Effective Hirings Tips for Real Estate Agents | How to Hire Real Estate Agents

Last year you did 169 transactions about 40
million in total sales volume 1.1 million in gross commission income all your sales
agents are doing over 30 units each both of them correct yep over 30 units each on that
so really high production from us from a tight small group relatively speaking a lot of that
is because of how selective you are in the hiring process and how you hire really slow
this is Brian Icenhower and I am here with Sean Moore out of Columbia Missouri where
Sean is a Remax agent Sean thank you for being with us today it’s great to have you thanks
for having me Sean actually I’m gonna give a little background on you Sean Sean actually
spent 10 years in the police force and then another nine years in the reserve force is
that correct yes sir we’re getting into real estate and man has he gotten into real estate
last year he did 169 transactions about 40 million in total sales volume 1.1 million
in gross commission income and when you say those type of gaudy numbers out there a lot
of people will think us because he had this big monstrous real estate team and he didn’t
have a real estate team but in this situation Sean did that with just two administrative
staff members and a couple buyer’s agents to put up 169 transactions broken down you
took over a hundred listings yourself last year right yes sir and that’s in Columbia
Missouri that is not a nuts that I’ll be at the capital it is not the largest city by
any means in Missouri is no I think we’re fifth largest in the state right yeah you’re
but you’re right in the middle of Missouri halfway between Kansas City and st. Louis
right exactly two hours to these two hours to the west so I would call that I would call
that Worrell right you know your people call us the flyover area you’re the flyover okay
well I bet you you we we have a cafe here called the flyover and you are getting ready
and you are probably getting ready to hunt deer I’m assuming I’m leaving tomorrow morning
there we go okay perfect so we’ve set the stage we’ve set the stage so he’s not doing
this in an area where there’s endless sales going on he is taking big market share there
all your sales agents are doing over 30 units each both of them correct yep over 30 units
each on that so really high production from us from a tight small group relatively speaking
from knowing you Sean and from our past two such discussions a lot of that is because
of how selective you are in the hiring process and how you hire really slow and so that’s
why I really wanted I really wanted you to share that with the crowd today tell us a
little bit about how you hire slow and how you are selective and making a higher and
a little bit about your process for doing so when you bring someone onto the team first
off I don’t ever have to advertise with my success in my market I’ve been selling real
estate now for 13 years people are always knocking on my door I’m always willing to
talk to people I mean I probably interview or sit down with the prospect a team member
once a week you know if not a couple times a month and so I start off with of course
getting their resume and eventually we will meet one-on-one usually not in my office I
like to go meet at a coffee shop or whatever and if I like what I see there I will schedule
an in-office meeting so that the team can meet them and we can get a bigger perspective
and that’s really how it goes but what I really want to put in that I’ve learned is the background
of that process but besides all the assessment and the questions that I have for them the
interaction and communication with that potential team member from start to finish from the
day they reach out to me or I reach out to them all the way through that will tell you
a lot about how that team member is going to interact in the future I believe in the
philosophy of hire slow and fire fast and for that manner I’m interviewing right now
for our office manager secretarial receptionist position somebody that’s just there to keep
the lights on when everyone’s gone and doing the day to day business and a gal I was interviewing
just her poor communication her poor follow-up just caused me to you know after the second
interview just tell her I didn’t think she was a good fit another thing a team member
my Director of Operations Kenny Hubbell peed in an interview face all her questions and
all her concerns were about her she had no interest no questions no concerns of the ten
you know you’re gonna spend more time with these people potentially than your own family
and in any given work cycle so if there’s one thing I want everyone to take away from
this is really pick people that you enjoy and want to spend a lot of time with yeah
I mean I think that’s crucial a lot of people forget that because you do want different
types of people in different seats on the bus but at the same time you better make sure
you like being on the bus with them you know right and and and I’m not saying hire partner
up with a bunch of beer drinking buddies that you know you all love to have a good time
with because then no work is gonna get done I’m a high di for those of you that are in
the business please learn the disc please learn and understand the disc in fact there’s
some great software out there today the one that I use is called crystal it’s a great
way to really validate their disc assessment because there’s people that are pretty familiar
with a disc behavioral assessment and then people will get so caught up on the words
that someone uses in an initial interview or a phone interview or the the behavioral
profile that their that their behavioral assessment shows up as but you can learn so much about
them just by interacting with them do they show up on time do they have to constantly
reschedule are they early do they ask the right questions you know what I mean or are
they just asking about like wins you know if you’ve got someone who says on the first
meeting well what would my baby how much paid vacation will I have you know what times am
I gonna get off if they’re just asking everything’s me me me me don’t think that that’s gonna
get any better once they get on the job that’s right this is this is the this is the first
or second date right yeah you’re seeing the relationship at its peak it any better than
this that’s right same with their clothing everything it’s gonna show up best initially
that’s right you’re you’re you’re on a first and second date right so if they’re not willing
to compromise and there are already really self-centered with regards to their questions
they’re not curious about what you want what you need where that team’s gonna go or where
we are going as opposed to what I need you can start to bring on a lot of victims to
your team and I will tell you there is nothing more costly than doing something like that
from time and money I think it’s great I think I love how you’re having several interviews
you also have an interview when you bring the other members of the team on too don’t
you oh and I encourage them to have questions and they get to see the question the Q&A that
I had with them on the first meeting so that helps my team members come up with their own
questions and I don’t I don’t need to see or know what they’re gonna ask you know I
want to fly I want this conversation to stay fluid and and again like you just hit the
nail on the head it’s not about it’s not about the questions and the answers it’s about how
does the process go how does this relationship evolve is it getting worse is it getting better
and and man there’s you know it’s kind of the the unspoken word you know look at the
body language you know that’s that’s my background that’s my gift you know read people like a
pamphlet don’t read them like a book right that’s right and and that will start to show
up the more times you meet with them and the more times you interact with them so that
and I’ll tell you there’s something about a thorough process that makes them want the
job more you know it’s you know by the end of that they really like Wow am I gonna get
this or not even though the others they might have been deciding whether they want it by
the end of that they’ve got ty invested in it they see how careful you are so that just
makes the position that much more coveted so they don’t start to want it yeah and I
and I’ve seen that I’ve I’ve I’ve gotten you know three four weeks into interviews and
back-and-forth emails and and you finally get from a from a quality person well you
know I’m loving every bit of this you know when can I start right right yeah they like
so I think that’s the key and I tell you when with clients that I’ve worked with in the
past oftentimes when they come to me we find that that’s the biggest problem is they’re
just grabbing people they declare everyone talent and they don’t want to miss the opportunity
so I’m hiring them I meet with them once and all of a sudden we put them in the this candidate
in the the most favorable light humanly possible without looking at anything with it with a
you know critical eye and next thing you know we’re bringing them onto the team and the
expectation is not there that you have standards that you are thorough they are not nearly
as impressed with you when they come into the role because you know you you basically
kissed on the first date you know didn’t you weren’t you didn’t you didn’t thoroughly assess
whether they were a good fit for the team which also shows you don’t care you know and
I see that in my marketplace all the time you know anytime a new brokerage shop opens
up in any marketplace a certain type of agent ends up filling all those empty chairs yes
yeah yeah and that can end up being a very very costly hire down the road so yeah well
Shawn I’ll tell you thank you so much for this amazing insight amazing success for you
it’ll be fun to watch you going forward into this following year [Music] [Music]

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