Dream Home Update: Mistakes We’ve Made

(upbeat music) – Going up. (lift clangs) Oh, I stopped. Welcome back to What’s Inside Family. Today is our ninth house update and it’s kind of a big one. There’s a lot of physical changes that have happened to the house that I’m excited to show you, and today I’m gonna show
you a couple of the things, now that the drywall is in, that I’m kind of looking at going oh, I wish we could have designed
that a little bit better because this house we
designed from scratch, and so of course, when you
build it for the first time you’re gonna see some things that maybe you don’t like as much. Well the first thing that
you guys probably notice is the house looks gray now. This is a gray coat because
they’re putting stucco on it. So it’s basically all
of this dirt right here and they take this
concrete, they mix it up and it’s like they’re
essentially putting concrete all over the outside of the
house, the exterior of the home. I know a lot of you guys in
the comments this whole time because it’s only been
a wood house, have said, why are you building a wood house, you should build it out of rock. Well we basically are,
we’re putting concrete on it right now and they’re doing the gray coat. It takes them about four days
to cover the entire house. And before they did that,
they put the chicken wire and the white, like, styrofoam all over. So here we go, we got the
chicken wire and the styrofoam. And then you just see
that it’s rock right here. That’s the sheet rock, it’s like concrete, and they put it on and then
they smooth it out everywhere. This is the final layer of the house, and no, it’s not going to be gray. It’s probably going to be
some kind of white color once we paint it, but the first step is get
all this rock on here. (upbeat music) It’s only been a few days and the only stretch that they have left is this side of the house
by the master bedroom, and then the RV garage
needs to be finished and then the entire house is
basically covered in rock. Claire, what do you think about the house now that it has all the stucco on it? – It’s really weird. I don’t know, it’s so much
more different, like… I don’t know, I’m not used to it. – [Man] Do you like it? Does it look more like a finished house? – Yeah, it does. – [Man] What color should
we paint the house. – [London] Baby Purple. – [Man] Purple? – [London] Yeah. – I mean, it’d either have
to be a white or a light blue or a light yellow, those are like the only
colors I would like. – Cool. Alright, good, because I think
we’re actually doing white, so, Claire, you’re on to something. This is our YouTube studio right here and you can see the little circles where they’re smoothing it all out. They’ve still got some work to do there, but under here, these guys
have these super high ceilings and so they have to go and
build scaffolding everywhere to be able to get up and get
all that mud on the ceiling. It is not easy when you
have super high ceilings and you’ve gotta put all of
this concrete stucco stuff all over the house. Check it out, our nextdoor
neighbor’s Rachel’s house, she’s starting to get flags everywhere to kind of map out what the foundation’s gonna look like for her house. So, I would think by the time
we’re done with our house they should have their
house completely framed, maybe even to this stage with
all the stucco on their house. But it’s kinda fun to have neighbors. Now we gotta take a look at the inside because this is where the most
massive changes have come. Get ready for drywall stage. (upbeat music) Now that we have all the drywall in, the ceilings are so high and
the room really comes together. I don’t know why there’s a Denver Bronco’s hat on my fireplace. That’s not for me, but all
you Denver Bronco fans, you’re welcome. And then you come into the kitchen, the dining room, and I’m just amazed at how much space is in here. In some ways it’s closed
in a little bit more because now the drywall
has closed in the walls, but it’s pretty cool to
see what it looks like now that this is actually what
the house is gonna look like. Just imagine, right here, a pool, 75 feet long, just going woo, water. I mean, we live in the desert, so to have this water
running back that way, it’s gonna be pretty awesome. And a sad update for you. We made the decision, we are not gonna buy the lot behind us. We’re not doing it. I know, it’s a sad decision. Jonathan’s thumb’s downing
me behind me right now, but (laughing) we’re gonna just leave it open, which sounds like
somebody’s gonna buy the lot and because it has a pretty big
front setback on that house. It’s almost like 99% sure
