so much for everything After holding a meeting There is a dog which will receive Sandy’s cornea The operation begins Will the first dog organ transplant surgery in Korea be successful?

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