Doug Baldwin on NFL Owners and Political Stances (HBO)

There are some owners out there
that have, you know, taken a stand and told their
players to do certain things which I think is egregious,
but, um… BILL SIMMONS: What do you mean
“taken a stand”? (SIGHING) There’s been owners that have
told their players to do specific things, um, you know,
or to not do specific things. -I should say
-SIMMONS: Right. So… SIMMONS: Like what?
You’re being cryptic. (LAUGHING) JOEL: Smuggled cocaine for
El Chapo or something. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I mean the– specifically
regarding the National Anthem -SIMMONS: Right.
-and you know, the protest. Uh, the one quote
that I was informed of, uh, was “you’re going to stand
on the line with your hand on your heart and you’re going
to sing the National Anthem” because this is my stage.
So, uh it was– SIMMONS:
One of the owners said that? -Wow.
-Yeah. Uh, so… It was Marge Schott. (ALL LAUGHING)

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  1. First!

    Wow… this is interesting… Surely this quote was not from Seahawks owner Paul Allen. Must've been another owner i am thinking.

  2. time for Doug to know that Jerry Jones did not say that to his team, the Cowboys, and stop using it as one of his selling points to justify protesting on his boss' time. Doug is the mployee.

  3. Doug, the thing is, being a football player is still a job. And the boss is the owner, which his product is the weekly Sunday games. Thus, he has the right to make judgement calls to put out the best product, such as upgrading stadiums, spending more money on players/upgrading roster (or cutting players too), and in this case, telling people to stand for the anthem because he feels like it is harming his product. It is not egregious.

  4. No business owner in their right mind would allow his or her employees to use their business as a soap box and potentially alienate their customers. I don't give a shit what your political beliefs are, what you believe and support on your own time is none of my business as long as no one is being hurt.

    I'm surprised more owners haven't put a stop to this, it's not an issue of whether a protest or statement is valid or not, it is an issue of alienating customers who just want to be entertained for a couple of hours.

    By the way, this is yet another form of "slacktivism" for 99% of these players. Very few of them are giving any of their money or time to these issues, they just want the street cred like 99% of people who post shit on social media all day and yet never actually do anything to help change things they claim are broken.

    These are paid entertainers, it's not their stage, if they really want to make a difference take your fucking fist out of the air and go bring those millions to impoverished communities and start investing in rebuilding neighborhoods and relationships.

  5. Guys put it like this ….. they are employer of Football… they work for them the employer has the right to do so…. just like in some retail stores and jobs … state no politics and etc to be involved or spoken to customers or at work and so. On … yes they have freedom of speech But you forget they are under contract through employer …. not taking sides just facts

  6. I'm disgusted by these ungrateful, overpaid punks hijacking the anthem ceremony to focus attention on themselves and their racial-grievance mongering. It's not their platform to exploit. I don't watch football to see these wretches inject their personal politics into the broadcast, I watch football to escape from that garbage and relax for a few hours.

    These asshats have a right to their opinions and to express them, but not while they're in team uniform on an NFL broadcast. Team owners and the NFL could put a stop to this nonsense but for reasons unknown choose not to do so, and that swine Rgoer Goodell says he supports it.

    As a result, the NFL's ratings are in the tank because a lot of fans like me are finding better things to do with our time than patronize these pricks. I used to watch 3-4 games a week, now I watch my home team games only, and that will end the day one of my home team players fails to respect our flag, our anthem and our nation in the opening ceremony.

  7. The First Amendment protects you from PROSECUTION for expressing yourself. It does NOT mean there won't be consequences. The owners have every right to enforce a code of conduct for their players. It's similar to the NY Yankees appearance policy. Sure, you have a right to grow a beard, but not if you want to be a Yankee!

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