that somebody’s gonna build a two story there, a big old house. And so, the beautiful view
of that mountain out there, which is Pine Valley
Mountain, and the trees, unfortunately, at some point,
that view’s gonna be gone and I just can’t justify
spending that much money for dirt and then having to go and
like pay the property taxes and then fixing up the backyard. At some point you’ve gotta be like, alright we need to save some
money and not spend it all on things that are nice to have, but there’s other things
going on in the world that we can spend our money
on to help other people. I don’t think we need to buy the dirt. So, anyway, there’s a sad update. Thanks for all your suggestions. I know a lot of you said buy the lot, but hopefully you understand. I think we’re happy enough
with this amazing home. This is the mud right here, this is the stuff that
they put on the drywall. If you don’t know how drywall works, it’s big old sheets of this chalky stuff, but then they go into everywhere
that they did the screws or everywhere where the panels connect, and they scrape on the mud
and then it makes it smooth, and then once they do
that, then they can go and they can paint it once
it’s completely smooth. So, that’s what stage
they’re on right now. They’re just mudding the entire
house and all of the rooms, but, this is the master. Like, look how amazing this master is with the ceiling all pitched like that. Sneak peek at the bathroom, check it out. This is where it is. (laughing) So this is the bathroom. This shower is basically like a car wash. We’re gonna have water spraying
out of every one of these. We’ll do a full reveal once it’s time, but, the bathroom’s coming together. Imagine glass wall right
here, big bathtub right there, and yeah, just men on stilts in here, in our bathroom, working. Okay, this is perfect timing. This is Jonathan, our builder. I need to take this up to there. Will you help me figure this out? I can’t figure it out. Do you know how to do it? – [Jonathan] Yeah, let’s get up here. – I have to plug it in, but I don’t know which plug to plug it in. Are you sure you know how to operate this? – [Jonathan] No, I don’t. – (laughter) Perfect. Okay, in order to show you the thing that I’m a little bit like
oh, why did we do that, we gotta get up here. There’s a control up here. You know how to do this? It’s making noise. Okay, don’t run over Murphy. Don’t hit the walls, Jonathan. What is this? This is what we do for the shot. We gotta get you guys the shot and show you one of the things that I’m like oh, why did we do this? We’re going up. We are up here. Oh yeah, this is fun, and a little scary. Good job, you did it. Does it go higher? Look how high we’re going. Perfect, that’s good, that’s good. Look at this. My builder is a pro. Okay, we are super high right now. Look down, you can see all
the way down to the bottom. Hey, we’re really high. Look how small he looks down there. When you design your own house, like I said earlier, it’s from scratch. This home has never been built before, and so, there’s lot of moving parts. You’ve got the architect that designs it and makes it look pretty. You have the engineering team that goes in and makes it actually stand
up and functionally work, and then you’ve got the truss company that has to make sure that the trusses are structurally sound and that it can hold the weight
of the home and everything. There’s a lot of moving parts
and somehow on this one, I feel like it’s a little bit of a miss. Again, it’s little. These are small complaints
when this home is so beautiful and I’m so grateful for it. But if you look at this window, right here it has this
beautiful arch and curve on it, and from the outside of the house you can see the three windows, one’s with the guest room, one’s right here in the entryway, and then the other
one’s in the piano room. And it’s a nice beautiful touch that Leslie came up with that idea. I don’t know where she got the inspiration for that side of it, but it’s pretty for a one story house
to have those windows. And one thing I really like
is look at the ceiling. It’s nice and curved right there, right in line with the top
curvature of the window. But then what’s weird is right here, the wall just kind of ends. So we’ve got this one and a half, it’s like five or six feet in, it drops down and then
it goes all the way down the rest of the hallway, just like that. I think it would look prettier if it would’ve gone all the way, right? – Yeah. So like, this part right here
is actually built in trusses, this part over here
was actually framed in, stick framed on the outside.
