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(bell dinging) (audience laughing) – Hey, hon. (upbeat music) – I wanna watch movies, I
wanna take a bath, I wanna– – Write it down, write it
down, make a list, make a list. – Okay, I want to blast the stereo. I wanna have sex in the kitchen. – Oh yeah, put me down for that, too. (audience laughing) Oh man, I wanna eat pizza,
I wanna run around naked, I wanna, I wanna… (audience laughing) (audience laughing) – I can’t believe these people. They totally ruined my hair. I am so pissed. – Ayy. – All right, look, Doug. I do not wanna get
involved with these people, so no matter what they
suggest, we say no, got it? – Fine, so what’s our excuse? – I have a cold. – Ew, what if Tim wants
to do something with me? – Excuse me, I thought of
it, okay, I get the cold. I’m nasal anyway. (audience laughing) (doorbell ringing) All right, go, go. – Hi. – Hi.
– Hi. – Hey there, how you doing? (sneezing loudly) Ah I’m sorry, I got a cold. (audience laughing) Oh, no. Oh, honey. It’s a Dougquake. (audience laughing)
Oh no, oh boy. Quick, under a door
jamb, under a door jamb. Find one. – Stop it. – Aftershocks. (audience laughing) (upbeat music)
– You are so dead. And seeing you in that uniform again, yummy. I would take you right now if the world didn’t need its packages. – Yeah, and I’d take you right now if it hadn’t just taken ya last night. (audience laughing) As you know, I need a 24-hour turnaround. (audience laughing) (bottles crashing)
(audience laughing) Oh it’s like a Twilight Zone. (audience laughing) – Doug, what are you doing now? – I’m looking for something to eat. – This is my boss’s apartment. You can’t just rifle through his kitchen. – Carrie, if I don’t eat
something in the next minute, I will die. (audience laughing) Chewable vitamin Cs. (pills rattling)
(audience laughing) Oh god, not chewable, you’re not chewable. (audience laughing) – Doug, don’t spit in their sink. They’re obviously clean freaks. Stop it, stop it. Stop. – Oh. Eggs, score. – No, no, no, no, no. (audience laughing) – I’m just making an omelet. – No. – Just a plain one. – Doug, they’re gonna start
to wonder where we are. – If you work with me on
this, it’ll go faster. (audience laughing) Now I need a frying pan and a whisk. (audience laughing)
(upbeat music) – Hey. – You owe me big. Tim is very unpleasant. (audience laughing) You did good, babe. – I said you owe me big. (audience laughing) (lips smooching) – There you go.
(audience laughing) – Don’t kill me now. Maybe you should have
dinner with this guy. – You want me to go on a date? – No, not a date. As far as you’re concerned, it’s just a dinner to discuss law stuff. But then, while you’re eating, you guys talk, you smile, you laugh, I mean the night is just magic. (audience laughing) Then next week when you go to
court to contest the ticket, he doesn’t show up to testify
’cause he’s sweet on you, and bam. Bye bye, ticket. It’s a perfect plan. (audience laughing) Wait a second, is this guy good looking? – Not really. – It’s a perfect plan. (audience laughing) (seductive music) ♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ All the time ♪ ♪ We both know ♪ – Stop it. (audience laughing) – Why’d you turn the music off, baby? – It was either that
or dive out the window, Carrie.
(audience laughing) Carrie, you’re horrible at this. (fist squelching)
Ugh. (audience laughing)
– You’re an ass. This was your idea in the
first place, you know. – I know. – And now you’re telling
me that I suck at it? I mean, do you know how
humiliating this is? – I know, we’ve both gone through
hell these past two weeks. (audience laughing) You’re not feeling it. You’re not living it. Like that spin kick move you do? – Yeah? – Let me show ya. (audience laughing) Honey. Here, like this.
(audience cheering) I’m just gonna. You’re an angel. (audience cheering) (upbeat music)

12 Replies to “Doug & Carrie: Relationship Goals (Compilation) | The King of Queens | TV Land

  1. The last scene earned Kevin James an Emmy nomination. Hard to believe this show went nine seasons with no awards. Underrated!

  2. Great to see it is in RE RUNS tonight on TV LAND. i love Doug, Deacon realistic friendship.
    I love the realistic tight-close friendship BFF between Dea wife, Kel and Carrie. love it…

    All have aged nicely…in their forties almost fifty.
    Leah was born in my decade, during the early 70s so she is late 40s.( not OLD woman yet, but older woman who look great!)
    so are deacon in his late 40s, i think and Doug and Kel(i am not sure her age)

    I just love this show always will. so funny! realistically great. best tv shows are so realistic,yet funny,and real-love between the main couple or couples …" love it. good night all."

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