Dog’s Owner Passed Away, But Dog Still Waits For Him Next To His TruckㅣKritter Klub

In the pouring rain Getting wet from head to toe Waiting for the owner If not today Then maybe tomorrow It’s sad how the dog keeps waiting for the owner And follows cars Turns around if it’s not the owner Comes out upon hearing a car Chases after it Today as well The owner hasn’t returned Is the dog abandoned…? He came to this neighbourhood with two dogs at first A grandpa without a family 5 dogs watched over him The owner passed away around 50 days ago Still haven’t Opened their heart to anyone At any presence They run and hide The problem is that One of them lost the life behind the truck Poor surroundings within the mountains For dogs to live in Although the neighbors Look after them Many times, I thought to take them with me But they’re too wary to leave Since the owner Can’t come back It’s time to end Their endless waiting The rescue team arrived As soon as the hungry dogs see the meal Letting their guard down They just enter the trap Prolly shocked but.. They don’t let go of the food even when trapped For them To not go hungry anymore Successfully rescues the four dogs!! Is there anything wrong with their health? Vet : To put it simply, ‘thelazia callipaeda’ Is an eyeworm If left untreated, it could lead to inflammation of the eye or cornea, or a corneal ulcer They need to be treated in the meantime For the dogs A neighbor let them use his yard Neighbor : I’ll take care of them Until they find a good owner Although the dogs will still miss the old owner Hope they hold hands With a new love soon

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  5. That is sad as hell! 🙁 Why on earth do I watch this channel??? It depresses me so…

    Do ANY of your proceeds go to help Animals?!

  6. quanto amore sanno dare i cani!! spero tanto che trovino qualcuno che li ami come il precedente padrone e faccia loro vivere una nuova vita serena

  7. Лежу смотрю в 2 часа ночи и плачу😭 на сколько все таки преданные животные людям, если бы так люди ценили, мир бы стал лучше и добрее 😔

  8. It's sad one died but the neighbors were taking well care of them and look like they wanted to be there and you just took away their freedom that ain't good leave food out Forum check on them if once got a medical issue treated you have to take them away from their home there was no Predators it seemed they're going to even be Sadder now

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  10. It is so sad that those dogs patient awaiting for their owners and he never returns. I hope you find at least someone who will take the in. God bless you and everyone who took care of them.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭.

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    그늘하나 없는곳에 놔두면 어쩌란거야?

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  13. Just like Hachi.
    After Hachiko's master died he (The dog) waited at the train station for him every day – for pretty much the rest of his life.

  14. this is more than enough proofs that pets have hearts too. So don't you ever mistreated them! More importantly DON'T EAT PET ANIMALS!

  15. I think finding the owner's graveyard would help the dogs.
    It helped our neighbor's dogs before to realize, their owner is now in peace.

  16. Eveythime I see channel and the other animals channel of these kind of stories my eyes tears …. why are animals so loyal and grateful to their owner while are so ungrateful and vengeful …
    I always very sad … May the dog find a good owner …🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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  18. I hope they all find nice homes. That man is very nice. Cats are similar. My previous female cat (died at 16) never seem to care about me, I went away to visit my son for a week and my daughter took care of her. When I came back, my cat would follow me everywhere to make sure I would not leave again.

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