Don’t Try This At Home Gents !

Greetings! I’m Geofatboy I make shaving
videos and self shaving supplies. Visit for all your shaving
needs. Have a Great Shave Have a Great Day! Greetings Gents!
I’m Geofatboy for I have brought back the headgear for this video
and it will play a very important role as you will soon find out. I was reading
through comments and I was responding to them on my latest video which was Monday
Morning Motivation Episode 1 and I came across this one it’s from Kristian Borg
and it says: Hey I don’t know if you have already done this but seeing as you are
THE shaving related YouTube channel and have lots of experience do you think you
could shave by touch? What? OK as in without a mirror and only
feeling how much beard is left and where, by touch? We’d love to see you try it if
possible. Greetings from Spain. Again signed Krristian Borg. Well Kristian I
think that’s a freaking brilliant idea! I’ve thought about doing it many times
just never got around to it and I think that your little comment, suggestion is
the impetus I need to try it! So the plan is I could just close my eyes and shave
right but I think I might be too tempted to peek every now and again so I
don’t want to do that. What I will do is I’ll perform a shave, I’ll go a couple
passes and I’ll cover my eyes with this bandana, so you know that I’m not
cheating. This is gonna be fun hopefully this doesn’t end badly for me. So what
I’ll do is I’ll lather up I’m gonna make some shaving lather in my Shave Nation
bowl I’ll use Proraso menthol and eucalyptus shaving cream in the tube
right here, very refreshing shaving cream and I’ll use a razor that’s very popular
to many it’s the razor that a lot of us gents started out with when we first
started with a safety razor. The Merkur 34C I’d say a medium shaving razor. This is
what I’ll use, it’s a two piece razor so I’m just gonna unscrew the knob at the
bottom here counterclockwise separate, two parts come apart and I’m
gonna pop in a you know what? Feather blade right here. Here’s the blade so
we’ll get it over the post and the two pins like so and then drop the post
right into the handle, tighten it down… You got to put a finger on there so it
catches. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. There’s a look at the razor let’s
check that reveal, looks perfect. Looks good on both sides so this is the razor
I’ll use. Let’s mix up a lather, got some hot water I’ll drop my brush right in
this is the Shave Nation Patriot brush going right in there, saturate those
bristles and set that down for a minute and like I said Shave Nation bowl with
the raised lather lines inside and the lather spot down at the bottom. Just
remove the cap from this Proraso warm up the bowl in hot water this ceramic this
stone it’s pretty heavy stone it retains the heat pretty well. So we’re just going
to squirt a little bit right into the bottom here just coat that bottom area
with the cream and then we’ll take the brush out of the cup shake off most of
the water dump that out we’ll go right into this bowl and start lathering. We’ll
build up some lather first and then I’ll warm up my face and we’ll get right to
the shave. You can already smell the menthol and eucalyptus, you can see
how quickly that lather comes up. Scoop that around drive it back in again not even 30 seconds I’ve got a lot of
lather. There look at that, clouds of lather. Very nice got it on my fingers
as well. We’ll set that down I’m gonna warm up my face we’ll get this party
started! You can see I’ve got about a day and a half worth of beard growth here so
let’s see how this works out as I said hopefully this doesn’t come to a tragic
end. I’ve got a nice lather, really nice let’s lather up. Proraso excellent
shaving cream and shaving soap. This is the cream in the tube, the soap comes in
a jar. It’s been around since 1926 from Italy, good stuff! Very refreshing really nice wake up call
in the morning. Plenty of lather. Little figure eight smooth it out. All
right let’s clear those runways so does it matter? I can’t see the sideburns
anyway right? Okay the moment of truth: Here we go I’m gonna I pull this down cover
my eyes, and we’ll see what happens. All right here we go I’m going to start on
the right side just like I normally do. I think the bandanna is gonna be my
guide I know that my ear right here is normally where my sideburn ends so it
sounds, pretty feels like it’s pretty even right there. Okay
just as I usually do perpendicular and tilt slightly upward stretching my skin just by doing this. Okay now the left side. With your eyes closed you really can get
a lot more feedback from the razor. the sound of it. It feels pretty good let’s get that
mustache area. I don’t know how much cream is left on here but I’m gonna
come in from the bottom I don’t want to come in from the top and slice my nose.
So I’m gonna sneak in here from the bottom… Very good I think I’m pretty clean let’s
check it out. See what that feels like pretty smooth
not bad I think I did pretty good on that first pass. Okay let’s see if we can
lather – without taking off the blindfold. Here we go.
Wait where’s that brush? Here we go, all right. Woh! It feels really cool now with that
first layer of beard gone, super cool very refreshing and with your eyes
closed that does really, the other senses kind of kick in and increase.
I’m sure getting it on my ear and my bandana and everywhere else but, it’s
okay. All right. Okay first pass was with the
grain, now I will go across the grain. Starting at my ear like I normally do.
There’s the bandana there’s the top part of my ear so right across… OK, now this way. Seems pretty good, I’m gonna rinse that. Feels good, feels pretty smooth. Now the
mustache. This is a little tricky coming in under the nose just slightly by feel
getting the corner underneath there don’t want to clip the nose I can feel it just under the nose the
edge of the razor. Clean up around the mouth. Okay let’s
rinse hot water, then cold water. Dry off the fingers. All right the big reveal let’s see what
it looks like. Woh! That’s bright! Hey not bad! Look at that, pretty close to the
sideburns on both sides. Nice and smooth Let’s get the Shave Nation Alum Block
the wide stick. Wet it under the cold water, glide that around. Excellent finish
to the shave. Just let that alum soak in for about 30
seconds and we’ll rinse that off. Cold water rinse Pat the face dry. We’ll stick
with the Proraso Aloe and Vitamin E Protective. Puts a nice layer of,
invisible layer of protection. Great for winter use. There you go check it out, not bad at all.
Nice and smooth. Two passes- blindfolded, not looking, not
peeking. The 34C excellent razor, like I said a
mild to medium shaving razor. Excellent for everyday use. If you shave every day
it’ll be a fantastic razor for you. I call this razor the workhorse of the
industry! It’s one of the most popular razors out there. Made in Germany. So
thank you to Kristian for the suggestion and I was happy to try that
out. Something different ,kind of interesting and fun. All I can say is:
Don’t try this at home kids! Unless you’re a seasoned veteran, you might want
to give it a whirl but other than that if you can see, see! Look and be careful
and watch what you’re doing and enjoy your shave. And thank you Kristian for
the request, and I was happy to accommodate, and it worked out quite well.
No animals were injured during the filming of this video! Thank you very
much for watching. Visit for all your shaving supplies. I’m
Geofatboy, Have a Great Shave, Have a Great Day. Please comment and Click That SUBSCRIBE Button. Thanks!