– On the outside. – So structurally if we would
have had it go all the way– – We would have had to make this higher and then we could’ve had the
radius go all the way across. – Like, from the bottom,
you don’t really notice it, it’s not that big of a deal. But, ugh, if my architect
and the truss company could’ve just like talked a
little bit more about that and had some foresight,
that would’ve been cool. These are the girl’s bedrooms. This one’s London’s right here. And they have a shared
Jack and Jill bathroom, and so this first area is
gonna be like London’s vanity and then she’s got her closet, and then there’s a door right here and then this is the shared big old shower and toilet right here. So, there’s no door on this thing, but it looks like it’s gonna come out, I don’t even know where. Like I’m worried that the
toilet’s gonna come out too far. Which is nothing wrong with the toilet, it’s just, could we have designed this so that there’s a little bit more space. Or maybe we could turn the toilet and have it on the wall. It just seems kinda weird that, even when you’re in the
shower, you could just be like, in the shower and you just
look and there’s this like, exposed toilet just sitting there. Again, really small thing. I’m grateful to have this nice of a room. But it is one of those things that’s like, even if we had an extra six
inches or a foot of room, maybe the toilet could be a
little bit more tucked away. Anyway, there’s one of my
weird things about the house. And the third and last thing
that I’m like ugh what is this? We gotta fix this. When you walk in the front
door and you look to the right, you notice there’s stairs right here, there’s kind of a gap. And so, when you’re
standing way down there, we’ve got the, the
stairwell is right up here. Like look, this is the stairwell, but you don’t want to look to the right and see stairs right there,
that’s kind of weird. And so, I told Jonathan
and Susan about this. They’re gonna go and just extend the wall down a step or two. And that way we can have a
piece of artwork right there and then it’ll be totally fine. (upbeat music) Alright, how about the bonus
room, ready to see this thing? I think it looks pretty awesome. Oh, and these guys are mudding
right now outside the window. Check it out. These guys are literally putting the mud on the walls right now, you
can see it like falling down. Okay, so this is the bonus room. Jonathan, I think this
room turned out awesome. – Oh, I love this room. – Speaker, speaker, speaker, speaker, big TV on the wall right there and then just super fun room. What are we doing with
beds for guests in here? – So we’re gonna do wall bunk beds. But they are hide-a-bunk beds. They fold up into the wall, so they’ll come down, but
for the most of the time when there’s no company here,
they’ll go back up to the wall and they’ll just look like trim work. You’re not gonna see them at all.
– Are they bunk beds or are they just like
one bed on the ground? – They’re one that will come
off, not bunks, wall beds. – [Man] Okay, perfect, wall beds. So we’ll have three,
is it three twin beds? – Three twins, but, it
does have room for queens. So if you’d rather have
queens, you could do queens. – Brilliant idea. So, all of my friends
that are watching this, my friends that have lots of kids, just know your kids
are gonna be right here on these wall beds that just
come out of the wall magically. The rest of it’s gonna be
pinball machine, pool table, TV. I don’t know what this room’s gonna be, but it’s gonna be a pretty fun room, and then it’s just gonna be the room where we just throw the kids. We’re like, hey kids, go sleep upstairs. Anyway, here’s the update. Stucco, drywall, some of the things that we can and can’t
fix that we’re like, ugh, why did we do that? We should fix this when we
build another house sometime. But again, small things. I’m super happy with the progress. The main question everybody
always wants to know, are we on track? – Oh, we are on track. – [Man] So maybe February
we’ll be done you think? – January. – [Man] January? – [Susan] December. – December or January. I’m not even negotiating with her. She’s just like February,
January, December. So probably, I think by January, okay. Do we have a consensus here
between the two of you? – 100% January. – We’ll agree on January. – We’ll agree. (laughter) Alright, let us know what else you guys wanna see from the updates
and thanks for watching. And if you like any of these sweet shots from this camera right today, it’s from our friend, Murphy. What’s your Instagram? – Murphyyangster (ding) – Murphyyangster, not Murphygangster. Murphyyangster, go check it out. If you remember the wedding
video that we were in, he was the amazing dancer
at Kenzie’s wedding.

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