57 Replies to “Don’t Try This At Home Gents !

  1. A spanish requester? They've got the hara-kiri virus in them. Columbus n Magellan both portugueese with spanish roots sailed with spanish ships to India, but found America in between. No Panama canal. True suicide missions those days, where it was widely believed the earth being plate. You survived this conquest, tks to yr superb expertise. Congrats fm the Lion City, all the best.

  2. you have courage using a feather blade ,nice shave,,,,,,is your store open to the public,instead of using mail order ?

  3. As a blind wet shaver, I would have to say that you did a pretty good job there! Luckily for me though, I shave my head, so I never worry about messing up my sideburns. I think everyone should wet shave at least once blindfolded. It is a very interesting experience to say the least, especially when it is your very first wet shave. Had a few moments of nervousness on that one to say the least LOL.

  4. impressive Geo! i just burned up my face with 34c yesterday while i could see. i just cant get a pain free shave with 34c, I have a Parker Slant that i can get a good shave with but not an everyday razor, I use Astra SP blades in both. I follow all of your advice and steps you use to a T, and have been at it a while now. I use light pressure, smooth strokes, and I would love to get to the point i can comfortably shave every day and i just cant seem to get there. I only use the best qualilty products too preshave oils, creams, taylor of bondstreet cream, and aftershave splash/ balms by poraso. Should i ditch the 34c for something else suitable for everyday shaves? Thanks for any kind advice Geo, keep up the good work! Appriciate you brother, you are doing for me what my father never did.

  5. Very cool shave Geo. Do I wish I could do that? Not really. I just want a close, comfortable daily shave.

  6. This was too easy for you Geo, I think you should up the anti and do this hanging upside down from a chin up bar blindfolded!😂

  7. Great skill to have! I'm currently learning how to shave with a shavette. I have a few including the Dovo stainless like the blue one you've used in your video. Problem I have is I wear glasses and cannot see without them. Could you do a video showing alternative methods for those of us with glasses? Thanks.
    Ed from Jersey.

  8. @geofatboy Awesome video))After shave you use allume stick, after you rinse your face with water & then use lotion or balm, is it need to rinse face after only yours allume sticks or after all of them? I use omega Allume di Rocca, 3-4 minutes, feels like needles on face & then straight a head lotion(alcohol), or splash face with water again before lotion?

  9. You did a great job! I’m visually impaired and can’t see very good at all….still use my straights though, a lot. And no cuts yet.

  10. That was very risky. I would not suggest it and would NEVER have tried it myself. This just shows that YOU are the man to go to when it comes to wet shaving. So, I'm going to try it next weekend, but without a mirror. I finally know how it feels to be very comfortable with a safety razor. But I am still not too comfortable with a shavette yet. But now I know what the ultimate test of this skill is. Thankyou Geo!!!

  11. This reminds me of the documentary with Michael Palin: Around the world in 80 days. I think it was in India, he went to a blind barber for a shave. He didn't know the barber was blind until halfway through. His shave turn out well, but I'm sure it was scary.

  12. After i've been watching your videos for a while I can't start a shave without saying "clear the runways". 😁 we need some shavenation merch with that or something.
    Btw love my shavenation accessories. I know you got no influence on the proraso stuff (great stuff, btw, most comfortable shave i've ever had) but also the bowl and the towel for the face make things a lot easier.
    I've been wet shaving with a safety razor for a while, but am self taught. Your videos made things a lot easier for me, keep up the good work!

  13. This guy could have Edward Scissorhands shave him and not draw blood.
    In the words of Ivan Drago, "Geofatboy skin's not human…it's like a piece of iron"

  14. I love the proraso green and red lines but the proraso blue is absolutely divine. I recommend that to anyone who hasn't tried it. Good shave Geo lol you should have done it with the Muhle R41 haha. I got one of those the other day. That is one aggressive razor

  15. Wow Geo! Very trusting of your own skill. I close my eyes occasionally but never a whole shave, and you are spot on, I listen to know when I have cleaned up an area shaving. Thanks for posting this video! Love the Shave Nation lather bowl!

  16. Great video Geo👍 but if you had to pick your number 1 favourite razor of all time, what would it be and why?

  17. I have just plastered SHAVENATION.COM all over the comments section of the GILLETTE TOXIC MASCULINITY advert on youtube.
    Let's bring all the ex Gillette customers to Geo's business! 👍

  18. Could you do the 5-1 challenge. Pick your favorite 5 soaps, 4 aftershaves, 3 brushes, 2 razors, 1 blade. It would be interesting since you have access to lots of products.

  19. Отличное бритье! А если попробовать опасной бритвой:))?

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